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Wholesale Pure Cotton Sarees Supplier: Hello Himanshi I have come once again with some special collection for you so today’s price range will remain quantity will start from 99 to 500 I am going to show you all the designs so don’t take much time We are varieties, you see, you are going to get all the catalogs in this way, Vijay, I am going to show you, so you can see that this whole catalog is going to be named Gulabo and inside it, this design is completely according to your figure designing. If you want to get the century, you will get it inside cotton, yes, today’s whole concept, cotton is going to stay inside cotton, it is very designable, wherever you belong, definitely buy such sarees, then move towards the next collection. So see here the next concept which is going to come in the same way you get it inside the whole print, it is cotton and the print too, no matter how much you wash it, but it is not going to spoil completely, with full guarantee.


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You will get varieties from here, you can see the blouse, this is also completely yours. Which is available inside the designable print and what will remain of it, see completely in this way you are going to get the pallu. This is the complete catalog called Litchi Sale. You can take a screenshot of it so that it will be easy for you to order all these varieties. If you want to know the price of any of these collections, then what to do, inside the description, where you have been given the link of WhatsApp, you can easily join us and if you want to order all these collections If you have PDF then also you can order then see this next which is going to be this collection this is some different special test because you all know now marriage is going on in marriage season banarasi designs of centuries but banarasi border inside cotton century The full look of is made inside it is figure designing pallu you can see very cute figure design is made inside it peacock type this is the pattern if you want to see more cotton century view then how to see.


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You quickly Go to YouTube and search Cotton Kesaria Textile Company so that this type You will be able to purchase many collections from here, which are new to new products, which are included on the day, the next which is going to be this collection, according to the complete bell pattern, the design inside it will be that of the blouse. The pattern has been made, here you will be seeing the neck basis design, so you get the complete pattern of this also because whenever we give varieties for stitching, we also want some similar getup which is the most different, then you will get it. It is found inside the sarees and you will also get color options inside the sarees, because whatever collection you will take from the Kesaria Textile Company, you will have to take everything set wise, as you see, you will get something like this. How to get the bunch, inside it you will see the full branding of the Kesaria Textile Company, there will be a bar coding system, the price range, like I told you.


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I am telling you under 500, so here you can see 365, that means you have any And if you want to start your business from the area too, is it just or from home Even if you are starting a small business, you must include it in the business, because women want us to sit at home and have a lot of free time, so if you want to use it, then start the business of clothes. Business is the only business through which you can run generation to generation business sitting at home. The next concept is something similar you will find inside flower designing and the shining of this century which is material. You get the most different because whatever design is made, you can do it with Rafael, but still its color is not going to go, its shining is not going to go, so apart from this, you can see many more collections here. See here, you will get many colors, you want dusty color, light color.


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If you want, if you want some varieties like oil print, then you will also get it here, then you have come here for the whole collection. So how must visit Kesaria Textile Company because you Unless you visit, you will not be able to know about the textile company, because here you get the complete collection of women’s wear, you all know that cash on delivery facility is available, which is available only in India. And at the same time, if it is difficult for you to come, you cannot come, even then we have an option for you, that means you can do the purchasing through the facility of video call sitting at home, like every time, this time too I am Himanshi I will definitely wait for your comment that which variety you have found more special through today’s concept, till then bye bye thank you Tata.

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