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Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Lucknow: Hello friends, I Shashikant Marathi from Kesaria Textile Company, warmly welcome you and today’s video which is going to be on Banarasi silk century and you know that wedding marriage has started, Pongal is going to come. The new year is about to come but do we have our products according to it, if not friends then don’t take tension because Kesaria Textile Company is ready to support you every moment but for that you have to take a step then today we are Banarasi Silk Some of the collections are going to be seen and let’s go to the collections and see how the collections are going to be, how the look is going to be, how the designs are going to be, because friends, when the people of the century come to the fore, then we come to know what? Hey friend, having such a tremendous collection, then you will also say that you must visit the price once, yes definitely you have taken it here and see that you are going to get the collection inside Banarasi silk, if you are not going to find it by searching in the whole Surat, then let’s see How is the collection going to be, how is the look going to be Because friends I have already told you that here you are going to get mind blowing collections because we do not just talk, we give you the collection which can give your business a boost, yes definitely you can see.


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How is your collection going to be, you will get full rich flowers and along with rich pallu, the color combination is going to be awesome because you can see how beautiful the border is and Along with this, the look of Butati, which is the beauty of the cell, you will also get tremendous because here the blouse which you are going to get is going to be found on the contrast base and you can see the blouse how beautiful the blouse is. If we are going to live in, then let’s see the beauty of the century, how it is going to live, what is the matter and friends, this century which is the queen color and you know that the queen color which is the most favorite color of women and its Even inside, when you will get the entire collection on contract basis, then it is going to be icing on the cake. Because the collection that you are going to get here is going to be tremendous, because friends, you will get such collections only and inside Kesaria Textile Company, because here we do not just talk, we give you collections which will help you in your business as well. You can also make your customer a happy customer, so let’s move on to the next question that how its look is going to be, what kind of it is going to be a complete stop and because the concept that you are going to have in it is also a contrast base.


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It is going to stay inside because friends, whatever you will see here, you are going to get to see one more and different here, then you can see the contrast, like I talked about, if there is a border of maroon color, then you have to see it. The blouse is also going to be of maroon colour, but if we talk about the pallu, then the pallu is going to be very wonderful, because if I talk about the concept and color chart, then you will get very beautiful colors inside it, you can see the border. You will get a big golden colored big border. but you can see the concept which is going to be very beautiful you are going to find inside it because whatever concept is here it is going to be on contrast base and if we talk about the look then you have a very beautiful century look because friends Let me tell you, you are going to see live yourself, how the collections will be, how the designs, color combinations will be, because the concept that you are going to get here is very different and unique, as you can see till the last. The look of the century is very tremendous, you are going to get it here, now I am going to show you the plain century, because many women say that brother, we want a simple sober look, which looks good and the color of the century, which will remain or which will remain cold.


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You are also going to get it away from here, now you can see that it is going to be very tremendous, because I am showing you the contrast, because right now the biggest choice of women is that brother, we The concept you want is on a contrast base as you can see. The blouse which is going to be green is going to be green and the whole background which is going to be of queen color you can see but on contract basis you are going to get the complete look of the whole as I have already told that it should be plain. But you can see the border, how beautiful the border is going to meet, you can see the color combination, it is really very heart touching, when the collections come out, friends, the only thing that comes out is that from such a tremendous collection, so tremendous and from one You are going to get a bigger collection here because Kesaria Textile Company which gives you the product after chatting then give it to you because we do not believe in selling the product, we believe in giving you trust because when trust comes then the product automatically From the very beginning, if they think, then let’s go towards the new concept, which is going to leave you a little different, because when it comes to the concept, then when you will be shown different patterns, different designs, then you will know whether the collections of Ladies Rate or not is going to live how is he going to live what Because here you will get all the things that you need and there is a demand of the customer, now you can see that with the water sequence.


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You are going to get this complete combination of colors, if you talk about your favorite, then very beautiful light debate You are going to get the complete favorite like the leaf which is the figure of the pan, you can see the color combination of golden color, you can see the sequence of the figure, you can see the border, how beautiful and lubhavav you are going to get and Talking about work, you can see that Phool Paisa Vasool concept is going to stay with you, the work is still going on because we friends are going to give you the complete product according to your money, so that you are satisfied, but when the customer comes from you Product lekar jaye to bolega wav full paisa vasool concept you will get it here because friends product is the biggest thing in which you can see the complete bhutthi collection of blouse you will get it here you will get full golden Rakhi border dwellers and ace You will see more than one collection here, but friends, if you like the concept, then take a screenshot, if you want to see more collection, then you can see through video calling, the link PDF is kept for you, through which Wait even more, the concept is waiting for you, then let’s go, this concept is going to be a little different because I am going to show you the entire collection of this silk on cotton base, because the look you will get in this is going to be a bit trendy and different.


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Let’s see once the look of Chalte that how people are going to live in the century, you can see how you are going to live, you are going to get this lining pallu, but the biggest thing is that you are going to have a big border because Be it south or maharashtra or up bihar customers, there would be some customers who like to ask for big borders, so i selected this concept for them and that’s why you are going to get a lot of design color competition because friends here on one platform ladies complete collection of ware That too I can only give you within the section rate, Kesaria Textile Company because we are in your service for the last 46 years and we want our auto rickshaws to keep growing like this and all the collections you want If you get all of them under one roof, then what to say, because this will save your time, and the biggest thing is that you will get the products you want in your range here, so friends, the collection I showed you how you liked it, don’t forget to comment because if you don’t comment, I will not know how you like the collection I have seen, because I have promised you, you too Make your promise that you will subscribe to the channel, don’t forget to like, comment and share the bell icon, then I will keep taking you in the best and better products every time, then I will get our date of the message, in the next video with some new concept.


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