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Saree Manufacturers in Delhi: Hello friends, you all know that the season that is going on right now is the festival season and in all those festivals customers come to you, their department is different, you have different demands, do you have The pass is ready, don’t take tension, we have set it with you, be completely worry free, just stay tuned till the end of the video and see what kind of collection you are getting to see here, Rishi Kisi Marathi, Kesaria Textile Company, I warmly welcome you with this direction, so friends, today’s video has been made, it is going to be on the top of the bridal collection and inside the bridal collection, I am going to show you different fabrics, different I am going to show you the body, which will give you the ID that today’s video is going to be cut now, while Buddha is going to be more fun because we will talk about some business with the product, so that you will know how much we do all these things according to the business.

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You that every time you subscribe something new and subscribe this channel then you are going to get the whole you are going to get inside the contra yes friends now you know that the demand of ladies is so much If it is very dangerous, then according to that demand, we will have collection, then we will not face any kind of problem inside the business, so you have seen how you are going to get print collection here, how you will get different types of prints inside the dry. Inside the fabric, you will have different whole which one is yours that you can see that the contact which I am showing you now is going to be very light and the time you will get inside it, you will get the whole diamond dripping inside. According to it, it is simple and sober, but the work done in the moments of fasting is the air inside it. In this way you pin Udaipur Golden Zari Chandra and Kiya and Pura’s full diamond and different subscribe customer their demand different different so keeping this demand in mind in which you simple sober.

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You question is going to be issued different inside so that You will know that how you will get the services that you are going to get here under one roof, then you can see the whole of the whole simply click on continue but have taken and subscribe and subscribe very small things keep in mind and subscribe friends how you like such disgusting and there so that you can comment us about it in you and you are going to get the whole subscribed inside yes yes friends startup liya hai golden Take gold zari typing with gold zari and diamond tenacity inside it, the beauty of all of it is looking very beautiful and amazing and now what kind of Rakshabandhan recordings are the best, this type of collection is in great demand, but if you have If you have such a collection then you will be able to participate in the festival. So it is going to be fun to do business, but even after that there are many decisions to be made, according to which if you have such a collection, then your business will also flourish, but for that you will have to prepare beforehand, friends say that I He himself then when I felt thirsty.

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I would keep searching for the quality, that is, what I have to do is to pour water out of it and quench my thirst by drinking, then the same thing is very applicable inside the business that all of you You will have to make prior preparations because when the customers come to you, you do not know how their demands will be with you, so keep a few things in mind, the whole character that you had was in such a way that you demand customer care. You can satisfy her immediately by showing her that kind of product, so keeping this in mind, today you are definitely going to be shown the collection of the bridal collection, you were going to get something different and unique, now you can see the whole inside it. Body work is taken Diamond ketchup is taken and you get a lot of treatment from the collection just stay tuned till the end of the video and see how the collection is going to be given to you then you can see its blouse you are going to get complete golden condition Along with it golden zari is taken and diamond is going to be found inside it.

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What you get to see is very rare, then this type of setting bar, what you are going to get inside the collection is going to be found inside the entire boota collection and the creativity that you will get, if you find it completely different, then you can see the complete Gupta collection. And that I have taken this satin strip, which makes the beauty of the whole look very good, you can see that it was like wow came out of my mouth, you also keep such a collection and say that it was fun to do business and in this Can see the pendant of the bed is fully used inside it and you can write the satin strip The whole don’t want is taken inside it and second diamond and different third number is used so that the saree was looking very nice inside you will get to see appointed in this way in which you are going to get subscribe channel complete and Subscribe and you will get different Waghmare in different houses, you have creativity inside it, you can see for yourself what kind of gold you will get here, there are hotels inside it, along with different attacks contract.

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It is used inside which makes it all very unique and it looks difficult in this center and how it works properly for full face and you are going to get friends like this and you are full and small in between so that It looks better that you can make a very good income in your business and provide good service to the customer, then you have taken the entire contrast of the whole inside, the border is taken for typing, and also inside it. The figure of a tree has been taken, due to which the beauty of the whole is looking even better, then you will see its There is a complete holiday inside, whether you are going to get it properly or not, whatever product you will get, you will get special and unit like this, and if you talk about blouse, then the blouse which you will get is going to be given in the contract. Also with Puri’s full lace, friends, you will get the collection in this way, all you have to do is that you can see all this attraction through video also and if you come to Surat, special arrangements have been made for you or not.

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There is no need to go anywhere, just once, let’s see how the collection that you are going to get inside Kesaria Textile Company, you are going to get the treasure of sarees, you are going to get them under one roof, in which they get a lot that I have given you only Show something simple immediately, so that you get the ID that what kind of collection is going to be, how you will get the creativity inside the fabric, that is, the different, the unique, the newness that you want, you will get only how in the Kesaria Textile Company, then think more. Don’t come see this and I’ll tell you the pre-prepared inside business It is very important or the demand that you have customers in business, you will do it according to time, what will happen that you will achieve success in your business, but at the same time you can subscribe to the customer, then I hope that today’s video Feel free to tell us and if you haven’t subscribed to my channel, otherwise you get notifications of lots of videos from this, friends, till then in the next video, thank you!

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