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Heavy Work Saree Manufacturers: Hello friends, I heartily welcome you in Kesaria Textile Company of Shivkant Marathe Nai Soch Nai Disha and today’s video is going to be special and special because you know that all the clear drivers are going to be ours. If you have taken some special money for business, then keeping all these things in mind, keeping the festival in mind, today’s video is going to be ours and in which you can see today, I stood in the bridal collection section and today The video is going to be made on our own bridal, yes friends and in bridal, today I am going to show you different different qualities of Rangoli Vichitra Wet Loose Georgette, so let’s go to the bridal collection today.

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The collection that is going to be something special is going to be something special, then it must have remained till the end of the video and see how the collection that is going to be shown to you today is going to be and if I tell you the thing, here you will get Vestiges are going to be received, it is very wonderful and beneficial and you Tell me that you will not get to see this kind of collection anywhere else and if you want that by keeping such a unique collection with you, you can flourish in your business, then definitely you can do that, but what kind of money do you have for that? It was very important to have a unique collection, you can see that inside the C Rangoli you are going to get this whole collection, the collection of golden zari is done, after that the piping is done inside it, the contract is done inside it and the golden color is taken inside it.

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And the third used in this, you can see different colors inside it and queen color, yellow color, different different, inside it, the joke is made by using the wound, the beauty of all is very unique and friends, let me tell you If you want to have such a collection, then the customer should subscribe to you, because if he does not have it in his mind, then why does the customer not subscribe to you, he goes to you after purchasing all the products of Happy Customer and What you have to do for this is that you have to stay till the end of the video and no If you understand the thing, if you want to understand a product, then take its result and send it to us, if you have some requirements in it that I want a collection of the level, then you can tell them and you will get the complete work, you will get the cut properly, you will get its certificate and If you see its blouse, it is taken inside the contrast and inside it also the whole tenacity of the booti is taken inside it, so this type of collection you are going to get and our restore recordings, now you know that whatever Raksha Bandhan is coming.

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But we will see and every time you subscribe to different different and subscribe and have completed this product, this product is going to be wonderful, which is the demand of our customers, if you see, you will get complete only in blouse. We have taken the full collection of the product we are telling you, take proper, we have a lot of such collections, but due to lack of time, I have shown you only a few selected products, so that you will get an idea that the Kesaria Textile Company You can see what kind of products you are going to get inside, what kind of creativity you are going to get inside it, inside golden zari, you are going to get complete work here with Katwa and you You can see the golden zari boota is taken inside it and toe toe is inside it.

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Keeping in mind all the things that our customer care demands, whether diamond studded or additional accordion, I have shown you some of today’s selected products, so that you will know how you will get the product you are going to get here. Inside as you like, the flavor of the blouse that you took, it is very wonderful, it is written inside the golden zari, you will get two crores, the product that you are going to get, the two cords inside it, it is going to be very different and special, so you see So next georgette fabric inside I am showing you little complete pimple is going to be found inside it different type of typing worked in it golden front work is taken golden zari inside it and specially diamond work inside it He has taken it according to it, he has taken golden color thread work inside it and the diamond which he has taken is also according to it, I have given you two works, friends, he is going to get the whole properly and Reema whose blouse is so You can see that the blouse is also complete for you.

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In this golden zari according will be available or not, better work is going to be found in it, now in NET which is going to be shown to you, inside the net you will get different varieties of different today. The creativity that is inside will be found, but first I am going to show you the 151 that I am showing in the campus, so that you will know how you can see the product that is going to be, it is completely worked and inside it Diamond touch is actually a very heavy work done it will give weight inside it is used with cut and it looks like stars are twinkling you can see that such a great operation has been done and the problem is class You are going to get full time, you can see that you have done hard penance inside it in the best way and in the blouse you can see it is very cute and done inside the blouse, in this way you are going to get full friends last But not least here to get you complete collection say it will save time save your money Yogi all these things will be saved and let me tell you that from this year the Kesaria Textile Company is working inside marketing and you see in this way.

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You will get full time of Leriya ka Kasam tere ko time and there will be lot of creativity inside it too And you can see the collection of Sunday collection, you are going to get a wonderful collection, after the complete closure, you are going to get the whole thing here, but for that you have to visit here and see what you will get here. The collection is going to be received, it is going to be wonderful, but it is going to be wonderful, so just don’t delay, let your business fly high, so that you will get the ID that here you are going to get the collection, what kind of stay it is, then its number 8 from me. I hope you like today’s video, don’t forget to like comment share and if you haven’t subscribed to our channel, do it now, don’t forget to press the bell icon as this will give you different notifications which will be taken in different videos. You are going to be very helpful inside your business so friends see you in the next video I thank you.

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