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Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Kolkata: Hello friends, welcome to all of you in Kesaria Textile Company, which is Surat’s largest manufacturing company, here you get a lot of varieties, that too in women’s wear and in daily wines, whatever collections come here for all of you. I bring them for you in all the collections, but nowadays our collection is going to be of some Banarasi centuries, you can see in this way, here you mean the test of all the places, here you get to see whether it is Maharashtra Be it UP or Bihar or South Orissa, you can see the test of all the places here, today I have brought a very lovely collection for you, so let’s see what is going to be today’s collection. Concepts are also available here, you can see that in red color and golden color, you are going to get the complete work of it, you get it in weaving, you can see that this is the complete weaving concept with full finishing.


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The complete concept is going to get the starting price if we talk about the quantity you will get Starting price from ₹ 225 here you can see here you can see the collection that you are going to get here and all the items that are going to be our catalog Vijay can see the catalog like this You are going to get a catalog of all the items, in which the name of our company is also mentioned, let’s see how it is going to be, its pallu is very cute, the concept of the pallu is very cute, isn’t it? In which app you get full finishing with blouse, you will get this complete dress, so let’s see more colors, which are very cute, you can get them here, you don’t have to buy single piece from here. Karna hai set vis hi karna hai, how do you get such concepts in textile companies, if you talk about their sets, then you have to take set vice here, in which you will get all these sarees with a set of six pieces. Let’s start, you can see which side you are going to get with blouse in this way, century plain If the blouse is printed then you will get printed but if the century is in paint, in this way it means in work, then you will get simple blouse, you can see that in this way you will get the whole concept very lovely.


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You will get the lovely color combination here, along with golden and blue, you will get the whole concept, that too will be set wise, because our company does not deal in single piece, only deals in whole sale. Here you will get the options of colors also, you will get the options of different colors, you will get different complete designs in different varieties, the concept of complete weaving is going to be done, in this way you can see its complete border. In this way it is very beautiful, it has a border look, which is looking very cute, so let’s see more collections, there are many people who use turmeric in weddings, there is a function of turmeric in it. If you like to wear a lot, then you can find concepts like this here and if we Talk about in Banarasi, I am showing you the variety here, starting price from Rs 225 to Rs 225 to starting 795, you can see the variety you get here, in this way I am telling you the maximum price 795 All these varieties are going to come to you, you can see very cute concepts, people of Odisha like to wear cotton sarees in this way, so you can get that here too.


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If we talk about the test, I had already told you that here you get to see the test of all the places, you get more than one variety here, if we talk about the color combination, then here You are not going to get any less in color combination, more than one century, you can see the pallu you get here, something like this you get the combination with pink and green, isn’t it? It looks very pretty, you can see it in this way, in this way you will get the look of the whole century. Its border which is complete with very finishing you can see miljara with jaguart like you get in complete weaving concept with very finishing and all these things which are our own manufactured here till you Reaches, that’s why their price is very different from other companies.


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You can also find such collections here, if you want to see the bridal concept in Banarasi, then comment and tell because I have shown you this collection here. This is the least of the range, but of the high range also, you get colors here, combinations are available and varieties are also available, you can see that in this way also you get very lovely concept sarees. You can also get cotton sarees here, for daily wear, party wear, for all functions, you get this type of saree, so if you like the collection, please tell by liking it and if you want to purchase all these things. What you have to do if I talk about online purchasing You have to call the number which is running on the screen of purchasing, you can also do online purchasing through PDF and if you want to purchase by visiting here, then you get pink here and your convenience, so if you have good collection If you like then please tell by commenting, liking the video, subscribing to the channel, if you are new, then press the bell icon, till then in the next video, thank you!


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