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Indian Sarees Suppliers: So today’s video is going to be the most trending varieties in the market, which one is going to be Yes, yes, hello, I am Himanshi, how are you? Along with the collection, Ji Han is the most in demand, nowadays sarees remain those bridal sarees, why remain because you all know whether it is our Rajasthan side or UP and Bihar or Chhattisgarh Raigarh, all the places that have this These types of concepts are trending very much in the present time because it is the wedding season, it is the time of New Year and with the time of New Year there are going to be a lot of small functions, so here is today’s collection. I am going to start now, just go to the description, whatever collection you like, now it will go and the first one will sit on WhatsApp so that it will be very easy for you to take screenshots, then see today’s collection This is the first variety, it is very sweet, it is also being released properly.


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The concept of copper zari work inside the work is also a very lovely shining material inside the black colour, that too you can see the border with the sequence made here. The length of the century will remain 6:30. Now all this We have known something but now let’s know what is going to be the name of this catalog, see what is going to be with good name, this catalog will be with good name and its length is 6:30. You will get the blouse. Just whatever collection you will purchase from here, you have to take the whole set vise because Kesaria Textile company which deals only in wholesale, then this is the concept of this method and I am showing you now, see the next concept. It is going to be found bizarre, this fabric is going to stay and inside it you see how cute concept means the whole issue has been reduced and with very twist these concepts have been made like Kashmiri work we speak, similarly some patterns here It seems as you can see that all of you are going to get light colors inside the color. So similarly you see there are some sarees which we like very much in threeding work, that means every front women can wear such a collection, so just look at the proper embroidery work given here.


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Flower designing is banaaiyega here, this is a small border concept and the small buti that is made is not only inside the all over pallu but you are going to see it like this inside the century too, then such concepts are available in our quantity. Starting from 150, you must be surprised to hear that the latest collection means that the most trending collection of the century is going to remain in the market, you see, it will be inside the important fabric. And inside it you can see the full touch up of Cirrus diamond, that too in golden according to silver color and if you want to know the price of this century, if you want to order PDF, then immediately I will say this, video call us. Do it and you know its in us because what is with it you If you can increase the profit margin a lot, then move towards the next century, look at the next collection, it will be inside the whole sequence, which you will see here, the whole pattern of the day has been made and the concepts are done in this way. You will find many more in net textile company as you can see in our type of sarees which are lightweight sarees, if you want a collection of lightweight sarees, then the border concept has been made on the van side here, it is very beautiful and the water sequence on the linings.


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Look at what has been done here, here the attachment of the entire diamond has also been given, and if you are wearing sarees, then women who are inside the booti can also include such collections very comfortably. So which of these collections have you liked the most, you will definitely tell us by taking a screenshot and at the same time I will tell you to comment because unless you comment, you will not be able to find which collection you like the most. So you see us now inside Georgette Want a collection of the century, as you can see, here also a very cute border has been made and such sarees are also very much liked in regular routine means if we are doing business then keep budget in it now 10 to 15000 so that you can order such collections online by joining with a manufacturing company.


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If you want to order online, then you get the facility of world wide shipping from gas or textile company, as well as Why do we ship world wide, why don’t we take the facility of cash on delivery, yes, if we are from India, if we belong to any area in India, then I will tell you to take the facility of the code, but if you do not know It has been that my area’s grapes according to the code is available or not, then what to do for that, now connect directly, how to stay with the transport department of the textile company, which is the head of the transport company, so that from there you will get all kinds of orders. You will get details of all the facilities so that you can get any information. There is not going to be a problem, otherwise there is no shortage in the collection, I will show you any collection, but you will not understand through the video, once you come and visit, then only you will know that the women’s way. You get the complete collection here, it is going to be very wonderful, inside which you will find century kurtis, legis, dupatta, plazo suit, materials, lehengas, if you want a collection like bed sheet, then you get every variety at one place, but only sets. I wish you would have liked today’s collection of bridal sarees very much, so with this you will subscribe to the YouTube channel, how about the textile company, do not forget to press the bell icon along with it, rest of these methods and You can also search many other collections on YouTube and see them at once. Thank you!


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