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Banarasi Saree Manufacturers: The trend of centuries is the most, you all must know that probably in our UP and Bihar, in Bihar, the trend of centuries is the most, because there are already many manufactures who are people of quality. There is a very old manufacturing, they also make clothes, as well as the readymade dresses, which are also manufactured, they are found there and if anyone wants to start their own clothes business there, they are also comfortable. They are able to do it because if they are from the township, in their city or even if they start a business from a small house, they also become successful because if the women there like to wear certain clothes, then they There is a century, because whatever the form of the Indian woman is in the century, she shines, so according to the variety that I have brought today, you must have understood by seeing a little bit that today’s entire collection is This is going to be a collection of Banarasi century, but there are many concepts inside Banarasi like Is there a normal century inside something heavy or should it be something like this which is done on a regular basis, the cotton century which is done in Banarasi, in the same way there is a lot of trend in the collection, so the first variety in it.


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I would like to show you some party wear concept, inside which you will get this blouse, this is a very cute concept, you can see the flower designing is given inside it, because you can attach it to the sleeves. Or you have to attach this design in the back side, even then you can make it very comfortably, then if we talk about this century, then this century which will remain completely, you are going to get shining products in this way means The color that gets drowned is the same concept here, you can see the border on both sides, in the same way you are going to get this zari work, that too with golden zari leaf, now you have the name of the century. You can see the name of patola silk, there is going to be a need catalog, the name of Ji Han also took his life in the design of the century. If you have seen these also, then what to know immediately, the price has to be known, because without knowing the price, we cannot purchase the varieties, so quickly take the screenshot, go inside the description, the link of WhatsApp has been given to you along with the PDF.


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The facility of will also be available from here, then move towards the next collection, then whatever the next collection is going to be, you get it in this way, this is a brand new collection of 2023, which is trending a lot in the market right now And there are such varieties, you will get the softness inside the cotton, you can see that you get it from a very sweet dream, here there is no zari-squares, but here you have done the whole threading work inside the white color silk. The thread pattern has been made, you can also see the border, very beautiful, you are going to get the border and you will see the pallu, that means if there is something special in the century, then it is its pallu, which is the most designed one, you will find it here. If you want to purchase such collection then what you have to do is how textile is less fine Subscribe to the channel as soon as possible so that you will continue to get notifications of many more collections in this way, but if we want to see on-de sportley Banarasi century collections, then what we have to do is go to YouTube quickly and go there from Kesaria Textile Company aap search so that if you want variety like box packing in this way you will also get it available here as you can see four piece setup if you want that too you will get hi-fi It will be complete with the name, as well as if you want something like this, because there are varieties inside dark colors, which we can call Pattu century collection or Kanjivaram concept, then such varieties are also available here.


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So let’s move on to the next variety and now the special collection that I am going to show you is going to be for black lovers. Yes, if you want to purchase this through concept in the party, you can also do this only four piece. is going to be set up inside which only you Black color matching and black you see very cute silver inside it has been reduced that too with red blouse means the combination of black and red always remains rich and royal collection means if If there is pride in the whole celebration, then it remains the most unique collection, so if you want to include such a creation inside your business, then you have to keep a small amount of 10000 immediately, in which you can do online purchasing while sitting at home. Right now you can make video calls through video calls, but until we do not know how to speak, how will we be able to purchase? Mixture of languages is also available because if we are keeping varieties of all India then it is necessary to keep mix of languages so only if you are from South want to talk inside Malayalam Kailash or Rajasthan Is it from or you want to talk inside Hindi inside English, even then in your language you sales executive will be provided from here then let’s move on to the next concept why see this next concept the packing is very beautiful so now let’s see how this concept is going to be so you can see something In this way you are going to get the complete concept of this whole inside the contrast, this blouse will remain that you will get the complete silk material, there is a lot of softness inside it and you can see that the whole silver zari work has been reduced inside it.


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You can get this saree in red colour, with which you will get pallu in blue colour, that means you are getting tone tricks, even inside the contrast you get proper designable sarees, so why not textile once again Join the Kesaria Textile Company and from here you will see once by purchasing, what type of response you get from the customer, because if we stay with Kesaria Textile Company, first of all it is necessary to know that how old is that company. is or how the time is done there and At the same time, how do we get the quality there, then how was the Kesaria Textile Company, which is inside the textile line since 45 years, here the fabric is also made, after that all these varieties are designed, so you can be sure Together, you can add from here and especially whatever customer wants to join us, comment and tell us that madam, how much should we keep the minimum budget or we can take varieties inside the quantity or not, then you have to follow all the methods.


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Whatever support you get from here, from where do you belong, where do you want transport facility, then join our online team, you get all the details directly from the transport department, because with the transport department If you add only then you will be able to know about all these concepts, yes, because as much as the collection is available from here, it is not the same as in All India, the facility of world wide shipping is also available, as well as if we are within India are starting a new business and We have to keep a small budget but how to be confident, we get confidence through the code, because when we make half and half payment, we are also satisfied that we have to make the next payment only when the varieties come, so that’s why you Directly connected with us, all the details will be available to everyone, so subscribe to our channel, which you are now, you have already given the red button below, you must have seen it, just press it, as well as the bell icon. So that you will keep getting notification of new to new collection, so I have told all the details, but what I wait for is your opinion, even a small comment, for which I am always eagerly waiting, I hope you like our Will stay connected together and I Himanshu will keep meeting with you till then thanks!


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