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Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Ludhiana: Hello friends, once again welcome all of you to Kesaria Textile Company, where along with complete varieties in women’s wear, you also get to see 46 years of experience here, so today’s topic is video’s. This is the concept of Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Ludhiana, which you will get within 400. The collection you are seeing will be available in the amount of ₹ 400, but you have to purchase set wise, you will get it with a set of five pieces. You can see that you are going to get this collection with a set of 4 to 5 pieces, so if you want to purchase all these things, then the video will definitely be made till the end, because I am going to tell you how to do all these things, then start Let’s see today’s video of ours which is our first collection you can see it looks very beautiful whose color combination you will like it very much because you can see it looks very beautiful The printing that has been done in this also you do not get the print, the whole weaving concept goes here.


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You can eat if we talk about the starting price of the complete instruction, then you will get some such collections in 169, that too with 630 cut, see this, this is in some red basis if there is a wedding in our house and if for the bride. We want a collection of something different, then you can also give such collections to the bride, which look very beautiful, see that you get them in cotton silk, which is very soft and very light. It happens and it can be seen that although many colors also go away in cotton, but at our place you are given everything with a guarantee that even if you wash it, its colors are not going to go. See here pallu you can see how beautiful with concept you get pallu with blouse you get complete with 630 cut which is century cut which you are going to get in 6:30 see here you get its blouse which You can see in the video that you are going to get this blouse in simple plain and in simple shower, let’s see more collections. See, you will get it in green golden, which you can see, in the middle you will see some multi colors in it, but which are looking very beautiful, you are putting the century in four, see the border is complete in jackwide, you will get its complete.


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The border is going to be found in full work, you are going to get this whole concept with small and big boutique, just if you want to patch it, then you have to keep in mind that you have to purchase set vice here in single piece from us. There is no deal on it, you have to purchase everything in whole sale means in set wise, see this, you get it in pink and golden combination, which looks very beautiful, you can see the pallu, you can guess by seeing the pallu. We can feel that this century which is going to happen is going to be very beautiful, we can see more collections, by the way, if you have already joined Kesaria Textile Company, then definitely watch all the videos because on our website like New collections come from the news which you do not even get in the market. How to add and get first in the company, that’s why we lay down more than one video and more than one variety for you, this also you will get the entire Corporate Silver Jerry as well as the entire collection.


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If there is a compulsory turmeric function in our house, then if there is a marriage, then turmeric injections are definitely there and if there is no healthy function, then if we go to the temple or if there is any small worship in our house, then we get yellow color. Which is considered very auspicious, then you also get them here, see this, you are going to get this complete combination with a very beautiful concept, so if you want to purchase all these things, that too sitting at home, then what should you do? Have to take a screen shot, call the number given on the screen, we can send you a PDF by messaging, you can do purchasing sitting at home, but if you want to do online purchasing through video call, then you get that too, here you get cash on Delivery facility is available if you want to purchase by visiting here whether you have any problem or not Yes, they cannot be ordered online, even then you can join Kesaria Textile Company.


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Once and see our Kesaria Textile Company working all over India, apart from India, it has been 46 years working in other countries, so for this our company It is very famous and also very trusted and I tell you a very important thing for information that what is the best thing you get here with Vansh, you get the facility of barcode here, in which you get the quantity. What is the quality, what is the price, everything you get mentioned, as you can see, this is a bunch of four pieces, you get different colors, some children, you also get gym designs, which are different. If you want to know the price of all the collections, just take the screenshot and message on the given number, our online team on WhatsApp will tell you the particular price of all, so how did you like today’s video? so see you in the next video till then thanks!


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