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Ladies Suits Manufacturers in Surat: So let’s go to see the collection of Delhi Haryana and Punjab cycle today, I am going to show you the collection which will remain today, which starts from quantity 145 at our place, yes you have heard it right, quantity starts from 145. Last if If you want a collection, then you can get many varieties of suits up to ₹ 3000 here, yes, you can get varieties of suit materials up to ₹ 3000, a quantity of which you are going to see only in Kesaria Textile Company where Pay whatever you want inside cotton or you have semi cotton semi work, now there are patterns or Banarasi concept, apart from that there are many varieties that I can’t even give you such a statement, so for this our youtube channel Subscribe to aap jo hai so that you will get notifications of new collections sitting at home and likewise if you want to join us directly, you have been given the WhatsApp link in the description, directly you join us. go and have a lot of collection like this You can order PDF so today’s varieties which are going to be special which I am going to show you will be varieties of cotton now also don concept comes inside cotton see here first variety you are seeing these are varieties of jam cotton And look inside it also simple, if you want a cotton sample, you can get it here, from all the materials of the suit, you will get the bottom inside it, you will also get the top, you will also get the dupatta along with it.


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If it goes then see this first collection which is going to remain now it is completely soft cotton which means it is variety of cotton cotton whose length you see is 42 plus you will get it here and here you see the buttons on the hero The look given is a very beautiful pattern and whatever varieties you will get with it, you will get it inside the entire print of the bottom, now its cut off which will remain as a whole, you will have a cut of 2.5 meters at the bottom, but If you want a cut of up to 3 meters inside the bottom one, you will find that collection here too. See now the dupatta is going to come completely, which is ahead of you, it’s color means tone to tone, you will get this whole design, the pattern made here in white color, this is a complete print, even after washing, it is not bad at all. And if you get very soft material, then such wonderful collections are made here, starting with the setup of important pieces, yes, here you can see many varieties, because in Kesaria Textile Company If I talk about the variety of suit materials, then you will find 2000 plus concepts here at one place, so you see the next collection is a new one, which is a brand new variety of 2018, it is the latest pattern. wala hai chanderi cotton ji han chanderi cotton material hai inside it you see the hero design made inside it the whole uni work is done inside it color patterns are done inside it and also you see inside the bottom of the top The complete border is found so that after the entire stitch is done, which looks like it.


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When it comes, you are going to get something amazing, that means women who want to do business sitting at our home, then keep a minimum budget of 10000 for the collection very comfortably and you can get such collection sitting at home, see this now with this In this you are going to get full stitched palazzo ji han this is full stitched palazzo inside which you can see the length you will get proper margin is also set here proper so that every front women who are there will be able to wear it comfortably and You can also see the elastic, very comefert, you are going to get all these varieties, as well as lyrics, you get a dupatta, ji han lyrics are in high demand right now, so such collections are available, you turn to here You will get it so that you do not need to purchase a separate dupatta, now its length will remain, inside each variety of dupatta, you will have a proper, which is going to be 2.25 meters, but it can be more than that. If you meet the Kesaria Textile Company, then see that the next show is also a collection, as we are in business. If we are doing business from anywhere, even if it is not from the township, then there such patterns which are very much in demand, because according to the regular routine, you can see the complete threading of white color here.


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You also get the touch up of the worked stones and here you see the lace border which you can see according to the complete hand work, here you get the touch up, so along with this you have the complete white color bottom. You will get 2 1/2 meter top, you will get 2.5 meter bottom and at the same time you will get the remaining dupatta with the cut of 2.25 meter, because when customers comment us that madam If you have not told the cut, otherwise we tell you the cut properly every time so that it becomes easy for you, then such collections are also very popular in our Kashmir side, yes, for one of our parties, which is a customer. Stay connected with us every time and also tell us by commenting that how many varieties are there in Kesaria Textile Company. If they like it more, then this special one is for them, the whole suit is for the materials, inside which you will see countless more such varieties, you will get the full touch of tying, in the bottom you get it together, dotted in this way The accordion and the dupatta which will remain, you will get the whole Vashisht, yes, you will get this whole dupatta here, inside which the pattern of net work has been made in our suits in Ahmedabad side.


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Too much reduction is done that means the factories are the same, but in Surat, such varieties are there which will remain a manufacture, where pay on manufacturing is done, which is how rate you get in Kesaria Textile Company, see this variety of jam cotton now. In which you can see complete threading work, here you get touch up of gota patti also, there are complete workers, because wedding season is going on, such variety will be purchased very much in weddings and you can sell it by proper setup. will find With digital print, you get very soft material, so many such varieties can be purchased set wise from here, which you can see here, the whole collection which is now, quickly go to YouTube, search there How to make suit materials textile company in which you are going to get these collections, in which if you find Pakistani suit materials here, Indian Pakistani suit materials, whatever you get here at one place, then I will keep coming Himanshi from the news like every time. Taking new collections, but till then what should you start, I have told you that you should subscribe to our channel so that all the collections you get here, you have a small idea about all those women’s wear. You will be able to do purchasing by connecting easily, you have to keep a budget of 10000, sitting at home online, which is through the facility of video call, you will be able to purchase, then you will get the sales executive in every language, then that’s it. That’s it for today, till then thank you!


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