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Synthetic Saree Wholesalers: Hello friends, today we have appeared in front of you again, friends, how are you in your own YouTube channel, friends in the Kesaria Textile Company, today we bring you every collection of silk, collection of cotton, collection of fancy cotton, collection of lehenga suits, but friends, today we bring you Friends are going to show our Kesaria Textile Company, whatever collection is done for daily ware in the house, friends, we are going to show you that collection, let’s friends, without dragging too much in the video, we will show you the details of the product. Let’s go, so first of all we want to tell you friends, our startup range which starts with 10 vans, the total startup starts from Rs. Saheb is going to get rich variety of centuries, with different quality, there is going to be a treasure of synthetic clothes in a very good scale, friends, let’s see, everything starts from 101, friends, we want to show you some of these glimpses.


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You can see how big our warehouse is, you can see that in such a big warehouse, you can imagine how much the collection of centuries is going to be, then we are going to show you some of the selected products, without taking much time. Let us take you to the product, first of all friends, we talk like synthetic centuries already have daily wear collection, which is cloth, isn’t it friends, it is weightless cloth and in weight list cloth, you are going to get a very beautiful look of the century. And very good design is going to open here, you are going to get a very good collection, so friends, if I talk about the first saree, then this saree is coming in all over prince, see how beautiful the look of the century is, see its print See etc., so that the concept of border, if you feel like friends, this brasso print border is made like it is made of brasso, but friends, this is not brasso, but it has a collection of type prints and the whole that is going to be cut in it. Na jo sari ka jo cut aapko ki full mention ho gaya hai Hai friends total 6.30 cut is going to be given to you completely, you can see how beautiful the length of the saree is and you are going to get a very nice concept, friends, look with the concept of brasso, you will get such a beautiful collection of designs in weightless clothes.


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With geometry kal design and this is the fancy showroom test you can see what a wonderful collection you are showing friends you are looking at all over century like the whole concept you will find different and blouse piece with brackets Friends, you will get contrast blouse piece and talk about its border along with it, friends, a light piping like a piping attached to a different cloth, you also get border piping, so you can expect it to be so beautiful that it is so beautiful. If you have a century then you are yours. Up to how much can you sell this 900 to 1200, you can sell it comfortably, in the range of 900 to ₹ 1200, you can easily sell out on your counter, friends, this is nothing, if you want to see this type of collection. So friends, once you must come to our Kesaria Textile Company, then friends, let’s talk about the next product, like right now Brasso is being sold on a very good scale in the Brasso market, so that if I talk about the quality of Brasso, then friends, like our Brasso starting range. becomes from 349 to brasso we have 89.


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There is a concept of original brasso, you say that in brasso, empty printed synthetic goes, new friends, this is your misunderstanding, Brasso, I told you that by taking synthetic cloth from 349 to 600700, if you want to see the original, then it is thousand of India. Even when it comes to money, friends, let’s talk about it, look, you are going to get Brasso with a very beautiful file, like the file print of the outlet given with Brasso, you can see how beautiful the color is to open in front of you. Going and along with it you will also get beautiful Dhansu design, friends, you can see such a beautiful piece, we are going to open it and show you, you will see and see carefully friends, so that you can have your shop at your shop. By keeping this type of collection at home, you can please your customers who come here and you can easily sell such a nice fancy collection to them, even with a margin, you can see that friends are so beautiful like It also has a lapel which contrasts a bit.


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There is anchal in the base so that the beauty of saree does not spoil and you can see what I am holding in my hand is her blouse piece and you can also see the concept of blouse piece according to color matching If you are going to get twenty blouse piece from this, then friends, see how beautiful the century of bars of file print is, this brasso file is pink, you can sell it comfortably from 8 1/2 to ₹ 900 at the retail counter. Collection of and friends I will talk about next product then friends in next product I want to talk like cloth which we have like we have raised in my hand is georgette cloth now on that georgette cloth friends we want to show like Nowadays, the concept of Bandhani which is famous in our Gujarat, Honorable Leria and Baati and Si Boli Prince, which is a famous item of Gujarat which runs all over India, go anywhere, it is not out of fashion, nor is any concept out of fashion. If it gets old then friends talk about it, this concept which I am going to show you is very cool.


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You are going to get the concept of tying lehariya with beautiful and very good wick print and that too on georgette fabric. Same as color combination design you can see how beautiful color with how beautiful design you are going to get Shivpuri Baati Ko Lahariya in same century friends you are going to get three patterns together and friends in saree The blouse piece that will come in this is also a running blouse so that there is neither a pallu nor because any contrast blouse will not look good in it, then the beauty of all is in the matching blouse you are wearing, then it is like Apsara. So friends, its name in our company is also Apsara only, so that the beauty of all and the beauty of all remains, so friends, this was our collection of synthetic centuries, so friends in synthetic, we are well-known.


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People opened some samples and showed you Come on, we have a startup from 101 in the internet century, synthetic century, you understand that you get the entire collection up to thousand 1200 rupees in print concept, because there are many varieties, there are many synthetic clothes, I hope our shown products are You must have found them very beautiful and with this beauty, friends, start liking as soon as possible and after that you have to start writing comments too, friends, if you show your comments, we will also like it and next In this video, we are going to show you some collection, so see in a glimpse, friends, the collection that we have is going to come, in the next video, we are going to show you some different variety, but friends, see how beautiful this century is. This is such a beautiful and wonderful collection of centuries, this is the title of our next video, friends, if you want to see this type of collection, then friends will definitely wait for the next video, thanks for that.


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