₹101 साड़ियों का भंडार आने वाले सीजन में धूम से बिकेंगी ये साड़ीया | Surat Saree Manufacturer

Wholesale Designer Sarees in Surat: Here in this segment every type of mera like mera from medium range to high end for wedding functions, gifts, party wear, centuries, medium condition, people who wear it in all marriages, we are going to show you that type of collection today. Hello friends, I am Devan from Kesaria Textile Company, I welcome you all once again. Let us start showing you the collection first of all let me talk about the fabric friends so this is Jaikaar cloth which has reduced the oxide of the body in the Jaikaar cloth. It is made in gray cans, it is reduced to gray jerry, it is called oxidized. Friends, you can see how beautifully this thing is made. released in such a way that It is said that there are gray colored stones along with it and friends can also see the border. The border is also made so beautiful as the triangle concept order is shown in the border and along with it the cut border is given along with it. Friends, in this way you will get border cut border in such a beautiful way and friends in all over century, like our every work, if we talk about the concept of centuries, then our work which remains for centuries should be 100% from pallu to end.


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The whole concept is not done by showing empty pallu friends, but see in all over century also, it is reduced in such a way that till the end the work of the whole century is going to come, then friends, you can see how beautiful cloth has been done with such beautiful beautiful work. As you understand that if you want to sell all this on the counter, then friends, you can also send this type of fancy collection comfortably on your counter in the range of 1000-12-1500 very beautiful and with very good margin. Can talk to friends after that this cloth is also very nice Chiffon Jari’s I am and it has saffron fabric along with it a little bit of light zari has also been woven in weaving friends you can see the concept of such a beautiful century has been made in such a beautiful way friends this cloth you have shown like I have told you on the chiffon cloth that the mineral is shining in it, look at it, it is called signing, and along with it, it has also reduced the diamond of Sirius. Has been set up and after that, if I talk to friends, then the entire collection of all over embroidery work is going to be found along with the net page of the carpenter who comes by cutting the net border.


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Friends, please talk to me further, I told you that the fabric that has created a rage in today’s market is organza, this is like all over, if you look at any place, friends, there is a lot of interest in organza everywhere, this fabric is on every counter. We get but the collection of designs that we get is Kesaria Textile Company, You can see friends see Organsa clothes, see the concept of clothes like negative, you can see how beautiful negative designs have been given inside the clothes. And with that full multi daga in it neither there is no diamond of sirs nor there is no sequence nor there is no less in it total friends aap made only resham dacoit ka kam jo jaal concept pe all over sari made in it see friends how much Beautiful organzaam is very nice collection like new and its aanchal you can also see aanchal it is so beautiful aanchal is like zari made whole aanchal you can see friends and the concept of border the border is also very beautiful to you like a simple sober work


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Along with the concepts that come, the fabric that is being made here, the name of the fabric is Friends Silk, friends, stay tuned on the video and watch the fabric that comes with each fabric. What is the name of the fabric, they are showing you everything, see, this is the fabric, friends, Dola silk, and in Dola silk, as you are seeing this border, friends, this border is a total weaving border and with it The concept which is found in gota patti is lace border and with this the less given is friends, this is village work and the collection of village class, you can see that it is going to be very beautiful with colorful colors. And this groom is in silk, if friends, if we talk about the concept of Aanchal, you can see Aanchal complete with weaving, Aanchal is made from Banaras. The aanchal is on Banarasi fabric and the look of the border is very beautiful and the concept of the border is also beautiful.


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You will think that it is so beautiful, but look at the blouse friends, this blouse is not a blouse too Aanchal Contrast given as you can see how beautiful blouse is simple and sober blouse like saree as beautiful as it is simple as well as its blouse piece too friends let’s talk about this one fabric like in organza fabric like I told you Like this is organza cloth, this organza cloth has two tone cloth, see friends, in this also like organs, we have got a fancy thing, these are very beautiful and very luxurious things made on two tone cloth, and look at this kind of thing which You can see the concept of border, friends, Abhi Kal is the latest new collection. Shan is and according to the collection, if you look at things, we will have a complete collection, you can see friends, these organs, here you are tone fabric, such clothes and such that all the new clothes that are made in the sun, friends, they are the first You get it and you can see that in this way the whole concept of copper has been given, like the pattern of the tone cloth, the copper pallu has been made in the same way and if you look along with the copper pallu, the copper border is also there.


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There is a complete border along with it, you also get the concept of knot square, then talk about pallu, see pallu too, friends, contrast pallu has been given so simple and sohar, along with it, the concept of small booti has also been given, which is gota patti. I have a touch up with, after that if friends talk, it is not just a matter of pallu, it is not a matter of pallu, it is less in the century, you can see the concept of the whole all over century, you can see the beauty given in such a beautiful way Like this silk century etc. which are our Rajasthani excuses and brothers and sisters of MP Whatever the excuses are, it is the kind of thing that goes on, this is the test of Rajasthan and MP, you understand that the look of Sari is very beautiful, the name of the cloth is friends, Dola Silk and the concept of Banarasi border given with it.


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