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Hello friends, I am Devang from Kesaria Textile Company once again welcome all of you friends, today we are going to meet you from the cases segment of Kesaria Textile Company, which are located in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, Bengaluru, Mysore. Everywhere there is a demand for the cloth which is manufactured in Surat, yes friends, that cloth is in the silk section from the variety of cells in which you will find Kalamkari, Pethani, Banarasi silk, you cell, Dharmavaram silk, many of these types of fabrics, friends. So this we have already done, you can see friends, this whole segment which has come in Kesaria Textile Company, the whole variety of silk segment is visible, first we are going to show you, friends, you can see that this is Kalamkari print. But this is made on cotton silk cloth friends variety and look at this thing made in cotton silk through digital print you can see it has been sent from entire region and its print friends you can see how beautiful.


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You can see the designs of kalamkari print, you can see the beautiful print in this way and the concept of border in it, friends, you can see that the border continues to make such a beautiful date design and there is a contrast border and this Look at the type of print is the whole concept of Kalamkari print, you can see the varieties, how beautiful and how well the design has been made, that too with digital print, after that, friends, I can show you this concept, it is cotton sea cotton fabric, in this you friends You can see the very beautiful silver and goldy style that you are seeing, that is the full weaving border, the weaving booti and the whole collection is going to come like this friends, its aanchal which is going to be chit pallu aanchal and its which The concept of Bhootni, you can see friends, this type of blouse is given, its pallu is given as if it will be made from a combination of silver and slurry, and the concept of booti that you are seeing, silver is also not a silk thread, but There are varieties of ongoing concepts, whatever Varieties hai.


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Complete this cotton pattern coming in a base its border give such a beautiful contrast border like below is a small leaf in it the concept given in the middle is given the whole concept of silver jerry top back is only a small factor i.e. easy to wear After that the loops that are going to come, friends are going to come very beautiful and very beautiful, after that friends tell you one more thing, this is the name of the cloth, this is litchi cell, friends, you can see very beautiful in big leaves like Friends in Maharashtra this concept is a very good selling item in Maharashtra Friends core cloth is imported in quality and it matters in this cloth which is litchi sale you can see like look from banaras which concept comes banarasi rich pallu You this type of full pattern hai rich pallu ka all over saree ki jo patterns hai woh sadi you can see friends look at this beautiful way yeh jo border hai yeh puri so big card border pattern given this kind of fancy resham thread Made from Puri All Over Sadi I have the concept of small and big booty, you can see this thing, after that friends have shown you this thing, this is cotton lie silk, now the fabric you are seeing is of cotton shoes and this whole concept is made all over mesh concept Friends, you see, I show you such a beautiful century.


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Its pallu is made in this way, rich pallu is made, its pattern is cotton, when you are speaking all over the century See how beautifully the jaal concept is made, this is total weaving friends, neither is it printed from above, nor is there any brasso century, but it is weaving, friends, and look at it in this way, you can see Meena in weaving only. Outlining has been given, such a wonderful thing has been made, friends, you see this thing and see this kind of contrast border also, see how many double patterns, such as designs, a double concept goes in it, as this border is completely separated and its Above is the designing border given which is the inner mesh concept, in the same way the border The door is set up in such a beautiful way this concept has been made friends, after this friends, these varieties are what you see, this is the concept of copper booty, this is the concept, this item is made of copper thread work and has silver touch up. given and meena booti is also less in which there is thread work like gutti which is the concept, in this way you can see the coloring booti which is spring, it is made of resham work item, it is called meena friends rich Pallu pattern and all over century look like this full copper boot key and copper border like this century is worn like this friends this puri banarasi silk century is worn see in this type after this friends this concept I like Told that like in Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, friends, this type of concept is selling very well, see the test that I am going to show you, isn’t this thing that is Puri, the whole test of South, nowadays, in this type like Pongal etc.


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This type of collection is sold more, so how can you get this tie in the detection company? P’s are specially conserved and you can see this pattern in this too, friends have red border pallu determination with white background, see after this friends, this is the century, you can see it is the pattern of Bangalore silk concept, see This type of fabric is manufactured here in Surat, but through the concept of Bangalore silk, the thing that competes with it is the small booty contrast pallu in a very beautiful way, and in this way, see the contrast blouse as well, you can also see its blouse. What a beautiful blouse this is its blouse pattern this is puri cherry pattern made booti made of jaari there is no such thing as resham trade its border is the beauty of the border see how beautiful the border is see such a beautiful border You will get the concept and its pattern is of contrast pallu, contrast blouse and all over century, it is a single color pattern, see, nowadays friends, this type of train is also running very well and is sold very easily on your counter. will go and this type of tomorrow You can only get action if you like the video, then stay tuned for the video, we will soon introduce you to a new segment of the Kesaria Textile Company. Thank you!


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