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Top Wedding Saree Wholesalers: Hello friends, I am Devang from Kesaria Textile Company, once again welcome all of you, friends, today we have brought in front of you a full collection of bridal centuries, so first of all, friends, we want to show you the bridal collection, so friends, you can see We have this very beautiful battery box in front of us, we have picked it up in our hand and you can see from such a beautiful period in which the whole concept of golden color has been made, in which the concept of palanquin etc. has also been given, friends and you can see this Wedding collection has been completely mentioned in this, then look according to the wedding collection, friends, it is going to be a very beautiful century for your daughter in your house, friends, if you want to see the varieties of this box, friends, then stay tuned on the video.


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Now we will show you other concepts as well, for the time being let’s keep it aside for now, after that friends will show you something or the other, there must be some suspense so that you will stay on the video and other friends, I talk about one thing, see how much it is. beautiful pack According to the type you have to get like a luggage box is like a suitcase which stays in your hand it has a type of box packing and in this also friends you want to see such a beautiful box packing has been given and in this also our friend to you Want to talk about the collection of the bride who is going to be for our daughters, is going to be given in this box, apart from this, friends also talk about the second box, so we have a lot of variety of such boxes and can see the same friends.


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This box is like a gold box, you can see that even in this gold like box, you are going to get varieties like gold for our bride, friends, you can see that on top of the box there are also people of Kesaria Textile Company. If anyone is your guest, if they see that from where they have taken this bridal collection, then friends, you can say that our Kesaria Textile Company ‘s bridal collection is available in our area, so friends, let’s move forward according to the wedding collection. Let’s leave this aside for now Friends, first we show you a small collection for the wedding collection, according to the wedding, then we show you a little collection for those people, later we show you the variety of boxes. If you want friends, here it is, you can see how beautiful the party and wedding collection is, and the whole pallu is made of this pattern, friends, see how nice it is made of diamond with Rambo and the concept of Bhutte Chhoti Booti Badi Booti in the over century. It has been given, talk about the border, friends, see how beautiful it is and if we talk about its cloth, friends, then this cloth is bloom in cloth, blooming georgette fabric, which is this fabric, then friends, we talk very beautiful.


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The concept of heavy work is complete, friends will open everything Because its concept is not that the whole concept is coming to your eyes from the photograph itself, you can see how beautiful the century is, the work that has been shown in the photographs in this century, friends, the same work is going to remain in this too, after that friends. If we talk about the second concept, we are going to show you, along with the second concept, you can also see the next concept, so beautiful like Simar’s cloth, there is a diamond of Rainbow Sirus, and you friends are also going to see its border. With a very beautiful cut border, the concept made on the velvet border that you get, like a velvet bench, you can see in it such a beautiful pattern and after that friends talk about this cloth.


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That is Jimmy Choo fabric which today in the famous market in a very good scale, these retail counters are selling it friends and this is Jimmy Choo fabric of new fabric and on this also you can see party wear wedding collection coming to your place. It is also going to be very good for the guest etc. After that friends if you see this type of fancy collection then this is the pattern which is on the clothes and chinnan on the clothes you can see it is a very good concept and then If you have given a little bit of glitter jerry, a little bit of amalty has been given in it and in this way friends, you can see Lucknow work, after that you can see how beautiful the work is on the border, seeing the simmering fabric in tone parrots.


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Will go after that see friends, this simar is like a whole on clothes. Look at the pattern you will get in four ear also with border concept, friends, how beautiful it is, like you can take this type of collection for your sister and daughter, see how beautiful water over varieties are, then friends, if we talk Do see this type you are going to get a lot of very best collection friends you can see there is party ware also and along with this you are going to get wedding collection also and you are going to get this type of tone to tone concept. See friends, how beautiful is the century, see, it is a very good concept, very best varieties are going to be available to you and this is the concept of net, and look at the net with your finger, see how beautiful the century is going to be available to you, see friends, how beautiful are the varieties and after that Friends, I talk like in the bridal collection, like we had shown a gold box, then even in a gold box, friends, for our sister, for our daughter, it is going to be very beautiful. let me show you Friends, you will pay attention and watch carefully, friends will definitely like the video, friends, see this type of collection, you will see our concept for the bride, also coming for the bride, see how many gold items like gold in the box So friends, this was the concept of our today’s wedding collection.


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Whatever concept they showed you friends, it was a wedding collection and if you understand the concept of wedding collection, then friends, you want to keep this type of collection in your shop as well. And go to sell with good margin and if you want to deal well with every customer who comes here, then friends contact the number given on our screen immediately and join our Kesaria Textile Company so that you This type of collection can be sold out from your shop, shop or home, friends, I hope you have understood the video, if you understand the video, then you must like, subscribe and friends, along with me, I am going to speak to you every time. Friends, please do write your comments because by commenting we will show you our next segments, our next varieties, we can show you the whole concept very well and show you the product here on your platform so that you can understand or not. Kesaria Textile Company what we want is collection so why not join us till then thanks guys for sure wait for next video.


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