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Chettinad Cotton Sarees Manufacturers: For example, some of our South customers have special demands, right here you all know that the current festival season is going to be back-to-back, but within that, do you all know that South The concept of white color sarees inside is very much in the headlines because it is worn by them, this is their identity, so how did Himanshi stay with that, I heartily welcome all of you in the Kesaria Textile Company and also Which are the concepts of today, whatever the price range, the quantity is going to start from ₹ 120, inside which you will get cotton fabric, Garhwal cotton has also become in cotton, as if we want more different varieties of cotton, right? The concept of the method is going to be found here along with the catalogue, if you want varieties, you also get it along with the catalogue, which means that according to the demand of the customer, special designs are going to remain, this whole segment you can see is of cotton century. You will get many concepts but not much time. Coming to Lungi Dahi Varieties, you will see that this is the first collection that you will get in this way, it is a completely white collection of the century, and inside it you will see the whole concept of red color, which means that in Kerala side also.


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Such varieties are in high demand because whatever is there, this whole concept remains the same and in this you will see first of all I will start with the blouse. It is going to be found in different ways and in this you will see the border concept which will be the whole red color border concept has been made here and white sadi which is plain and if we get red color border on top of it then it is icing on the cake because such sarees which rahti hai na most demand hai baal rahti hai to isti waye concept jo hota hai only for white color inside the concept with five piece setup you will get it ji haan aapko sab ko set vis lena hain single piece mein to absolutely deal If you don’t do it, then you will definitely remember this, then you will move on to the next one. Look at the concept, the next variety that is going to be here, I am showing you, inside the Gatwal cotton, this whole catalog will be called Raji, yes, and first of all, we would like to see the pallu, so look at the very cute colorful pattern of it.


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These are made inside, you see how beautiful it is, that means the collections that remain are very unbelievable because we rarely get to see such varieties and in this also you can see the design which is printed. Inside the entire century, you will see this whole concept up to 630 length and if we talk about its blouse, then look at this blouse, you also get it inside the full print, very wonderful sir collection and after wearing So it feels very good because century you all know that there will be no such corner of our India where there is no craze for century, so the concepts that are there, if you have started business then you have started. So the new year’s accords which are the concept of white color must be included now. The pride of the South remains of the white century only and within the white century there are thousands of patterns you will find here, so look at the next concept, in a similar way you can see this by the name of Garhwal Ruby BP.


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The whole catalog is going to be like I told you first what is the starting price and what is the fabric, then you get this whole mentionly, then see this, next one, this is the concept, this is inside the cotton cotton, you see Rubber printing has also been done inside it very cutely here flower bouquet type design which is visible inside the entire pallu and you can see the length of it as far as you can see, in this way you will get the proper length Wali hai and border jo rahega na ushe weaving has been done inside it, you see very cute weaving concept has been made here with rubber print so many more such collections if you want to see more then what is it quickly You go to youtube and search cotton sarees so that you will find many collections of this type. You will not only purchase while sitting at home, but will also know about it, then see the next concept, why see this, the next concept is going to be found inside the whole flower designing, and you all know that the flower design is inside the saree.


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There is always a concept outside because such sarees which have flowers inside them are very much liked by every women and in this you will see the whole pallu is going to be found in the same way with flower butts which are all printed. Yes, printing has been done but no matter how rough and rough you do it, it will not spoil because our customer has recently given us a comment that madam, whatever you are showing cotton sarees inside it. It is printed, you see how beautifully it is printed, if it becomes rough after washing, then it is not going to happen at all because such sarees are going to be given to you with full guarantee, Kesaria Textile Company That when such varieties are made inside the factory, then such concepts are created. You will get a lot of them but with complete A1 quality, so see this, let’s go to the next concept, today’s variety is going to be very special, because you have hardly seen such designs anywhere else, so see the next one. Pattern is this whole machine has also been worked, that means embroidery work which we speak is the same concept and you can see in this our designs which are ours, in olden times such patterns were very much liked, but today which is the new trend.


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According to this, it has become our fashion, it has become our craze and it is very much in demand all over India, that too water. If you belong from anywhere, then you can get whatever you want through the facility of world wide shipping, that means if you are from America, you are from London, you are from Europe and if you are doing business of clothes, that too specially. You have to keep the ₹ 10,000 of the sarees, inside which you can see some other concepts in this way. This is the complete catalog with the name of coming spot, as well as many more patterns are going to be found inside the garhwal jo hai, like golden jo fall printing is done with rubber print, so the whole carry pattern is made inside it, now increasing If we look at the next concept, then look at the next concept, which is going to be there, there are some colors which are not light colors, but look, this is a very lovely century, it means that if such a collection you If you include inside your shop, then you can set up a margin of up to 80%, which is inside, now you must be thinking that how because it is the season of these sarees, because there is a festival and such variety is not liked inside the South.


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If it is not possible, then you must include the new designs, the rest of the concept, if you want according to the quantity, then also you have a quantity team, which is going to provide a lot of Kesaria Textile Company, so you have the same and more See a lot of this, you are also going to get it along the border in the same way. Bal border concept is royalty, this whole catalog will be there and inside this I have told you the catalog name as well, rest you can purchase through video call facility sitting at home, now you can see how much pallu A cute pallu has been made, small booties are going to be seen inside all over the century, but look at its pallu, how many bricks of country pallu have been made inside it. I have already told you the selected concepts, I have told you the cut of the century, it is 630, so immediately get the ticket to come to Surat. Till then you will not know that every time I speak to you, which is a real fact, then with this I am Himanshi, I take goodbye now, but I will definitely wait for your small comment and also who are you. From which place do you belong, definitely tell in the comment and is it your new business, are you going to start it or not? What are the problems you are facing inside the business, you must patient us, you are going to get the answer of everything, do not forget to subscribe to our channel to stay connected with us, thank you!


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