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Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Nagpur: Hello Himanshi, I warmly welcome all of you to Kesaria Textile Company, and perhaps I do not need to tell you again and again, do you all know that you are not our custory, but you are the one who We have all the new saree collections coming here, so today’s concept of Banarasi sarees is going to remain that means every time we see heavy century, seriously wedding season is going on again and again heavy century According to the craze, we are talking about the grace of the normal century, in the same way, the century which is different from the normal within the Banarasi century, which we can do according to the daily wake, it is as comfortable as wearing it. Dear, we also get design combinations, so here I have brought some samples for you, whose price range is going to be starting from 170, in the last, I am showing you the concepts up to 900, according to which if you If you want to purchase variety of giving and taking agreements, then just the number on the screen.


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It is given immediately, go inside the description, the link of WhatsApp is given, then see this first article, whatever is going to happen, it is very cute, it is all blue color and such colors are very much in demand according to Banarasi century. Even if it remains, then you see in it, now this whole pallu is going to remain, together with the blouse, you can see the touch up. Whole weaving has been done inside it as well as small butts have been made here O level inside the century and what is the most special thing I know but I want to know from all of you that while purchasing Banarasi sarees Why do we do this.


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What is so special about it that we leave the concept bridal concept and buy only direct Banarasi sarees in the party, you will definitely tell us by commenting because I am not going to wait for you, so see In this century, which is going to be a complete part of this century, you can see small Weaving booties have made a border here which is very cute gas zigzag pattern according to the whole belt design has been made so this is the first concept but how to purchase these varieties then you have these varieties set Vice has to be purchased from here, as you can see here, the whole bunch has been made, you will also get 7 pieces, so in the same way, we start with the setup of four pieces, so let’s move on to the next concept.


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The next concept is going to be Sara’s saree inside the red century, which we also call these sarees according to the jacket, that this whole jacket is base, in which you can see the double color combination, that means you get the border of some dark color. Inside, you will get the full plain century, here you will get a small butt, the length will remain like this, it is going to remain 45 plus, and at the same time, now you can see the pallu of this also. It is going to be a very cute pallu, you are going to get it here, see this, there is a pride of Maharashtra for centuries Those are banarasi sarees and in which you can see properly flower designing is made here, some butes are made in such a way that you are going to get the proper finishing, see the finishing, you can see how rough and rough it is. Even after doing this, such concepts are not going to get spoiled, so in the same way, you can buy all these varieties while sitting at home, how can you do it, you get the facility of the code, that too only within India.


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At the place where you are going to get the facility of transport, then move towards the next concept, then this pattern is also going to be something inside it, so see the next variety that is going to happen, in this way you will get the jacket of Banarasi century. I am showing you the concept in which this whole material is going to be found in this way, further it is single color according to tone meaning tone to tone you are going to get this touch up here and you will see very cute pallu made in it. The recording of various golden has gone and here you can see every time which is Banarasi century. A little bit of gap will definitely be found inside it, you can identify it, that’s why if you want to associate with Kesaria Textile Company, don’t go there directly and visit it, only then you trust it.


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Are watching but visit once then you will know that here you get the complete collection of womens wear, you are going to get more than one amazing collection, so see here we need something inside cotton So this is banarasi concept but you get fabric according to its cotton inside it you can see it is very soft white color complete threading work is done inside it means according to weaving so wonderful collection in just one video Will not be able to show you through but you can see in this you are going to get many more designs, so many more like this, subscribe to our channel to see amazing variety, don’t forget to press the bell icon and I am Himanshi, you already know me, so every Whatever varieties I bring for you, how do you like it, you will definitely tell us, as well as you belong from anywhere, you get sales executive in your language, but according to your state, which varieties do you like? Have to purchase, which varieties do you want to see, you will definitely tell us, the rest is here, varieties like box packing will also be available here, so there is no problem, how to rate a place in Kesaria Textile Company at one place. Variety Zone is one, so stay connected for all these concepts.


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