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Wholesale Pure Cotton Sarees Manufacturer: Hello Himanshi, how are you from the Kesaria Textile Company and every time according to the customer, you keep bringing varieties because whenever we start a business or are thinking of doing it, but for that we need to know that according to the market Varieties which are new and along with that which varieties we can set up according to our area, then according to that you need to directly connect with a manufacturer and if you are looking for such a manufacturer hai where you will get the complete collection of womens day then how in Kesaria Textile Company you will get all scooty legis dupatta palazzo suit materials lehengas or if you want bed sheet like correction ji han new year ae chuka hai new year according to everyone who is bed They change the sheets, these are fixed things, so you can buy that too from here with a small budget, that means you have to keep a budget of 10000 and according to that, you can buy all these varieties through cash on delivery or Then whatever can be ordered through world wide shipping Today’s concept that I have brought for you is going to be inside cotton but there are many types of cotton, yes there are varieties like cotton, some you get, according to the silk pattern, there are varieties like quota check.


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Has it become a fancy century or has it become a printed century from normal, you will get a lot of designs and designs from here, if you want digital print, then you will also get the same concept, that means this whole segment which you are looking for, 1000 plus concepts inside it. You get it and whenever customers come, it is not necessary that everyone’s choice is the same, but when customers come, they get varieties according to their choice, so today’s special test is going to be cotton according to which That will be of our North and South, in this you will see the first variety that I am showing you in the name of Tulsi, this whole catalog will be with blouse piece, which you can see, how are you looking at the stickers, which you will see completely. Mention doesn’t last and you see in this this century which is going to start is not very lovely. A test material is going to be found inside it and you will see the blouse in it.


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They like to dress up acording but here you are going to get this blouse piece with full silk century pallu, look inside it you will find a very cute pallu, which pallu is such a thing, isn’t it? inside which liwaj which is on top of a head and with it the fashion according to which we do it, then there is a lot of demand inside it, the next variety which is going to happen inside cotton cotton, I am showing you cotton cotton Rubber print is done inside it, that too with Simar, it is a very cute concept because there are such varieties and if I name this catalog too, then Stylish Tu Naam Se Catalog Hai Ji Han Stylish Naam Hai and Sadi It is also very cute and stylish, the accord of 2023 is about to come, then the accord of Onam is also such a variety that you You can purchase means giving and receiving, such concepts are also liked, so in that you have seen this pallu which is silver zari work, you are going to get it here also you can see the complete touch up of jaripatte. It goes and see that in this way you are going to get normal butt in the same way in whole century means that our who is in South side has also become Kerala in South or if you are from Hyderabad or you are from Telangana.


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If it is from then only such concepts are in high demand, then you see in this the next concept that I am showing you, it is absolutely cotton cotton and what is inside the cotton cotton, you are going to get the release leaf, like Han Banarasi sarees. Isn’t it the same way you get the border here, see it is very cute, here you will get the border and also you see the century is inside the white color, but the flower design made is very good, because such collections would have been They are very difficult to find even after searching and such varieties mean a reasonable price to you. The quantity which is available starts from 300 itself, the quality is very soft, you will get the rest, then the cotton starts at Rs. I have a lot of customers, live purchasing is also going on because there is a lot of rush in the festival season, because according to the customers, they come to test their products as soon as possible and include them in their business so that they can sell. Even if it becomes easy to do, then see the next concept, it is going to be available in the same way, Ye Jo Saadi Hai Na Sabse Hatke Hai, seriously and you can see its name, this whole catalog will be called Golden Plus, the name will be Golden Hai Variety Gold Jisi Because in this you see that you get a very golden color and here you see that you can see some writing which is completely according to the digital print you get printed here and you see the border very bright inside the controls.


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You are going to get this border concept with color, so in this you will The pallu that you will get is like this you get the best pallu here the whole lotus pattern is made here you see the whole flower pattern is found here means the turn of the century with the look of tasls You will get all these varieties of tone and if I talk about the blouse, you will also see the blouse according to the print. You will get all the nature available here, so the varieties that are there, you will get more and more latest patterns. Here you will find some of the same varieties, if you want the complete catalog, then you can see that there will be a complete catalog by the name of the entire sequence, and in this you will see the design, very wonderful patterns, you are going to find it inside and In this way you will get a complete setup of 8 pieces of sarees, and you see the design, different designs are going to be found in all, because this is the specialty of Cattle century, because different designs are found inside the same bunch.


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It goes so that even if you sell it to the customer with different strengths, If it becomes sani then we will show you this last century, you can see that it will remain complete and it will stay inside the dirty pattern, digital print has been done inside it, but there is another specialty in it that the sequence has been reduced in it. Yes, you must have noted one thing from 2022 to now 2023 is about to come but the pattern of sequence is still going on with a lot of noise because everyone still seems to have new pattern of sequence, something different If the look is hers, then you will find some patterns here and all these sarees which are according to dusty color, light color, bright color, or in this way, you need variety like rubber print, some more flower pattern with Along with the catalog, you have to subscribe to the Ji Han spoon channel with the Kesaria Textile Company, because you subscribe and become a new member of ours, as well as you get notifications of new collections. So, there are some varieties of such collections whenever the customers come. It is done by plugging in so that it becomes very easy to do billing and in that too if it is not possible to come across such variety and want to purchase online, you get the facility of video call and that too you can get advice from here. If you can purchase then I Himanshi will keep coming with you like this and if you want to meet me again with some news special varieties then definitely tell by commenting thank you.


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