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Wholesale Cotton Sarees Supplier: Hello friends, I am Devang from Kesaria Textile Company, I warmly welcome all of you again, friends, Kesaria Textile Company, you have heard the name very well. Appeared friends can see friends with very beautiful eyes, stay tuned on the video so that today’s collection is going to be very beautiful, friends have brought some different and new styles with friends, don’t steal your eyes from the video, friends, let’s delay Not doing what we did last time in the last video that we showed you a product and we told you that the upcoming video of friends is going to come with this product, so friends doing more and wasting your time Friends, let’s go ahead, so friends, in the last video, we showed you the product and the poster we left, for the next video of friends, this is mine, so friends, first of all, we show you the same opening so that you know let it go What is the beauty of the century of breasts, then first of all let’s open the same century, friends, the video will remain on it, I have said earlier also, don’t steal the attitude, if you release it, then understand that you are going to miss some or the other variety, so look at all that was there.


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This is the concept of the best product, friends, you can see that we have taken such a beautiful century, see the beauty of all, even before opening it, you can see how beautiful the century is, and this is friends, 100% cotton, still telling Hoon friends, this fabric that is coming is not 100% cotton, it is called 100% cotton, and in this we are going to show you the collection, like the pattern printed, friends, you are going to get the whole concept of file print. You can see this type of collection of cotton, you can hardly find this type of collection here, but our company, which is from 1977, you can see, with the experience of 1977, with the experience of such beautiful designs. The collection has been brought in front of you, friends, see how beautiful the design is and how beautiful the print is, you can see that after wearing such a wonderful collection, the beauty of all is going to remain, isn’t it? Those who are relatives can also ask how did you come Friends, you can tell that we have brought all these from our nearest retail counter and the retail counters, from where we have brought them, we will tell you in the last place, friends who are not opening anything now.


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Let’s go to our Let’s go to the next product our next product which is going to be very beautiful friends this is print concept on cotton 100% cotton pe this type of fancy flower design print which is very nice and very popular in our Odisha The thing that is sold with the best Dhiman is this, friends, this type of collection is 100% sold and if we talk about this thing, friends, this whole thing is going to remain, it is also going to be available with very beautiful prints. And if we talk about the beauty of its print then you can see it is very beautiful like aanchal kaan se gaya see contrast border pallu aanchal and with aanchal friends see how beautiful the flower print is friends you can see such a beautiful design like The century is worn, not of cotton, so that the entire silk is worn. Yes friends, the look of this is the look of the entire Silky Century, see friends, it is such a beautiful gate of the century, you will meet friends, talk about the border, the golden strip in the border is looking simple to you, isn’t it, normal to you, silk border? The border is found with the weaving of this friends, let’s go and friends, the cut of this saree is of 550 meters, and with this thread, let’s talk about the blouse piece, look at the blouse piece, something different like this style From this concept you will also get the pattern of this type of blouse piece, see friends, this is its blouse piece, how beautiful it is made with dot print, see friends, this type of collection, so this is the second pattern of cotton concept and friends Let’s talk about another variety.


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We are going to show you very beautiful friends, watch the video, do not make the video too long, it is your time, we have any brothers and sisters or any of our sisters want to do business, there is a mother, if there is a house wants to do business with, they don’t have so few friends There is not so much timing because they have too much loading for less, so that if you do less for the house, if you think for business, then this thing happens, then friends will not take much of your time, we will show you another product. Do not show much, if you want to see this type of collection, then let’s talk later, what to do, then this is the thing, friends, this is the thing to look forward to, this is our last product to be shown in this video and with very beautiful design. This concept is also going to be available to you with 100% full cotton and the patterns which are being shown to you friends, if we talk about print, then we will have more than one wonderful print, friends who will get the collection print. There is no question in front of us in front of our experience. Wala concept in 3D varieties as it is called Friends, you can see the 3D collection in 3D, I have told you in 3D, but what is 3D, but friends, I also mention you, once you keep watching the video, it is done, friends, now the concept of Aanchal is complete.


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Talking about 3D, friends, the set of color combinations given in it, such as the background, which is given in full dark dark color, along with the combination of pink color, like the spray color combination in the middle, and after that The border which is at the bottom is the last one which is called the border, it is with chiku color, so it is called the concept of three colors. Friends, after talking about 3D print and 3D print, if I talk about it, then friends. The collection of borders that you are going to have is very beautiful, like this, if you see friends from a distance, you must have had such a stir in your mind at a glance that work has been done on this too, but friends, this work is not a very beautiful word. The type of Kashmiri work that is done, the print of the type is finely printed so that its This beauty looks like people are wearing it and the mirror installed in your showroom looks like it has been worn for a whole century. It is not there, you can think that we have just shown you a glimpse of Panch Saadi, you can think, you can think, you can prepare your mind that if Panch Saadi is so beautiful, friends, then in the Kesaria Textile Company, which has so many varieties in the cotton segment. From the concept which starts from 135 and you get the collection up to thousand 1200 range, then the concept which is that segment, let me show you once, friends, take a little further ahead and then our viewers etc.


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Can show the whole segment of cotton, in which there are so many varieties, friends, according to the wedding collection today, you can think that there is a lot of treasure in the feeding collection with designs, you see, from medium to heavy range. More than one collection of friends sold at your counter If you are not going to get it, then what are you thinking, are you thinking that after all we go to Surat branches and collect this type of collection in our shop and we are doing business from home or doing business by firing. We sell this type of collection and make our customers happy and they happily bring another punch customer and punch 25 25 50 friends, if it doesn’t take time to get 50 in front of the collection, then friends must contact on the number given on the screen. Please pick up your phone quickly, there is no delay at all, friends, if you want to take full advantage of the season that is about to start, then once you start contacting the number on the screen, you will see your favorite collection, cotton collection, shooting collection.


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You can order friends and your man can send it to your counter with any margin, so friends, I know you have shown us the punch saree, I am sure you have liked that thing 100% selection and 100% you also You must have started thinking that I wish we could also go to Surat and sell some products in a Kesaria Textile Company. By singing we can make our customer happy so friends itna hi hai aaj ka video aur aaj ke liye hum itna hi aapse kahenge we will return once again with a new style and with a new concept friends we will give you a glimpse of it Let’s show that our upcoming video is going to be of what type, which product to take, then just show you a glimpse of just a sample, please friends who do not open, you must be thinking, please open and show but friends It is not even just a glimpse, it is like a glimpse, friends, for a glimpse, we show which is going to be the next product and it is going to give to the next segment and what are the patterns according to the next product, friends, you see. Can be such a beautiful century and its cloth, whatever it is, we are not mentioning anything today, just showing a glimpse of friends so that you wait till our next video and friends, if you want to understand this kind of collection If you want to see from Variety, then definitely wait till our next video. Till then thanks!


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