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Cotton Sarees Wholesale: Hello Himanshi like every time I have come to meet you all after a long time, new year’s accordion has been conceptualized inside a lot of cotton, so here you see this whole segment, you must be seeing Garhwal cotton here. You want a variety like Gaya Chanderi cotton, inside cotton cotton or you want a concept like digital print, that too is available here, that means it is a new year, so it is necessary to keep new stools, similarly you can see in my back side that here You will also get some varieties of fancy cotton sarees which are work basis designing, but for all those concepts, you can join us immediately, how to WhatsApp link, which is not given to you inside the description. So that you can join us directly because till you do not join, you will get the collections of this type inside the new-new patterns, which have been made here according to the complete digital printing, now start telling you the varieties. I do today’s concept of living inside the cotton century And the cotton sarees that I told you start from 125, then move towards the first article, then you see the first article, you will get the entire jaikaad’s accord and the century has not yet opened before that.

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You can see that the whole brand of saffron will be visible to you because each and every concept is going to be given to you like this, so look at this, you will get this century with 6:30 length, now see how much The best beautiful concept has been created, the shade of dark with light colors, similarly some varieties are available here and you can see the border here, according to the bell pattern, here you will get the border concept, inside which is also complete. The full flower designing will be seen, which means that the varieties of fabric you will get are very soft, you will not get any default in the variety, along with this, here you can see everything you will be seeing as set vice, inside which something This way you get a whole bunch of color options if the light color is So, with very beautiful catalogue, now we have seen about the catalogue, we have just seen it through live video, but if we want to get information about all these centuries while sitting at home, then for that you have the facility of PDF.

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If it is also found, then move towards the next concept, then you see the next variety which is going to happen now, all of these are from the brand new variety of 2013, inside which you can see this fancy cotton which is full touch up. You can see the pallu inside it, with very beautiful tasals, you get these varieties and inside which this pattern is made according to the full flower designing, the fabric which will remain, it is inside the whole chanderi, shining material, you will get the border. It is very best and such varieties are available here, many more designs are available here, yes you have heard right, even in this you are going to get many patterns, about which if you want to know quickly on YouTube. Go to Cotton Sadi, how to search Kesaria Textile Company, you will get the complete list at once. G will be seen in which you can see whether it is according to your choice of variety or not, then let’s move on to the next variety, why do you see this, the next one, which is now this concept, you are going to get completely different creativity here. I am looking forward to because I have not seen such a century in design yet, so this is a new concept for me too, here you can see the sequence has been reduced with very cute greeting work, which you can see There will be a complete catalog called Miss Neha Ji Han, which is a set up of five pieces, here you can see the leg border is also very beautifully touched up here, which is the whole sequence.

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Inside also with tasls, which you will see inside the pallu, now you have seen the color with the color. It happens because when you want to join the manufacture, then from here you have to keep the concept of the whole set, that is, the design of the set. Eggy and colors are available to you separately from here because it happens that many times the customer gets confused because of which they feel that there are no concepts here, nor are we in different ways. If you can suck, then let’s move on to the next concept, why see this, it is the cutest concept of all time, the color is also very good, that means if you like it, take a screenshot immediately because the design inside it is not complete, you will like the machine. De ke according jo ki hand work motiyon ka jo kam hota wahi aapko fulgi aapko chammak chhallo name chammak chhallo ke a catalog rahega rahega hai haan chamak chalo aapko kaisi lagi hai or aapne ko zaroor bateiye gaya kahin tak song aap mat reach jaayega hai haan maine toh Only this catalog has been shown to you and in this you can see the tassels which have been made very beautifully, you are going to get this pattern, this is the specialty of saffron that whenever customers want to join from here, they never need to be disappointed. It doesn’t last because they get different designs, so you can see the whole pallu here.

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Work has been done inside which is according to the machinery and inside also you can see the full touch up of the lace as well. You will get the proper length of 6:30, that too with the blouse. You can see something similar The way you are going to get the blouse, if we do not want the accordion of the century, but we want the accordion blouse of some contrast, then you can purchase that also from here, because we also have blouses available here, readymade blouse starting from ₹ 85. If we move on to the next concept, see this whole pattern by the name of Zigzag, it means that the catalog will be of this century, which is cotton century, it is very soft, seriously, it has a lot of softness, I am showing it to you, so you yourself have full If you are not doing it, that’s why I would like to say this to you, visit directly once, then you will know now and at the same time you will see the pallu which has been made, according to the complete sequence, you will get it and in this also the complete pattern of tasls has been made. Because every time we see in Banarasi century that there are tasls, there is a look of fringe. But even in the cotton century, some different concepts are being made, so these are all varieties, and whatever concepts are made, you will get the price according to the fixed rate, that is, we have a bar coding system here, we will give you the price according to the bar coding system.

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There will be no change inside because full transparency is made with the customer from here, so how have you liked the varieties so far, I hope you will like them a lot, but if you want to order them sitting at home Keep a budget of 10000.According to the budget of 10000, now all these varieties can be ordered through strong shipping. Yes, so look at the next concept, I would like to show you, you can see whether it is party wear or you want to purchase it through official look. If you have then also you can do this whole embroidery done, you can see how much finishing is done inside it and also the flower which is Lotus pattern which we can speak and you can see in it [MUSIC] Now you can see the name of this catalog which is going to last for the whole century. There is a complete catalog by the name of Rohini BP, which you can take a screenshot or remember the name so that it will be easy for you to get it, because there are such varieties, officially if you want to get it made from the school uniform or else If you want to purchase it according to the concept in the party, then you can also take such varieties, you can see the border, the entire work of silver zari has been done inside it, it is a very cute design, so for now, there are many concepts.

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I will keep bringing it for you, till then stay like this on Kesaria Textile Company ‘s YouTube channel, that means what you have to do, subscribe our channel so that you get notification of new collection from every news. Do not forget to press the bell icon at all, and at the same time, whenever we come here and we also want to connect from many places, every time there is a problem in communication, for which you are the executive from here. Will be available offline as well as online in your own language There is no problem, just join with open heart and if you come directly, then purchasing, even if you want to take a bunch, you can also take it, because our customers are wholesalers and retailers, doing conservation business. They are like this but at the same time they do not have any knowledge to live together or they have never even stepped in the clothes line. I will stay with you till then how did you like today’s video please comment and tell thanks.

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