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Surat Nighty Manufacturer: Hello Himanshi, I have once again joined you on behalf of Kesaria Textile Company, from where every time you are present in the special collection, then here you can see the collection inside the nights also, many designs are available here. Similarly, here some sarees are also live purchasing, you can see that as the live purchasing is going on, they are doing their test according to this mobile, but Nighty Silk is such a collection, which is not only from South but also from Man. There is a lot of craze in the north also, why is it now because when women are doing business at home or are housewives, they wear more than such variety for comfort, then you see in this too, you get some designable concept like That here you have been given the look of buttons, some piping concept’s according designs have been made, you can see the sleeves, you are going to get regular length accordions, so see this variety of your nighty, but how to purchase it, you will get the complete set. Vice is to be taken as if of three piece The concept is that you get four pieces as well, as if you see the whole bar coding system, you will get the price shown in the same price and inside it you will get the setup of three pieces, inside which you will get what you have.


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Completely color combinations are also available, but if we like the design, then what to do, every time I tell you, you all will remember what to do, take a screenshot and if you want to connect with us directly If yes, then go inside the description, you have been given the link of WhatsApp, you can directly connect with us, so see this completely, now you are going to get this collection of nighty, inside which you will get it completely inside cotton, here on black color Which piping is made of, very lovely combination of colors, you will get the look of double buttons, as well as the size available inside each knit, but at the same time, you will get Which is the rope pattern is also available so that you can loose and tight very easily. If you can, then move towards the next varieties, then see this, yet you will get many more concepts, like with the carry pattern, you get some live patterns, here you can see some designs here. It has been made inside the lanyard type, the same craze that remains according to fashion, it is also very much liked in it, because whatever complete collection of women’s fair remains, whether it is a suit, a suit, a kurti or a nightie.


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No, but women do not like it until the accordion of the fashion trend goes on, so look inside it as well, if you want some false inside knights, then you also get this collection inside the shoes cotton. The color combination is very cute, that means there is a complete combination of black on top of pink, and here you see, according to the starting, some design has been made here, this is the neck design, which is the most unique concept you will get, then the collection is here when If we come then we know better but if it is not possible to come aa hai kisi karanvashm nahi aaye hai to direct number given on your screen you have to call us on whatsapp so that you get sales executive in your language and many more collections like this You do purchase accordion but you are also in person to purchase your own accordion varieties through video call, so you see this way, if you want Jaipuri cotton nighties, you can find the same concept here too. It is a lovely fabric, you are going to find softness inside it and this print is definitely going to give you the accordion of rubber print, but no matter how much you wash, it will not get spoiled, see the design in it, how cute is the concept.


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Here you get according to the threading work, why you get it, because it is all on-line manufacturing of Cuttack, because all these varieties are made inside our factory, whenever such collections are made, we keep this inside them every time. Kuch Na Kuch New Conse The customer gets it because every day there are new collections coming in the market, be it any concept, according to this it is necessary to give a new look to the varieties every time, to bring new changes, so in the same way we Would also like to tell you that if you want to do business or you are thinking that you are a student or you want to earn a small side income from home, then you can quickly start a clothing business. You can start, it is not necessary to get more profit, it is not necessary to think first, but how much budget we have to keep, so keep the budget up to ₹ 20000, and from such a variety, you can include according to your business, you can buy sarees in that.


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We have taken the collection of Nights or we have included some Kurtis, so when we keep all such varieties inside the mix, then when the customers also come, they can understand their taste that yes, we need some change in the varieties of Nights now. Till now you have seen that many different patterns are going to be available here, so the varieties that remain with you. In low budget means quantity starts from 125 last if you want something design up to 500 then you get that also concept then you are looking at nitrogen long gown accordion but if you want some shirt pattern inside then You can also find shirt patterns here, see that now girls are college girls, then they just like school’s accordion more.


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If you like the pattern more, then along with it you get the bottom as well, you see that you are going to get the bottom as well, in the same way, this whole tone is the tone, you get the concept, the bottom of the shirt, so many such Varieties, you have to purchase more in nights, join us directly, subscribe to our channel, do not forget to press the bell icon, and also you can become a new member of our subscribers. Puri’s full responsibility is going to be ours that you don’t get any business If there is no problem inside and you keep getting our support at every step, then I hope you have liked the collection of Knights very much, either we have seen some selected varieties, they want to see many more such collections. So if you go to YouTube and search how Nitish is doing Kesaria Textile Company, then you will see all the same concepts specifically, so I will keep coming Himanshi to meet you like this, but which other retirement you will definitely tell us through comments. Tell me thanks for the time.


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