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Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Bhopal: Whether it is summer season or winter season, Banarasi Saree are always in demand, so how is this Kesaria Textile Company, the quantity of Banarasi Saree Manufacturers is starting at Rs 99. Particulars, here you will see the segment. It must have been inside which if you want chanderi cotton, inside Garhwali you want variety like Jamdani cotton or you want variety like fancy embroidery look, you will get every concept at one place, that is Kesaria Textile Company, yes, you all know this. There is a manufacturing company here deals in pay fall selling because you all know 46 years which has just been completed means we started with a small fabric as well as today it is such a big manufacturing The company has become where you are going to get the complete collection of Women’s Day, inside which you can see that today’s collections which are going to be here for the customers, which are varieties, we already keep the accords of such samples, so that they can get them.


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It becomes easy to know the varieties If it is then you see here you are going to get it according to the complete organza fabric, inside which the embroidery look is completely made, according to the mesh type pattern, you are going to get the length of 6:30 completely, so you see that it will be the next century. Inside which you see very cute your right type design has been made, inside which the concept of bird pattern has been kept, whose name is going to be full catalog named Chitra, if I talk, this catalog will be named Chitra. If you see the tasals inside the pallu, you are going to get it in this way, so both these sarees were very wonderful, so if you want to purchase such a variety, then call us immediately from the numbers given on the screen. Please respect, WhatsApp link has been given inside the description, so that it will be easier for you to connect, then the next concept is growing, why do you see the next concept that is going to happen now, it is inside the like color and complete inside the like color. Jaal work has been made Jaal work is there but pla The reduced stick mirror work which increases even more shorts of the flower pattern, similarly such concepts are very much liked not only in the South but also in our North, in which you will see the color combination very much.


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Amazing will be found in the same way inside the century you will see the van side which has been made here on border concept something different creation has been done means according to all the new patterns of 2023 like cotton inside the century if you want hand work like pattern handwork You also get patterns, that too with the design of taslph, inside which you see many concepts, which are not all these varieties, starting from 99, but if you want to know about all these concepts, then you can also order PDF Hai adervise, you can also purchase through the facility of video call sitting at home, so today what I do, you must have liked today’s collection very much, so with this, this collection is still pending, yes, now I am free to you so soon I am not going to do it if I have given my precious time then definitely Yes, it is attached so that according to the business, if you want to purchase varieties and more from here, then a small budget of 10000 has been kept, in which the concept of lace border in this way is also available to you from here.


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Yes inside this also you will get different designs don like colors inside if you want like me aap see van side yahan pe hai jhad type pattern made small booty types name get this concept and all this How much margin can you setup within all the sarees that you will get from here, this question always remains in the mind of the customer, so if I talk about Banarasi Saree Manufacturers, then you are very comfortable inside them, which is up to 80%. They can reduce the margin because such fancy sarees are very expensive according to the retails, so that’s why you are associated with Kesaria Textile Company and by joining here, you have such a concept, then that collection hero quantity. If you can take the recording from here, then you can see the Jamdani Dhakai century that I talked about.


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That was also the concept, you get it here, this whole catalog is named Pyaari Gudiya, the names of Han are also very cute, and the names of all these catalogs are designed in our Kesaria Textile Company, so today’s collections are I hope you will like it very much and now I take Himanshi goodbye to all of you, rest of all your corrections can be ordered through world wide shipping and the rest is cotton century, it is a different demanding variety in itself, so such concepts now There are many more that you can see here, you will get all the sets carefully, till then stay connected like this and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.


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