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Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Indore: Hello friends, once again I Kavita warmly welcomes all of you to Kesaria Textile Company, where you get to see complete varieties in Vimarsh layer as well as experience of 46 here, so by the way, we do a lot of daily Let’s see the collections, but by watching the video which is the collection nowadays, then you came to know that today’s collection is going to be of centuries, so see here, if you get more than one century’s collection, then our old age collections Those people who used to be mother’s mother or who used to be father’s mother, those people, agents, those persons, they like this type of collection very much, we used to have weddings here, then some may be Banarasi type, they wear the bare. If all the same things are done even today, along with the culture of our country, this type of concept has been created by the Kesaria Textile Company, so you can see the sarees that are available in semi-dead here. Banarasi concept gets such a look that you can see that it is looking like some Banarasi type but it is Banaras.


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No, you get some georgette basis, but its print gives you the look of Banarasi, then you get Jack White’s border in it, see here, you get the touch up of his diamond in it, as well as you get it in Tasirs are also available, that means in a century, you get so many features at one place, so see this, you also get a touch up of piping for finishing, it is conceptualized very beautifully, you are going to get the whole collection Today in the section in which we are standing, we are watching the video, the starting price of that place is available from 2:25. See, you get it in chiffon fabric, in this way you get beauty, people, it is wonderful, it is a set of four pieces, you get different colors even in four pieces, if it is a matter of price If you do this you will get 845 see this means it is so much now it is century and it is so good quality fab Rick Vijay, you get it here in such a low rate, you have to purchase set-wise only, single piece is also not a deal here, only here you have to purchase service, so see here you get something in georgette basis in which This way you get the butes of the flowers, sorry, you get the butes of the leaves as well as you get the hand work means you get the touch of the diamond, you can see the border, you are going to get a lot of people all over the toon-toon.


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It is looking pretty, in this also you get color options means if you buy any bunch from here then you get different different colors in all the bunches but the design which is going to be made is available only from you, so see this In this you get the complete flower pattern, which is complete in color, very beautiful, you get the design, in this way you get the complete diamond touch up, as well as tasals like this, and at the same time you get What is the specialty once found in this, do you know that this piping is not the finishing method of the century in which it lives. It comes in a different way, so let’s see more collections, many people like to wear light colored simple clothes, sarees, that too is available here, see here you get it in chiffon fabric, see some of its borders. How can you get a complete diamond, very simple and showers are the look you are going to get in this, you can see what is in its pallu, you get some concept like this, you are feeling very upset, so if If you want to purchase all these things from here, that too sitting at home, now you can order all these things sitting at home, see here, you will get it all in fancy fabric, like this, full Kundan pearls with touch up of Diamonds.


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K touch aapko milta gaya hai, along with release, you get a complete ad book cum in this way which you can see is giving a very unique look in the video, the test that goes on, I tell you that centuries K connection is very much in demand everywhere but there are some people that means they like simple, there are some people that They like heavy sarees, so here you get everything from Happy to Banarasi, meaning you get all the concepts at one place. In womens wear, you get complete varieties like blouses, stitch and stitch, petticoats are also available here. You also get the collections of lehengas here, apart from the century, you also get kurtis and bottom kurtis along with it, three pieces are also available here, and if you want the collection of lehengas, then you also get them here.


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See here you get it in some simar chiffon which is the fabric we can make and see the border which is full of diamonds it looks very beautiful which you are seeing in the video how You are going to get the complete collection, so if you want to purchase all these things, sitting at home, what you have to do is to take a screenshot, by calling or messaging on the number given on the screen, you can do online purchasing through PDF and if you If you want to join directly then link is given in description link is given in bio You can directly connect with everyone, see that now there are festivals, so girls who like to wear such collections, so they can purchase in such collections, so see the border of this.


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The whole net is going to be found, which is completely different from the century, but don’t you see, it is in tone, in this you get the touch of the whole diamond and at the same time, on top of the simmer chiffon, you get the whole diamond of the sun like this. Filled touch up gets the look, it looks very wonderful, it looks very pretty in light color, see this, you will get its complete all over look in this way, in Kesaria Textile Company, you will get more than one variety. You get it and if you want to patch all these things, then I have told you that I have told you both online and offline, so visit Kesaria Textile Company quickly because it is just a new year and many more Festivals are going on so that you can collect all these collections as soon as possible, then see you in the next video. till then thanks for watching!


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