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Printed Saree Manufacturer in Surat: Eight color designs will come, a complete set comes, this is the complete catalog, you see the catalog, inside it, it is completely told that inside which color, which century is there, and on the last page, its Puri is complete. The detail has been given that there are eight colors inside this century. Hello friends, I warmly welcome you to Ritesh Modi Kesari Pistol Company. Samples are shown, today we want to show you samples sitting on the throne, so whether you are from home or shop, you can give us live how we show you samples, after coming to Surat, today’s special video From what is made, fancy centuries are made which are known here as digital print money and there are such sarees that will attract you completely party wear century which is printed century I will show you the product yourself tell me how you like this product by commenting Felt and tell me in the comment what else you have in demand inside the product Friends, we have got one by one sarees, now I want to show you the latest collection, you see, it is fully reduced with print and the border inside it is full tonty-ton border. Floral print has been given, geometrical test has been given, you can see the color inside it, if you see the color of green, if the yellow border is given with the mixer, and these sarees are such a century, you can go anywhere.


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Whether you want to go to party wear or any function at home, you can easily wear it, there is a very stylish style, so friends, we have a new collection every day and we meet with you every day, friends, this Sara ka saara jo test hai full update new test has come in us you will tell me after seeing how did you like this test see friends with such print which you will not find anywhere everyday new pattern comes to us and which border Has been reduced as it is century, has been reduced to the same border as you are seeing in it that black The combination is less, put a full border of black with it, the piping given inside it is of queen color, it has queen color flowers, so you can see how creative our work is, we work hard for you everyday, that’s why we work hard everyday Because you have to give us new everyday friends, Kesaria Textile Company in Surat is one of the leading company that keep complete products of womens wear under one roof, friends, I want to tell you the packing also, look inside the packing, we use it. We also put this paper inside, along with we also do the packing of the form, we also put the form together and we also give the blouse, inside that we give a very stylish blouse, which is a printed blouse, you are seeing inside the border as well.


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This complete list is attached, which is complete, we organize it inside it, now I want to show it to you, see how beautiful this century is, it is geometrical, very stylish, complete test, you will not see such a century anywhere. You will find the same thing inside it as the part’s work inside it. The bination has been given, which has been given the same concept of border from orange yellow greens, so see how you liked the century, you can tell us by commenting, inside the Surat, all kinds of products are used inside the ladies bear, century suit, kurti, dupatta, etc., so everyday our Variety doesn’t come nearby and we bring new variety to you every day. It is only 5 minutes walk from it, whenever you come to Surat, you must visit the How Tester Company, friends, you see this century, you see the combination of flowers given inside it, see the same combination given here of mustard color. The century which is made on top of georgette, it has been made by us with the same mustard color border since centuries, so every day we do creative things, we do it keeping only and only the quality in mind, you will get the packing Its box packing will be available for this product.


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The name of this product is Kas. Even though this is the new launch of the whole of Kashmir today, I thought that I should tell it to you today only, so if you have retirement or if you have retirement within a century, you must contact us, the number has been given to you on the description. If you speak the name of the product with your speaker, you will get it, see this, you friends, with a touch up of blue inside it, look at the whole century, how beautiful it is, it is a perfect party ware printed century, wear it wherever you go. Second, we sell this stool which is a complete set, you set stool, not we deal in single piece, we people who do business sitting at home or want to do business or have a shop, we supply them We do not reduce in retail means we do not reduce in single single piece, we supply to those who want to get dirt for business purpose, friends, you see how beautiful and color combination this century is, you have perfect color, it is full of red orange color.


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Together, the whole century has been made as a border, you see how beautiful the border is, whatever border I have given you so far I want to tell you that I want to tell you that century suits, kurtis, dupattas, blouses, aster gowns, keep everything in one bottom, and you will find here if you are from any city. We have a salesman who will show you the particular test of the city, so that he will give you complete guidelines, see this test, now friends, the complete kerosene test inside it, such a printed beautiful century, one century after another, is available with us everyday. You will get the new collection whenever you demand from us, along with friends like this is a complete combo set of eight colors, the design of 8 colors will come, a set will come, this is the complete catalog, you can see the complete catalog inside it. Inside it, it has been told that which color is in which century, and on the last page, its full details have been given that there is so much art color inside this century, so friends, we are here to serve you, everyday you will get new New we bring and show you by commenting tell us how you liked this product guys look at its pack Packing is done with the bag and this is the packing of the box, this stool comes inside the box packing.


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If any product does not come in the box packing, then you can ask us for a separate box, It comes friends, how did you like this stool, how did you like this product and what kind of latest company you have done so far, even then you tell us that we have worked in Kesaria Textile Company and how did you like the stool and how was our service, friends, tell me I want that whenever you come to Surat, how to visit the tester company, we provide you one to one variety within one to one rate, even if you want to do business, contact us, you have given the number inside the description. You have gone to it, please contact us in the coming time, we are going to start some new segments, then I will tell you that segment in the next video, friends, today’s video, we end this on top of the product. If there was a video, how did you like the product, then tell me by commenting, ok friends, in the next video I see you today’s video ends here thank you very much.


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