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Finest Saree Manufacturers in Surat: Hello friends, I am Devang from Kesaria Textile Company, welcome all of you, friends, still some of our friends and our friends, our businessmen and our new business people, their men are still confused about some questions. So friends, today we have come to answer the same question, so friends, some of our friends say that after coming to Surat, some show faeces and some send faeces from Surat to our area even after taking payment. If it does not reach us, then friends must listen carefully about these two topics, friends, this answer we are going to give is very important and important for you, friends, as if you are planning a business from there.


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If you have done everything, then to go to Surat, you think that we have to go to the Kesaria Textile Company only, friends, from there we go on our own, sit in the train and reach the beautiful railway station, and after coming out of the railway station, friends We forget to pay attention to two things that the first thing is that the sun is very big. If there is a textile hub, then there is jazz, friends, in this, every person tries to earn his stomach or every person tries to earn his bread for two times, in the textile of Suraj, you understand that the broker, commission agent, broker plus the auto of Suraj. O friends, they will leave no stone unturned to mislead you, they are less because they have to earn two breads, if they want to earn money for two breads, then they keep their nets, who have come out of the house thinking that they will go to the Kesaria Textile Company.


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Friends, they finish your thinking there, friends, you come to their words and go away, there is no problem, let me tell you one thing, friend’s example, I will tell you one thing. It is made in gray, after bleaching, it is printed in Milan. Sir, its processing is very big and we forget that the casting which is not able to sit in the manufacturing place, understand that according to the quality Her casting nahi sit ka rahi hai with friends wahan pe auto wala mein and Those brokers and commission agents go along with the brokers and see the products that we manufacture and our rate of castings which comes at 250 ₹ 300, friends 180 165 170 then you can think Yes, you can apply your mind, quality wise, you can ask him which cloth is this, quality wise, if you cannot know, if you are not understanding, then friends, you are understanding that this type of cloth is marketed here. In the retail counter, if 400 is sold for ₹ 450, then how much would the wholesaler and the shopkeeper be purchasing from your place?


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Tell me an example in the century of minimum daily ware; 100 remains 25 him more marking he can’t take daily ware fancy in centuries and same thing friends you are thinking that the agent people who mislead you they tell you 170 paise ₹ 80 which is also casting of manufacturer He doesn’t sit, how will he be able to give you feces, friends, you don’t focus on those things, you only They go for designs, they don’t go for quality, design said, this type of design used to be available here for this much and today we get it for this much when it comes to face, but friends, let me tell you, this is where your cheating starts. Along with you who got cheated with us for 10 rupees, showed feces with us, sent something else, friends, this is going to happen, I am telling you right, friends, here you are misguided, so friends, you have to be a little alert.


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You need your brain, if you think that we have to go and join the Kesaria Textile Company to attract the sun, ok sir, we want to join the textile company, then friends, I have told you in our next video also, all this will help you There is no need to get into the things of yours, whatever your purpose is, you have come out with your planning and you have reached the destination where you want to reach, friends, we have come from the railway station to the Millennium Textile Market, how to come to the Kesaria Textile Company. All the way has been shown to you, after that how to start a textile company? We have shown that it is worth reaching, seeing cheap cloth in cheap range, good thing, right rate means I am in half because we are sitting with a manufacturing unit and we have taken 40 years to set up this manufacturing unit. I am not short of food for everyone that no one can sit with any man in the warehouse, you have to think carefully about the video you are watching on YouTube, watch it completely, what he wants to say and What do you want to tell yourself, what is it that two paisa is due to greed, said this quality, we get it cheaply, said, we got this quality cheaply, we will take it there, but friends, whenever you go, you will not say in the parcel like you.


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The same thing is going to happen, you have been shown something, you have been cheated here, because you have not been alerted even a little bit, please contact our online team with the number which is on the screen and you are thinking for business. So friends, by closing your eyes and making a man strong, how can you make a deal with a Kesaria Textile Company? Join us, wait for our next video, friends, in the coming time, our other brothers will come in front of you with the question of dams and will answer it in the true sense, till then thank you!


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