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Floral Print Saree Suppliers: Hello Himanshi, how are you, once again I welcome you all to Kesaria Textile Company, where we purchase a lot of collections every time we join, but now whenever we buy varieties from here, I will tell you first. I would like to tell that whatever collection you like, you have to take it set-wise, yes here you can see all the varieties which you have got setup of 425 pieces or you will get according to the varieties of rate piece. Because this is a manufacturing company and here you get all the varieties according to wholesale, so here you are seeing this entire segment, the catalog is the collection of the century, that means whenever we do business, the most First we think that we will do a small business, but we will include something in this business which will take us further, then such sarees are of daily routine, because women get something new to wear everyday. If you want something like this from the collection that we have here The quantity starts from 125, it starts from 125, this variety is not in 125, it must be kept in mind, to know its price, you have been given the link of WhatsApp, that means go inside the description and join us directly.


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So see this which is going to be century completely you get 6:30 length inside it here full work is done according to threeding work with lace border touch up is going to be available and here full print As you can see, it is a very cute concept and all these varieties are going to be found here according to the new year, new get up, so such concepts are there, if you want to order, if you have Have started business and you want to include new variety only, then keep a small budget of 10000, it will also work, but if you want to do full startup, then you must keep in mind that nothing happens in 10000, yes in 10000. If I tell you, even if you ask for so many bunches, it will not be of any use. So if you want to start up then keep at least 25 to 50000 units so that you will be able to include all the varieties according to small tests, then move on to the next collection. Look at the next concept. It is a cute very soft material, I am showing it to you, inside which you can see completely the sequence has been reduced, here you can see the complete design, it is complete threading work, according to the work of the machine.


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The complete sequence is also made here, touch up is given here, see the softness of centuries, you are going to get a lot of softness here, which I am showing you only through video, if you want to know it yourself. What are the varieties, what is the price going to be, then once you come and visit the Kesaria Textile Company, when you come here, you will get a lot of varieties at one place, that means you will get a complete collection of women’s clothing. Will go as well when you get so many concepts within the same segment Look at this catalog at one place, we also get to know through them that how many colors we are going to get in them, so this concept is very cute, now if I talk about fabric, we want georgette, we want chiffon. Malai Sundari, want bizarre, or you want inside Rangoli pattern, then every single design is going to be found here, so let’s move on to the next concept, why see this, the next concept is very cute color, that means baby pink color is available to you here.


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Pay is going to be available and whatever you see which is reduced here is a very wonderful pattern printing you can see flower designing or accordion you are going to get this complete catalog by the name of pistachio ji han add the name don’t forget to take screenshot And in that you see the concept that has been made inside the bottom here, neither the bush type pattern nor the similar design has been made here, you see the lace border with the diamond of Cirrus, you are going to see it here. You will get color options inside such excellent designs. If you do not get color options then what will you do by taking each and every design, you will not even be able to sell it, because even taking that will not be of any use, so what you have here is the colors inside each concept. If you get the very best, then you will not get the catalog in the same way, but on the top of the century, inside the packing, you are going to get the catalog in this way, as well as if you have retirement of the full catalog, then this See, that is also provided to you because our customers should not face any problem going forward, so you also get this facility here.


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Want to join us like some come from maharashtra some come from rajasthan some come from UP come from bihar come from south means from all over india visit us from any corner then in this way concept They take as you can see this is the whole catalog by name or name, they get the setup of this piece and they are happy. You know why it is taken, because those who are inside the same bunch, they get different designs, different colors are also available, due to which it is beneficial that they can sell further to the customer according to their own price. Don’t keep too much power, don’t keep too little. If you keep a normal budget, then through that, customers happily go after purchasing such varieties, so here you see the box packing, if you have a requirement. If you have, then concepts like box packing are also available here, completely, if you want a complete set up of 8 pieces or set up only for four piece box packing, you will get each and every design which starts from Rs.135.


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Yes, in which you see this is a new concept, now a completely new design has been made, the customer is liking this variety very much, so I will definitely show you this concept completely called Lata, inside which you can design an art piece. You are going to get this, you see the colors are as beautiful as the design is not as beautiful as you It is going to be found here means the carry pattern is made in all but you see the concept also the colors also you see that when customers from South come to our place, they don’t want anything else, they don’t even see the century, they don’t even see the fabric Have just seen the catalog once, they like those varieties just like that, rest then how Kesaria Textile Company, wherever you look, you will never find any shortage not only within the century but inside the collections and from here whenever the customer If you want to join, stay connected as a happy customer, then I would also like to tell you the same thing, immediately comment us that today’s selected varieties were not much concept at all, so how did you like those varieties and at the same time you are here If you want to visit, pick up and drop you get the facility, which is only 10 minutes away from the station, we will not meet inside the market.


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You visit There are such varieties which you will be able to purchase from here, so we can see this century also, you see completely a very lovely border concept, which we can also call the queen border concept, in this also you see the color combination very well. Piping concept has been done on it, the combination of green with red has been given here on the lace and the design which has been made is according to the weaving inside it and the combination of orange and yellow is also very wonderful, so this is the fabric. Chiffon this is this and if you like this century, then call us immediately so that you will get the full PDF of it, I wish you would have liked today’s information along with today’s collection. Aaungi in next video with next variety Thank you till then bye-bye.


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