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Banarasi Saree Manufacturers Delhi: Hello I Himanshi like every time once again I have come to meet you all that means with some variety as the festival season is going on now and if you visit directly then you will know that saffron text style What is the specialty of the company, that is why it is found in the Kesaria Textile Company is so famous, similarly you can see what is in my back side, now live purchasing from the customer is also going on, so there is more rush. I will not be able to show you because I am very far away from them, so we are going to see all the varieties now, the concept of Banarasi century, because once inside the market, it may happen that the regular routine sarees will stop running. But the case of Banarasi Sadi and Bridal Sadi is always there, so with this demand, I have brought special varieties of Banarasi Sadi for you, the quantity of which starts at 179.


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Now the varieties start but In this you will see these French which will remain in this way you will complete this set vice. Color options are going to be available, you also get the best, that too with the facility of catalog, such concepts are now, we start directly now, just whatever collection you like, don’t forget to take a quick screenshot, then see this Right now this pattern which is going to be complete, you are not going to get cotton silk accordion but this banarasi silk varieties, inside which golden jo’s copper continues and with that silver zari work proper has been reduced here on lining basis designs. You get very lovely border, see how beautiful border you are going to get and completely, which will be the length of the century, you are going to get 630 and also see the blouse, if you get tone to tone match, then such that it is amazing.


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Collections are completely different, the varieties that remain are going to be found here, but how will you purchase them, we think every time, so what you have to do for this, you have to call the number which is given on the screen. to do but if you want to connect with me directly then d You have been given the link of WhatsApp inside the description so that you will be able to connect with us directly, so let’s see the next variety, why see this, the next one, which is going to be a concept, you can see that the entire catalog is going to be named Banaras Patola only. The name is so beautiful, so you see the design of the century, you are going to get a very wonderful whole weaving is made inside it, you can see completely and the border concept, you can also see that in this way you will get a very cute triangle. We are going to get the accordion of Banarasi sarees, because of the craze of Banarasi sarees, we present the accordion of Banaras, because you all know that from the beginning till now, the demand for it will remain high even in the future.


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Because Banarasi silk sarees remain different from everyone, so you are going to get all these varieties by connecting directly with a manufacturer, because you all know that when we do business, we have to connect with some or the other shopkeeper. Only we bring varieties Why because he is a wholesaler, but have you ever thought that he must be taking variety from someone, either from direct factory or from any other manufacturers, then you must know what varieties he takes and if you want to join If you are direct with a manufacture then how can you join with Kesaria Textile Company, there are all new patterns of 2030 and in that also Onam is about to come, so Onam special all varieties are going to remain in Banarasi concept, so you can see something like this You get the accordion or concept of light color, golden zari work has been done inside it, and here also you can see the silk threads that have been done to it, some combination of accordions are done here only.


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Similarly, here you also get the Jhalar look, the whole concept of Jhalar has been given, whatever Banarasi sarees are made of, there is a special thing in it, do you know whether it will have Jhalar concept inside it, it will be a tasllif pattern. Or there will be a peacock design, there will be a carry pattern, or something special. You will get this type of new design which is according to the lorries, then there are such concepts, now according to the reasonable price, you can purchase from here, there is a small amount for purchasing through video call, if you If you want to do what happens, you have to keep an amount of 10000, it is not necessary that I am showing Banarasi century, then you have to do the same purchasing, you can mix some kurtis inside it, we have taken suit material or bottom If there are varieties of blouses, then you should take all these in the mix so that you get a good profit in the business, but you also understand the speed of the customer, see the next concept, this is also in Banarasi. I am going to show you some concepts like the one which is the shade of sunlight, as you see the complete, you are going to get a similar color according to the century. It is a beautiful double border concept like here you will find some belt ties.


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Patterns of type are found and in this you see the butes that have been made. Weaving has been done inside the bute style. There is a very special pattern but what remains in the most demand is the pallu. The combination of pink with green is going to give you a wonderful collection, as well as you get the fringed look in it too, so the varieties that are there are new in the market right now, that means it is very popular in our Maharashtra. Then along with it Kerala becomes South, if we cover the whole, then only Banarasi century and cotton century craze remains in South too, but if we want to see Banarasi century, go to YouTube quickly and search there Kesaria Textile Company so that you will get to know many collections of this type from here, what kind of designs you are going to get, then see the next collection which is inside some light pink color, which we also call baby pink, so inside it you will get The work of golden zari work must be visible inside the border of puri vine The pattern has been made, here you can see the whole concept of small and big butt, as well as here you can see the normal length, but very cute, the border concept has been made here, so many varieties are available to you.


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Saree Mil Jayegi catalog name you can see how unique this catalog name is by the name of pinky ring means when varieties are created then the name when songs are done from here or attached on top of the concept then the same Pattern accordions are made, so in the same way, you will get many more varieties here, according to the border concept, some dark colors are needed, bright colors are needed or special, if you want organza pack, then see this inside organza too. You will find many varieties, inside which you will find the whole concept of golden zari leaves in pallu, tonsil look like I told you that they are made in Banarasi, similarly here you see reading work with sequence inside it, if it is done like this Jo varieties hai aap direct joodiye man Direct with the factory, whenever the girl comes from the station, the girl is 10 minutes away, but how is Kesaria Textile Company inside Surat? On the first floor 3031 and 3032, inside the webblock, you have a visit, now in between we find many brokers, for which you call us, you also get the facility of pickup and drop, so you can also see this side. It is possible that some live purchasing is also going on, they purchase the varieties according to their test, but we have to decide that first of all, which variety runs in our state wise, area wise, so that we can do business well. I will keep coming Himanshi with all these varieties and with all these suggestions. Till then thank you for meeting with all of you.


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