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Top Silk Saree Wholesaler: Hello friends, I warmly welcome you to Ritesh Modi from Kesaria Textile Company, friends, today’s video is going to be very special, because one color that runs the most in the whole of India is red color, so today, where is the red color, I will tell you. I want red color to be sold all over gujarat, red color to be sold all over maharashtra, up bihar to chhattisgarh, red color to be sold all over west bengal, we used to supply this material to kolkata first, from calcutta to up bihar jharkhand Used to sell friends, today we want to supply all this to you directly for the people of Bihar Jharkhand, not first we give Kolkata, people of Kolkata sell you goods here, they do not want to reduce, we want to connect directly with you friends. This collection is the complete latest collection, the brand new collection has come, I will show you the collections of each and every two centuries, you must see this collection, this is the collection of repeat records, it is the complete concept of the release, just look inside it The entire issue has been reduced to 50,600 cups.


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It is said that silk is the thinnest cloth, it is said that you see this lapel inside it, it is very stylish and inside it you see that the whole head is lowered inside it and the beautiful thing about this cloth is that inside it Full net look now you can see inside it this thin style and pattern is given inside it you see the party inside it now you will talk about the rate this is a century sold in retail for 56000 inside the market and we sell it for ₹ We sell it for less than 2000, not less than 1500. Sir, you should see the century below 1500, which is sold in century retail for 5 to ₹ 6000 and it is wrapped and its blouse is full of work, only red Today’s video is special and red is a special video made because any passion, any festival, red is definitely worn inside the house, so this red station is century, just see how beautiful it is inside this century.


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The whole of the cob is reduced completely and the pallu of net inside it, the style and pattern of the pallu is completely different and its front has its own flame. I showed you the aanchal of the lehenga, look at it, look at the partly style, thin, very different partly, its whole concept is different and very beautiful century, this whole pattern given is the lehenga style pattern. The inside is given next, you see its blouse inside it, you see this wrap and along with it, the border of your blouse is given along with it, I want to show you many red sarees today, what happens that we first Calcutta sells it now, not Kolkata, but we the people of the country directly supply Bihar to the people of Chhattisgarh. Now look inside it, see its design, you will find many concepts of this type in ours, see its pattern inside it, you will see this pallu, which is the part of your body here, here it will come, it will be very If there is a beautiful looking century, then see its part, fairies, you can see this part of it.


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The lehenga style is made very beautifully, there is a century and there are different patterns inside it, we make ghostly small booties, it is reduced in repeat, this century is made friends, it is very red, there are many designs, it is as red as you. You will speak so many designs, you will get that many designs in me, you will get new collection everyday, Kesaria Textile Company is one of the leading company which manufactures complete variety of women’s wear in Surat, means we make everything from century suit, kurti, dupatta. In addition to this, we provide fertilizers in the fastest service and best economical rates.


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We will show you the cloth and give you the full experience of how the business of cloth is done and how to earn margin in it. So friends, you have seen my video of Lal, how did you like it, tell me in the comment below and suggest me what you like inside Lal. If you want something, we will provide that too for you. If provided friends, I end today’s video here and you tell me how you liked this video, okay friends, today’s video ends here, see you in the next video, many many many thanks to you for watching this video. thank you!


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