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Surat Fancy Saree Manufacturer: Hello friends I am Devang from Kesaria Textile Company again welcome all of you according to today’s generation on your counter like collection of sober concept which people demand on your counter with great demand products All bikes are also there, so friends, without taking much time, today we start showing you the collection, friends, first of all talk about the packing, then you can see the packing is going to be something like this, friends, you can see the packing like this It is going to stay from and so beautiful with such beautiful packing, the product inside you is even more beautiful than this, what is the beauty of both the things, isn’t it going to be a very nice concept on your counter, so friends you If I talk about it, if I see it in the pattern, then I want to show you some products, what are these varieties, your man must be asking the question that what are the varieties and what are the concepts, if we are to be shown, then sir, I will show you a piece by opening it. And then if its color matching too If you want to see then color matching will also be shown to you friends, let’s talk about nowadays girls like college end, like to go to someone’s function, birthday party and small fun functions or to wear in festivals etc., then they mostly prefer simple and sober collection of centuries.


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If you want to do this type of collection, simple and sober, today we have come to take it for you, so live carefully and carefully, friends, watch this video today, friends, first of all I will talk about this cloth, friends, then this cloth. What is this phone released from death, like the signing that is visible inside it, isn’t it, friends, that is applied from above, as if the concept of what is released on the table print, it does not come from the type and this is the cloth, isn’t it? Friends, this is a call from death and today we are going to open this century, friends, you can see how beautiful the century is and the plain concept is simple and sober, the look of the century, you can see it is so beautiful and so well Well made quality vice you are going to get a good concept friends you see it is a beautiful century color combination It is also very beautiful and friends, not only this, to enhance its beauty, now I am going to show you, to make it beautiful, along with it you will get a blouse of net, which is complete with work, like all the beauty is very beautiful.


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Looks beautiful and this type of collection friends, if you can easily sell your friends on your counter, minimum you can send the whole concept from 1000 to 1200 to 1500 range, if I talk about friends blouse, you can see the blouse It is so beautiful, as per the color tone, its concept has been given, like multi thread plus, along with it, there is also less coding in it, you can see the coding studded also, which tone you have taken, and its beauty and making. For look beautiful in it figure earth has been given which is visible to you through pico medium and to make it more shining etc you can see stone work has also been done very beautiful friends not only this but it is just Even in front of things, the two parts of the front and back, are not both parts free? T and back both are given, along with it the sleeves are also given in a very beautiful way, you can see that the concept of sleeves has been made so beautiful that you will feel that after the blouse is ready, the look of the piece is very good.


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It’s going to be beautiful and I can show you friends look after wearing all and after making look how beautiful the look of the century is coming you can see friends the whole century is made of it see the whole century is worn of its sleeves Talked as soon as this news gets done and if we talk about its front back, then friends, this kind of fancy blouse piece is going to be ready, so you think that after wearing it so much, if it is so beautiful in appearance, then you can wear it. After how beautiful it will look, you friends, we will talk to you about the color scheme, then we will show you the color combination, so friends, once you take a look, we will show you the complete color combination, friends, this is the color matching of the whole six pieces. The set is about to be received as you can see how beautiful the color is like this color has become one of yours Look in front it has become a lemon yellow color, see the color matching, friends, how beautiful all the color matching is going to get, see friends, what is the total in this, friends, should I talk about one thing, there are six color matching in total and six colors in six.


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The color is so beautiful, you can see that none of these colors are weak and after placing them in your shop or showroom, none of these colors are lying on your shop. Made according to today’s generation and the color matching chart is also going to be very beautiful and very beautiful, so friends, this was the first one, many different concepts are going to come in it, so friends, increase more videos. For this to happen, we show you a few or two products and after that what is it, I mean the quantity that is lying in it, minimum you get 25 to 30 designs other time from us, then friends Swift we Have come to show you the fancy concept which will be the pattern. If you talk about the concept, you can see that the quality is different and the pattern is also different, it is a very beautiful fabric and it is going to be very light weight, and this fabric is friends, if you talk, see a little light in the fabric.


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In this, you can see the blouse etc. of the friends, what do you think about its blouse, then we also show you the concept of the blouse, along with it, the pattern of the blouse, friends, see that a gray colored blouse piece comes in it. Together and this cloth giver friends you can see block of net full blouse piece is going to come full pattern on net concept and see in this whole concept you have complete less of sequence like jaal type full sequence like aayega resham daga And what is in the middle is a pattern made on the concept of sequence and with this, if the friends are watching, let me tell you that like the border which is given in it, you can also see the concept of the border, how beautiful the border is. As if you have done the entire work of Karachi and its look Isn’t it completely different, then you will get the border also cut border and along with it touch up sequence has also been given for its beauty. If we show you then see friends, this is its color combination, you can see how many beautiful colors are going to come and very good, if this type of collection is not in your shop, then friends, the numbers given on our screen, as soon as possible By using it as soon as possible, you can get your desired product delivered to you and let’s talk about friends, we also have the facility of code.


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Very beautiful small border cut border friends, in this way you are going to get a lot of collection and if you talk about color matching, then friends you get total matching of eight colors and eye color is very beautiful. Once you pay attention to the color also, see friends, this is near pink color, see how beautiful the other color is, friends, you can see the sickly color, see the color combination, also see how wonderful, more than one color combination you will get. Hey friends, look at this peach color, after that friends can call it steel gray color you can see how beautiful color will be matching you will get in it so friends see there is another color which is better and more beautiful that is pistachio green color after that friends let me talk one thing then the other color in this is dasti Sea green color and after that friends, today this is the last color, like light pistachio color, you can also speak on the tone of your mehndi green, and friends, this is the complete matching of your seven colors, with 60 colors, you will get the eighth color. Yellow color is going to go, so friends, look at this color matching, how beautiful the color matching is in this, the light color is also according to the paste team and four colors according to Das ji, so you are going to get a total of eight color matching. Friends, if you want to keep this type of collection on your counter, then contact us as soon as possible on the number given on our screen and if this type of collection is not available in your showroom, then try to get it as soon as possible. Friends, you must have liked the video, friends, do not forget to like, do not forget to comment and subscribe.


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