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Surat Designer Saree Manufacturer: Hello friends, I am Dewang, how are you in the Kesaria Textile Company, I have appeared in front of you once again, friends, I have brought this video very special for you, with very special variety, friends, today we are going to show that segment which According to the collection sold in full place in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Calcutta, West Bengal, Plus Odisha, I have come to show you, friends, the fabric that we have started is cotton cotton collection and cotton black cotton collection. It happens only from 135, that too with quality guarantee. Friends, once you stay with me in the video, and in the end, I will show you such a variety of collection that you will keep watching whether it is really saffron textile. How many varieties are there in the company, so friends, without taking much time, stay with us in the video and let us show you a little bit of the collection of the variety, how the variety is related to what, then friends. let’s talk about it The action is that it is cotton cotton collection and in this you are going to get print friends, keep in mind from 135 rupees, we have cotton weight collection starts from 135 rupees and if we talk about you then see in print etc.


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Friends this type is very beautiful and very Hi rang pe rang yeh karon saath mein rang bhi rang designs collection, you will also find the colors available in cotton cotton like dark like your Rajasthan colors, West Bengal colors or Orissa color combinations. You get a complete variety here in the cotton cotton section, friends, you can see like here there is a combination of some light color, some designer has been made on tasar combination, some concept which is also made according to the dark color, every Keeping in mind the state, here is the collection of cotton cotton in Kesaria Textile Company, which is very good, you will get friends, stay tuned in the video and stay friends, because the collection we will show, you will be shocked to see that what type of collection is near east Shan is going to get more collection keeping you in mind want to tell you see how many collections are there in cotton cotton like this like for our mother like talked like you are the customer who comes to your counter which is today which you You can easily give this type of collection to them and we guarantee that no customer will leave your counter empty. It is cotton viscose, negative self weaving is going on inside it, it is a concept, and in this you will get the border, friends, what a beautiful border you can see, and you can see such wonderful varieties and the whole set, you will get the set here in every set.


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Let me talk to you friend, some have four colors, some have punch color, some have six colors, some have 10 color matching and friends, in this type of color matching, you can get 10 different designs in matching 10 colors and Different combination can also be found in single design so friends about this If I talk, look at this concept, friends, on the concept of tying the whole cotton on 100% cotton cloth, which is made in Jaipur, on Surat’s cloth, this kind of collection in a very good scale, like you. Worn century, it will take a whole century at your place, after that friends, if I talk to you, then in this way also with a lot of variety, like we talked about some light colors, then you would have found this type of collection in friends like Tamil Nadu etc. And this collection is light color combination, see how beautiful the print is and the beauty of its print, you must tell our viewers once, see how beautiful and with every color you will get a poster in the right way.


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Because you can easily get the customer to select it and you don’t have to open it completely on the counter, then it is done friends by lighting the combination and after that if I talk about some good prints, then the concept of good prints like computerized The concepts that are going to come friends, you can see how beautiful Computer prints are also going to be available in this way, friends, this is also the cloth you have, it is 100% full cotton cloth, friends, and in this you can see that there are so many varieties in cotton, each cloth is different, the quality of each cloth is different. You will get it separately and according to the quality you will also get the rates of its clothes and friends, let me talk about how a trust letter of a Kesaria Textile Company is barcode scanning, see if your 10-year-old child is also here Will send it after purchasing, sir, I will talk to my friends that it will not cost you more than ₹ 1 from here, whether he is doing business or doing wholesale or sitting with a retail counter or any of our friends who Friends, if you are sitting for new planning, then friends, you get this type of collection in cotton, apart from this, if we talk about packing, friends, besides this, you also have cotton, it is a good matching cloth, Chanderi cotton is this type.


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Collection we have full stock so friends apart from this look I talk to you Talking about Rint etc., as soon as you see, this is a concept which is a video test, you can send this type of collection to the agent women who come to your place, and then friends talk like this. There will be a fancy design collection like this combo made, it is fancy cotton, it is 100% full cotton, see friends, how beautiful cotton prints are and the design in it, as I talked about, every design will be different for you, you see Can be seen in such a beautiful way and some like us in the video, our friends must be thinking that what is all this in the box, so friends, the packing is also in it, isn’t it the packing of whole cotton cotton and inside it.


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You have seen the blouse once and those who will show the border in the blouse, in the same way, there is a border in Puri Sadi, once in the concept of Sadi, you can see the border in Puri Ye Resham The border is silk, the whole concept has been made according to the border, you can see from such a beautiful pattern and this is its blouse piece contrast, so I hope friends, you keep this type of collection in your shop and after keeping it in your shop, your shop The beauty that is there friends is going to be very beautiful and the customers who come to your place anytime will go away with a smiling face after purchasing and your stage which is our gym is such a variety that is available because friends whatever is here is clear and less. Kesaria Textile Company is such a company which makes very neat and clean. will come and show you till then thanks!


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