सूरत की सबसे बड़ी Saree Factory | घर बैठे ऑर्डर करें फैंसी डिज़ाइनर साड़ी

Saree Manufacturers in Vadodara: I am Ritesh Modi, I warmly welcome you to Kesaria Textile Company, today’s video is a special video, this video is how we work, we want to tell you, please watch this video Watch full and tell me by commenting what you liked inside it and you also have to tell how much our hard work is your symbol friends, let me start with what we did in a video of this video, we booked for this video Kesaria Textile Company kaise kare kam karti hai so I want to show you book puri so friends you see with me how this Kesaria Textile Company sajetan pe chhaay man pe friends I am making this video so that you will know about our hard work. People work hard day and night for you, friends, inside this you have complete guidelines, how to reduce the amount of clothes, what product to start with, which products are sold in your area, which products are not sold, all the details are inside it and every area Vice you full detail in this You will get the rate, friends, this book will help you to run the whole shop, by reading it, you will get a lot of knowledge of India, friends, this video is very special, please do not skip it and watch the full video, friends, you will get the story of becoming a company.


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It will motivate how it was made and what I have made our TV, then you will get all the guidelines inside which then I do development in the next page. When you want to start a new business, then you will get all the details for that. How you can do business of clothes, step by step, how you have to do business, golden opportunity to transfer your life, means how you can do your business, what type of business you want to do, all the guidelines are inside it. Kesaria Textile Company takes care of you, inside this there are no manufacturers, direct retainers, no agents, no distributors, so we have given complete information about it, friends, don’t think now, it’s time to fulfill your dreams, inside this you have a complete guide. Lines have been given, inside which you want to do business, how can you do business? Friends, if we have new customers who come to us, how we encourage them and how we interact with them, then all the details are given to you. It has been given, now friends people say what are the products, like diet century, cotton century, printed century, silk century, suits, gowns, but lehenga, dupatta, bottom, ear, bedsheet.


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Blouse is like this, we have complete manufacturing units and on which we provide you cloth at manufacturing rate, then the complete information about each product is given in the link, if you open the century, you will get it within the century. In which state what things are sold within the cotton century? If you will get complete information, then what test runs in Maharashtra and we have given a complete description till there, if some item is sold special inside Bihar’s Patna, then you will also see what is sold in Bihar’s Patna. You will also be shown what is sold in Cuttack in Odisha, what is sold in Calcutta in West Bengal, what is sold in Calcutta Bengali test, that too will be told in full with photo and product, this will help you in doing new business, friends, you can give us this book WhatsApp the address, we can give you the book, then friends, you just send the message on the number which will be visible in the link of the link, we will provide you the book and free of cost, it is not a cost, this book is for you.


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It will help you how you can increase your business, what is going on in your area, then this old tradition which has been going on for 100 years, inside the clothes, we will give you all the details of such clothes in this time. The trend of clothes has changed, in this time kurti has entered. In which year, what ground range was started in the village, we have brought all the things inside it, so surely you have given this book to me, only you have to WhatsApp the address, we will surely send you this book through courier. And friends, what is decreasing in the whole of India, how it is decreasing, we have also kept it completely, this is a summary book, we will send you its accumulated book through courier, because I could not show it all at once. I will get this brief, I have made this complete booklet, so friends, when you change with time, then you will connect with the world, friends, this is what I have to say, whenever you start your new business, you will 100% 100% join us for a good business. Can and we have low manufacturing rate to provide you cloth friends, inside this book was made to give you benefit and how did you like this book, you will tell me in the comment, I finish this in today’s video and in the next time when I will bring the video So it’s going to be a very good video, you must subscribe our channel subscribe and press the bell icon thanks a lot.


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