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Small Business Ideas for Village: Dreams are broken but courage is alive, we are the one where difficulties are ashamed, yes friends, I warmly welcome you to Kesaria Textile Company, today India’s largest population is in the village and the development of the village is increasing day by day. But still do not know why such youths are coming to the cities and looking for jobs, there are such opportunities in the villages that can give us good business and good opportunities to live with the family. Hey friends, clothing business is such a business that does not involve any big cost, you can start inside your village with a small amount of 25-50 thousand, like you have to sell century, sell kurti, sell suit, whatever you think I want to start a clothing business, then you can do business within 100% of the village, there is no margin limit, according to the standard of your village, you can comfortably put margin inside it, so this is what I have to say.


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Do not go from village to cities in search of job, you can live in your village and earn a good living. Look at the business opportunity, where you can do which business, friends, your business will definitely grow and for that Kesaria Textile Company will be with you all the time, friends, the Kesaria Textile Company is such a company in Surat, which gives you all the complete variety under one roof. Provides you in which we provide century suits kurti dupatta blouse lehenga petticoat everything under one roof we have added more than 25000 traders who started their new business and are growing their business with right guidance Friends, today our cloth goes from South to North and from Gujarat to Manipur Assam all over India, so there is no such area left in which we do not supply, now you must be getting confused that Rajasthan What test is done in Gujarat, what test is done in Gujarat.


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You do not need to worry about all those things at all, you come to our place, our team will give you complete guidelines, along with that we will test you when you get Malvika. no feces We keep full watch of it because your hard work is capital, we have to take care of it and you will develop only then our development will happen because most of all we care about you that we are doing business with you, so you don’t have to worry about any Do not face any kind of trouble, friends, once you take the cloth from our place, it cannot happen that we leave you, you are bound to us and we are bound to you, so friends, I want to say that you must join us once. And we must get a chance to serve, thank you very much.

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