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रेडीमेड कपड़े की दुकान कैसे खोलें?: Hello friends, I am Devang, I have appeared in front of you once again, friends in your own YouTube channel, all the Kesaria Textile Company, friends, region tree, on our channel, one of our friends has asked a very beautiful question, today to answer the question. We have come in front of you, so we are going to tell you what is that question, see what a wonderful question friends have asked, they have asked three questions in one question, we have to answer three questions in one question, they have asked our friends. Has asked that there is manufacturing in Kolkata too, so why should we take stool from you and how much difference can it be if we take it, then friends, let us make three paragraphs in it, the first one is that stool is manufactured in Kolkata, there is no picture It happens second why take feces from you and third happens friends even if we take it then how much difference will it make then first of all let us talk that there is manufacture in Kolkata too yes friends we agree with our friend manufactures in Kolkata as well There is a ring but which fabric makes which quality, we tell you that firstly it is made there whole georgette sari secondly it is made whole Italian grapes third it is made cotton century and fourth it is made friends the workmanship there.


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Which is famous hai kari jo hota hai ki matlab main hand work concept pattern we are going to tell friends hand work sarees she is famous all over india go anywhere her hand work sarees are very famous with some different or finishing But friends, you must have thought that the hand work concept, where does the synthetic cloth come from, friends, that cloth is supplied from Surat itself, then Calcutta is empty on top of it and after that all over. If India supplies, then this is the concept of manufacturing, now friends in your manufacturing, I mean, they have said that they are for George Jallian but all Georgettes are there, friends, there is no mail etc. in Calcutta, there is all Italian. The sarees that are Bal print hoti [music] And in Calcutta, which means cotton, that cotton is also table printed there, which is less, it is very beautiful, so this concept, it is manufacturing there, the rest of the synthetic fabric, which they The viewers who are in our homes, our friend who has asked the question, tell me from where the synthetic century cloth comes in his house, he will be left thinking, what answer should I give you to this question now?


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It has happened everywhere, they have asked another question, in the same question they have got their own points; It is a century of work sarees, friends, it is justified that if you go to buy all, friends, then their pure sarees are not available below ₹ 1500 on the retail counter, because the wholesale price is 1200 rupees, so friends, Jai Se printed on the century. 200 300 then any one will come less second thing is that the table is printed from 1200 to 1400 to ₹ 1400 wholesale price So it is sold at the retail counter for 1718 years [music] No one in your family will wear sarees for work daily at home, so this was your second point that why should we take money from you, friends, the reason for taking men from us is that in Surat we have Many are made, there are many Scindia ji clothes which your sister, your mother or your retail counter or your wholesaler, who after purchasing goods from Surat do wholesale there, retail counter based as well as daily.


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Very good for ware, that concept is sold all over India, so this is the answer to your second point that the reason to buy from us is that we have countless varieties of synthetic fabric, you are going to get it now like the example I would like to give see your georgette saree customer purchasing from retail counter in 1500 from the same angle if you see 5 types of georgette fabric are made in surat friends five types of 60 ga 80 ga georgette blooming george and member george are the same like school italian crop and crop jackpot and van talk about class Let me see friends, today’s technology has progressed so much, friends have got embroidery machine and in embroidery machine the best is less and that too in chip and base price, there is a century in wholesale georgette cloth in 1200 in wholesale rate Will you purchase friends, here it is 60 grams, 80 grams, the rate of century is 245 265 rupees, now see the difference, where 1200, where 245 265, on the detail counter, friends, it will easily get you wet, grab the range of 440.


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You 189 190 ₹ 200 range and intel 45 500 rupees range in wholesale, then seal’s grape item which is, understand the range is from 1805 to 550, so this much distance friends there in 12131400 in wholesale when you have printed so many now If you do purchasing then friends in the same cloth here you get punch varieties in different ranges and you can love each range separately and if we talk about cotton then friends cotton starts there in the range of Rs 220-225. That cloth starts in me and with us, friends, in 135 rupees, even the sun is less weak. Do not worry friends, because cloth is made in Surat itself, the textile business which has started, has not started from Surat, its central point is the sun, friends, do not leave it out of your mind, because the textile business started first from Surat.


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After that it was supplied all over India and textile means people started a lot of retail counters and after that we talk about a lot of work, as I have told you guys, look at the Kashmiri work there, don’t you see here The stitching which is done on the embroidery work, the thread which is less in the work, it is not less than the Kashmiri work, both of you will live together, then look at them in comparison, there will be a difference of 1920, only 19 20, but 1920 How much difference should there be in the difference of Kashmiri work, if you go to buy it, friends, it starts from 151700 in wholesale rate and here if you go to count it in kind of machine work, then friends, then here it is less for you. As in 250400 different varieties vary according to different work From ₹ 250 to 250 to 500 600, where to see the variety in the comparison of Kashmir, friends, 151700, where is the range of 5600, the range of 250 to 500, 600, 700, you tell me, how far is the distance, why won’t you take the stool from us, why won’t you get your benefits and the third point If we talk to you, then what is the difference if you take a man, how much difference, as I have shown you the difference in quality, I have shown you the difference in rates, how much difference does the rate make and friends, I want to say one thing that the fabric of Surat, which is a synthetic fabric, is rapunter.


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If you can easily sell out at Mal Regal counter, then it is justified, you must have been sitting in your mind, not friends, our talk is really right, so now water as soon as possible, contact us on the number given on our screen and as soon as possible friends, how to Join the Kesaria Textile Company, our company was established in the year 1977 and since then till today we are running only by maintaining the quality. The cloth used to come back from the counter, but still we did not dare, we kept our courage and went ahead on the muddy path, no matter what today is there, tomorrow it will not happen and friends, today Kesaria Textile Company is at such a stage that Our new viewers and those who want to do new business, those who are sitting with new concepts, new want to join in thinking So, in order to fully support them, we have appeared before you to complete the back support So friends, you must have understood our words and you must have found the answer to our friend’s question correct, so friends you Do like, subscribe and friends, what is your man’s question, what do you want to ask, what is your man’s question, how should we do business, how should we do it, how should we continue or what we have done, where should we stop If you have been there then we have that way to open it guys [music] you join us once and if you want the benefit of all this facility then we will come back to you once again.


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