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Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Thane: Along with the new year, I have brought Himanshi with some new varieties and today’s collection is going to be a fancy diet within the Banarasi century, which is a collection with embroidery and that too with weaving, so these are all concepts today. I am going to show you the topic, I have already told you about freedom, now let’s read about the price, the price is going to be today, here first of all, you should see that there is a lot of stock, because it is a new year, it is necessary for the customer to get a new collection. If the price range is going to be according to the same, 200 charges will be starting and at the same time, in the last, today you are going to show all the concepts up to 3000, then you see the first article, in the same way, you have the pattern Inside you get Puri’s Puri weaving done Golden silver combination you get the catalog name you see something like this this catalog named Suryavanshi and inside it you get the best colors so I So I will tell you that once you visit this place.


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You will visit Only then you will know that it will not take much time, you just come to Surat, don’t you, give 15 minutes to the Kesaria Textile Company, just visit here, there is no need to purchase, you will know the rest of the concept, so why are the varieties growing now? And look at this, the next concept will be in the same way, which is inside the cotton, according to the dark colors, now it is the Banarasi century, it is the most famous place, isn’t it, the Banaras of our Banaras, it is also the same. Along with Banaras, Maharashtra South, many places are also brought inside South, Tamil Nadu, Canada, which means that all these varieties are available in all these places, so now these varieties are increasing and see some more silk sarees in this way. You are going to get which is a very lovely fabric, you are going to get a very soft material, that means no matter how rough and rough you make it, yet this variety which is not going to spoil, now we need something inside the contrast. So contrast varieties are also available here, you can see the full pallu of red color inside it.


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And you are going to get this complete set up of six pieces yes you will get these complete varieties of six piece colors if you want to know what to do whatsapp link is given inside the description yes whatsapp link is given Through which you will be able to connect directly with us and whatever collection you want, take a quick screenshot, message us and the price will be in front of you. Inside like color you get it through some official look if we want then here you can see the complete live pattern made here you must have seen the look of tasals in these also and here in this way in the whole century You get the complete pattern, the colors which are not very pleasant colors are going to be available to you, now I will talk about the bunch here, so here you see something, in this way, inside each variety, you also get the catalog so that whenever you They purchase these varieties and then sell them to their customers, then it will be easy for them to find the color inside them. Yes, they will know because it happens that customers come with a lot of variety, inside a single bunch, all the openings are opened to show the colors, so that’s why you get the facility of the catalog from here, so see the next one.


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It is a pattern, it will remain inside the organs A, it is very soft, now you must be thinking that it will be kadaks organs, after wearing it looks very puffy, then it is nothing like that, you will get all these varieties according to very soft material here Have a look at the blouse, along with the full border, small booties have been made inside the blouse so that the whole get up is now Banarasi century, we have taken some Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Thane whose blouses we do not like, then we What to do, Kesaria Textile Company, where you get the complete collection of women’s clothes, then you also get blouses from there, the collection starts from quantity 85, that too inside the readymade, so that you can order this from full statement Now from here whenever you will join with Kesaria Textile Company then you will see varieties It is going to do you such a wonderful job, but if you have to take varieties within the quantity, you will get the whole concept within the quantity as well, so that whatever you have.


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You will also get turn to tone get up and you will also be able to purchase easily and the customer Whatever you have from here, you will not be able to go empty handed, so let’s grow the next variety, why see this, the next variety which is about to come, in this way, whatever you have, you get it inside the parrot pattern. Like Mithu, they keep showing varieties, it is not at all like that, from here you see, in this way you will get the whole concept, here you get the look of Cirrus Diamond, which is very good here. Made and this whole catalog is going to be named Madhu Bala Ji Han Madhubala name is as beautiful as Sadi is as beautiful so there are many such concepts which you go direct on YouTube how to start Textile Company Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Thane search you will get a Together.


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You will get to see a view of the entire collection in this manner so that The variety you like, the same concept, you will be able to purchase from here You must have liked it and along with this Himanshi will keep coming to meet you, you are going to get many concepts inside the rest of Banarasi century, that means you want Kanjeevaram, Dharma Puram or you want the collection of pattu century, semi work banarasi century. You want a collection of each design, you get it here, till then you will definitely tell us by commenting and you will subscribe to our channel and you must share this video with all the traders who are in the future so that whatever If they have any retirement of the collection, how will they get it in the Kesaria Textile Company, till then thanks for watching!


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