कपड़ा व्यापारी Surat आने से पहले ये ज़रूरी बाते जानले! Saree Manufacturer की सचाई आपको कोई नहीं बताएगा

Surat Wholesale Market: With any broker, if you go anywhere you know, then at least the commission of the broker remains from 6% to 10%, now you are going to any shop, you have purchased goods worth ₹ 2 lakhs. It is a matter of whether you earned or not, according to the 10% of the broker, ₹ 20,000 has been fixed. How do you reduce your profit margin? Hello friends, I warmly welcome you to Ritesh Modi from Kesaria Textile Company. Do you come or any medium with which you are aware, you come after seeing and after coming to Surat, outside the railway station, you get acquainted with such anjan, who are called agents or brokers here in Surat.


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They tell you brokers that you come with us, we take you to the factory and by talking about the factory, they do such things in which you Friends, you go to bahkav, how to identify the real manufacturing, I want to tell you that the real manufacturer is the one who has quantity, quantity does not mean that the whole shop is full, quantity means that the product you You are choosing it, how much quantity is there inside the product? One color century is made of one design, then it is called a manufacturer, not the whole factory is full of feces, you are showing that he is not a manufacturer, yes, friends, what happens in Surat, whenever new traders come here, auto rickshaws You people come in contact with the brokers who are on the footpath here, what kind of things do they talk to you like when you come here, as soon as you come to Surat, you say that I am from Odisha.


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He takes you by the name of Odisha, I have this identity in Orissa, this is my identity I am from Odisha only, I don’t know whether he is from Odisha or not, but if he is also from Orissa, then he is Anjani for you. They go in seduction and you do the purchasing with him, wherever you do the purchasing, what harm you do inside it, I tell you in the land, with any broker, if you want, you go anywhere. So at least the broker’s commission is from 6% to 10%, now you are going to any shop, you have purchased goods worth ₹ 2 lakh, whether you have earned or not, it is a matter of 10% of the broker. ₹ 20000 has been fixed, so I want to tell you that do not rely on the broker, wherever you see the video of the Kesaria Textile Company, note that I want to visit this company or I am the broker. Don’t want to go to the hoteliers, don’t you follow any of the hoteliers, don’t you follow the rules of the rickshaw pullers?


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I want to purchase from these forms, what will happen to you, your trust will come along with you, you come for 2 days, if you come for one day, then for two days, if you come, then on the first day you will Check that who is perfect in the list you have brought, the one who seems perfect, whose rate you find less, do business with them, friends, not with any agent and broker, in their bahkav, there are far-off factories or any The factory also tells that my factory is your 100% loss, you will never be able to make a profit. Friends are together, I tell you, Anjan, don’t make a relationship, he tells you that I am from Rajasthan, you say I too. I am from Rajasthan and your friendship becomes such that you have known me for many years, no, friends, when you go to collect feces, you went with him and you took the feces, at the same time that relationship is over, friends, what after that?


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It happens that if you remember him at any time, he will never recognize you and you will also be bloated, he has lost his stool. He doesn’t remember anything after it has been reduced Yes, friends, contact the company directly, make a relationship with the Kesaria Textile Company directly, decide which company’s rate is cheaper, you are going to benefit from it, not the agent and the one who The jealousy of the day is not going to benefit friends, after taking you man, you have to sell it and even after selling it comes out, then friends, I want to tell you that you are not at all under the influence of the pimp rickshawwala hotel wala. Come directly from where you come, like you come from Maharashtra, you come from South, you come from Gujarat, any status, if you come from there, discuss with your introduction or your people who reduce your line.


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You have staff, you came with them after less conversation, you have to know the approach in King films, try to go direct in those forests, so that you will get direct profit in your business and not middlemen, then my request will be that you visit the direct company. And keep direct relation with him friends cliedi of Kesaria Textile Company Surat, which manufactures all things century kurti suit blouse and we provide the product in the least rate, there is neither any broker nor any distributor among us, we are direct manufacturing, you directly provide cloth to retailer or wholesaler In which he can get maximum benefit from maximum, we provide service, so friends, you must visit once, what kind of textile company, many thanks.


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