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Fancy Designer Saree Manufacturers: Hello friends, I am Devang, Kesaria Textile Company welcome all of you friends, today we have brought you some different collection neither kurti nor silk saree nor cotton century friends, today we are going to show you some unique concept. We are going to show you the collection that is called unique by the fancy designers in their synthetic clothes. Concepts of the catalog, you can see that this is a very beautiful catalog. Isn’t that the one of the catalogue, friends, what is the name of Vrinda, Vrindavan is going to give her variety, friends, let me give you a look at her varieties too, see friends, how beautiful the collection of designers of centuries is going to show you today, friends, you can see that there is such a beautiful design in it. Friends are going to get inside it in a catalog with a set of eight pieces, a complete set of eight pieces is going to come, if you are talking about every design and every color in it, it is different, like the color is visible to you differently. friends can see Everyone’s color is different, in the same way, the designs that are going to come inside it, you are going to get different friends, that is, in one catalog you will get eight pieces, eight colors and eight disineon concepts, see how beautiful the design is. So let’s go to the collection of designs, friends catalog, we have shown you such beautiful friends, you must be wondering how it will be in real life piece, everything looks good in the photo, but friends, we do not have it at all.


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Friends, let me show you the concept of the blouse. It is going to look different tone of her clothes and dot wala its blouse piece is also going to be available see friends this is such a beautiful century then next product you can see such a beautiful century and color combination see friends how cute color combination design Talk friends, how much design is there, see, simple and sober, you are going to get such a beautiful collection of designs, see with such a beautiful century and also see the look of its border, friends, it looks like a banarasi border, but friends, this is not a banarasi border, but it Look at the type of twain made design and sari’s design too friends, see how beautiful it is, as if it is a triangle type collection, you are going to get it, see how beautiful the design collection is, see friends [music] Yeh total dostho hai na aapko showroom test hai This is a test of the showroom, friends, you can comfortably send this type of collection on your counter, which is available in box packing from us, friends, you can easily send it in the range of thousand ₹ 1200, friends, this is such a beautiful collection and the quality is also so standard that Customer coming to your place no one can say that sir this cloth is not right and the rate is so guaranteed You will get the hoga collection, see friends, you get such a beautiful design, so let’s go to the next product, let’s show you the next product, friends.


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We are going to tell you such a beautiful collection, friends, stay tuned for the video, if you open even one product Understand that you have harmed yourself in some way or the other, if you have lost your vision, then understand that you have left some or the other product of ours, then you can see, friends, you can say the next product, what is there in this, like the collection of love that is inside, which is back The ground which has been given to you, the background is made of total negative design, if you see it from a distance, friends, it will look completely plain, but friends, it has negative designs and if I talk about its border, according to the color matching, like contrast You are going to get the complete concept of the border first, friends, you can see the contrast border, see how beautiful the border is, and if I talk about the border, then also see the border, friends, see the border made of Rizm thread, the whole weaving border made from the pattern, its very beautiful It’s good, friends, if you have all this on your counter, then I guarantee, friends, you will comfortably sell it for ₹ 900 plus, 900 plus, I guarantee that much you can send thousand from 900, you can sell it for ₹ 1200 in your showroom. It depends on what kind of customers come to your showroom and what kind of customers buy from you here, friends, this type of collection is very nice and very beautiful, you are going to get a collection, see how beautiful the design is.


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Now this design Talk about friends, see how beautiful the design is, the entire design of the century is made of negative print and the laddu given in it is the laddu wali design, then the laddu wale concept, which is not friends, looks like a spray color concept, but it is found With the love of this type, friends, this is the collection of designs, very beautiful design of negative design, see friends, you can see the pattern of the design, you can see the beauty of each design, you can see how beautiful the design is going to give, then this type of Friends will keep watching the collection, let’s go to the next product on the video, we are going to show you the next photos, friends, you are looking at such a beautiful design and georgette fabric, friends, you are seeing the beautiful design that is going to be made in Surat, showing you the collection of George of synthetic fabric. Friends, you can see, keep watching and enjoy the collection so that you can order this type of collection on your counter and friends, you can show some different, some unique collection to the customer coming here, see how many friends Beautiful century hai puri on negative brain like look below triangle design is given and see in the middle friends will show complete print concept with slight negative print so that this video looks like cancellab designer showroom test concept see friends it’s such a beautiful design Look, this is the concept of the century, friends, this is called designs.


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Which can be given to you by an experience company, which has years of experience, how to pick up the design, how to set the color combination, how to make the patterns, how to make the border, let me talk about its border too, friends. Look at the border too, how beautiful it is, as if you look from a distance, it looks as if it has been worked, look at the border made so beautiful, look at it, this is called collection and all matching concepts, no concept, such that you get contrast thread according to the contrast. Look friends, see the thing is not weak from any angle, so friends, let’s go to the next product, you are seeing a very beautiful collection and we are also showing Friends, we are also having fun and you are also having fun, see how much you are having fun by thinking like this, sir, show something different, sir, show something different, sir, show something different, then friends, we have a treasure, that treasure is a little Na complete video in this time we can show what you have to do for that you have to come to us or join our online team friends you can see very beautiful geometrical test look so beautiful pinky see friends all kinds of it Test we are showing.


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You like flower designs in one catalogue, every type of concept you see is going to be found in one catalogue, friends, see how beautiful designs are, you can see, see friends, this is the collection isko bolte hai collection [music] Also see the combination with, what a beautiful color pink color a gaya florence in yellow color a gaya turquoise color a gaya ram color a gaya red color a gaya orange color a gaya friends pending concept a gaya see friends in one catalog we have a whole treasure Gave it to you in one goron see how beautiful friends Designs are there, see this also with pink color combination, complete with the concept of design, friends, I say with guarantee, you will 100% sell this type of collection on your counter and your retirement will go to your Bharti, but we friends will give you shit. Nahi thakenge because this is a manufacturing unit, how will you get tired, you can see, you are getting a collection with such beautiful designs, friends, look, you are going to get such a wonderful collection, you are going to get such a wonderful variety and it has borders, so this was our collection today.


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And in today’s collection, we have introduced you to the catalog concept, meet the catalog brother, I hope you like the collection shown by us, so what do you think, friends, start liking quickly, start subscribing quickly, and friends quickly Do comment also, start writing comments and friends, if you want to order this type of collection at your shop, at your shop, at your home, and want to sell this type of product. If you want to sell this type of collection later, then friends, contact the number on the screen, pick up the phone as soon as possible and contact our company as soon as possible, so that you can order your favorite collection from our competition, our company That means friends, your own Kesaria Textile Company is not ours, so friends, see you with some new concepts, thanks for the same till then bye-bye.


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