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Dupatta Manufacturers in Mumbai: According to the quantity, if you want to purchase the collection of Dupatta, then you have chosen the right way, how to rate the Kesaria Textile Company, how to join the textile company, now you can see a lot of collections inside the Dupatta, which is here Pay aap see 29 rupees starting becomes ji han starting price which will be 29 rupees starts from 29 rupees rest if you want varieties inside cotton in this way of dupatta then you will get that concept also but at the same time what if We need some layer type concept, then you will get a lot of this type of design, but at the same time you will get the design, but if I talk about the color options, then here you can see many color options, you will get like color. Light color, dark color, dark color means according to your request, every type of design concept is not going to be found here, Kesaria Textile Company, which you all know is inside Surat, but what do we have to do to join immediately? Se jo hai go inside the description of WhatsApp The link has been given to you, but sit and make a video call, purchase all the collections, which means that today’s concept, you will like the debate more, because it is the most unique concept, you must have seen many videos till now.


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But you have not seen this type of collection till now, so this is how it grows, now today’s special collection is Radhe Radhe Ji Han, you have heard it right, you see, this whole catalog is going to be named Radhe Radhe, which is of Dupatta. You look inside something like this, which is cotton scarf, you are going to get this totaly and such varieties, now you must be thinking that girls do very little, this is everything, Pandit lo, all of them like such dupattas. If there is, then see here you will get full length up to 2.5 meters, this whole concept is going to be found, but this concept named Radhe Radhe and inside it these peacock fans which we also call petals, some designs have been made in the same way and Here you see, now for whom the petal is liked, for Krishna ji, then here you see Radha Krishna The entire print has been made here, it is a very beautiful pattern and such a variety of varieties remains the most unique collection in itself. Now this is a bunch of five pieces. See how beautiful the colors will be. Next is the quality, which you will find inside the cotton. This is also called Radhe-Radhe. But here you will see some unique design.


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The concept of plans and such varieties are in high demand, yes, where is the demand for such leaves, such as talk about our Haridwar, let’s talk about Vrindavan, let’s talk about Ayodhya. I live in the trend because whether it is worn by girls or boys, I like them very much and such variety also attracts a lot, the quantity starts 89, yes, and read inside it now. Be of the next design, see the next pattern and the next one is also very It is more cute means that you are going to get some different designs here, so see this, this is also a complete Radhe Radhe concept, but always we have seen dupattas which have flute pattern inside or peacock pankhdi pattern which must have been made separately but in this you See what is inside the name itself, you get flute, panki also, that is, we can make such concepts in different ways and fashion, which cup trend should we get? If you don’t even know, then you grow anyway, which one is the next one, why see the next concept, today I am showing it to you in this design and all the fabric which is the best quality, you are going to get it, see the colors, you have seen it.


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It must be that the number of colors you are going to get and the printing that has been done on it, no matter how rough and tough you make it, still it is not going to spoil if I talk about the length, you are going to get the proper length, you see It can only be that the proper length is 2.5 meters with a cut, how will it be a little bit? If not, then I have told you this facility that you can purchase what you have through video call, through which you can get good details and why do we have to make video call when we have come directly to Surat. Yes, you have come to Surat, just give 20 minutes time, how to visit the Kesaria Textile Company, that is, you will come and visit here, and here you will see what kind of collection you are going to get, then move on to the next collection, so see this The next concept is some color of this and inside it you see there is white color and small dot pattern is made here means when we go to the temple we apply even sandalwood. Isn’t it so, you see, some similar colors have been done inside it and it is a very cute pattern, its writing is also very good, so did you like today’s collection, now definitely tell us through the comment and how much is the budget Have to keep but have to keep a small budget of 10000.


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You get the facility of shipping, the rest is cash on delivery, we do it only within India and Similar to this, you will find many more concepts available in 89, you see, now this is the next pattern, you will get something different, inside it you will get different designs, see here, I have liked something. Let me show you how you will find patterns in this, you will see the whole concept called Radhe Radhe, but see the colors inside it, dual colors have been done, similarly, see the dark green color with many other patterns inside it, which is dark The concept of pink color, which we call pink color and you can see the whole pattern inside it, here you have been given petal pattern, flower design, white color, here rubber printing has been done, on which Radhe-Radhe jo hai is written. Inside it also you have seen all these designs, you are going to get this setup of five pieces here, so with this Himanshi all of you take goodbye, it took a lot of time, now I will give you a little break, so till then Please subscribe our channel and don’t forget to press the bell icon and bye bye thanks!


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