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Wedding Sarees Manufacturers: Hello Himanshi, how are you, I warmly welcome all of you to the Kesaria Textile Company, as you all know that now is the festival season, see the festival season, it goes on and on, but the most important thing is this. Which product has the maximum request, then see, if we are doing the business of sarees, then keeping in mind that sarees move a lot, because there is a small function, which is according to the permission to take them inside the saree. Keeping that in mind, I have brought the concept of a few centuries, inside which I am going to show you different designs, now see the price range that will remain in these, the quantity will start from 150, yes, you have heard it right and this is South. It also works in the North, it means that there is an equal collection, which is liked everywhere, the first collection, in the same way, I am showing you a very lovely collection, inside which flower designing is made. The complete Rose Pattern with Sirius Diamonds can be made here. Has been brought and inside it you also get a color option, yes, see what I have talked about color options, it is found in such a way that everything here is set vice-like because saffron Textile at least deals in fruit selling and in that also you get packaging in such a way that if you are going to get complete setup of photo five piece, then move towards next collection, look at the next concept.


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You are going to get the accordion of some small booties, this catalog will be named Aanchal, yes Aanchal name, which you can see here, on each variety of saffron, you are going to see the branding, so just here you are. See the small butez that have been made century, you see, you get only chiffon basis and the touch up of lace border all around is very wonderful, so if you want to include such products in your business So what do you have to do immediately, the number given on the screen, in the description, you have been given the link of WhatsApp, yes, you will be directly connected. If you want to call or message us or if you want to do video call, then you also get the facility of video call, so let’s move on to the next concept, why see this concept, it is a brand new catalog named Peacock. It means that its name is peacock but really the color has also been chosen very cute and inside it you can see that the plastic mirror work which has been reduced, there is a lot of collection and the color combinations inside it are also very dear to you.


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If you want to see more designs, then subscribe to our channel of Kesaria Textile Company and don’t forget to press the bell icon because such collections are there. Now you will be able to see very comfortably, then let’s move towards the next collection, see the next concept, this is going to be found in baby pink color and you all know that baby pink is the favorite color of girls, so inside it you will see See that considering you get the complete border concept which is the touch of stones inside the zaribag. You are going to get the small booties made with P in this way, that too with the whole piping concept, so the concepts are such that you have to keep a budget of minimum 10000 while sitting at home and you can make all these varieties. You can order because you get the facility of WiFi shipping, so see the next collection, it is also going to be chipon basis, here you will find some Alexa creations like lace border, piping concept has been made here and Along with this, flower designing has been made here, with the touch up of stones, the creation of golden stones has been done, so you are going to get the whole century which is going to be of 6:30 length.


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The blouse which will be its contrast basis, you will get this unstitched blouse which we get with century but we have retirement of readymade blouse and if you want that then how rate is 85 starting in textile company yes yes 85 rupees From and if you want to see more of Work Century from Jo Hai Se, then Fatafat Se Jo Hai U Semi-work century on top of the tube, Kesaria Textile Company, if you search, you can see a lot of collections at once, then see the next concept, which is going to be like this, in this way, the creation of satin patti inside it, on top of it Sirs diamond which is designable you are going to get then this catalog is going to be called time ji han when we call then we get talk time so in the same way you are getting all the names inside this catalog name which is And inside this you see the tasals that have been made are not very beautiful because now tussils are being liked very much and sarees are very popular everywhere whether you are from Rajasthan to Haryana or from Punjab Is it from Delhi or even from Uttarakhand, but you all know that century is a common thing, but its beauty is different in every 12 years, so see the next collection. I am showing you the complete catalog which will be inside the Seema Chiffon and inside it you can see the Sirs Diamonds done to her.


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It is a very cute concept, now we have such sarees, you can get them here with a very good budget, yes, now look at their budget, whatever their price range will be, both you want to know, then our You will have to join the online team, then see, if there is any real manufacturing company, then they will never be able to tell you the price through video, because it is very difficult to tell, because if we tell you the price, then you will be able to sell further. Why will the problem arise because hall sellers also have to be added from here, retails are also there, some are doing business from home, it is as if live purchasing was going on here, you can see for yourself that their product is here. Like the collection they want, the language they belong to, they get all kinds of environment, so in the same way, there are many more varieties here, so I would have brought such collections for you. Yes, but if you make any request according to your demand If you want, then comment us immediately, through the comment, there are many collections for you. There are many types of products available inside the sarees also, if you want to get information about it, do visit once, only 10 minutes away from the station, we will meet you inside the market also inside the block first floor 3031 and 3032 Now I told you the address also pick up and drop you also get the facility so with this I take Himanshi goodbye to all of you!


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