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South Indian Silk Sarees: Hello Himanshi Kaise Rahe If you are going to see the South State less complete collection from the Kesaria Textile Company, then I think the most trending varieties there are some digital print-like varieties, inside which you get patterns like this, of all these sarees. The price range is going to remain right now quantity 2 is starting and if I talk about LA then up to 500 I am going to show you the complete concept completely it is going to be a very lovely material because shining basis is the only If it is going to be available, it will be cotton basis, but its softness, its shiny, it looks very good according to silk, and inside it, you can see the border, the entire border of red color has been made, which has been done in colors.


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The designs have been made according to the most different look, if you get it, then go ahead, if you want the next variety, then you see the next collection, you will get it completely, according to the ajrak print, you get this design and such collections are available all over South too much blood inside If you live in D, then you will get the complete set vice from here. Yes, figure designs are made here. There is a very beautiful pattern inside the border and here also you can see the border, how much softness you get inside it. And you see the blouse in this, you are going to get a very plain blouse so that the accordion of tom touch up looks very cute, completely you are going to get this catalog with the price which will be with the bar coding system, because our Here you get full transparency with the customer, whenever the customer comments on us, I keep bringing varieties according to them, so which collection are you going to see or want to see, then you must message us or comment.


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If you do, then have a look at the next collection, I am showing the pallu according to some weaving, you see, it is very cute, you are going to get a pallu in which the look of frill has been given inside, and it is like a net basis. is and in this also you see the piping concept you Totally it is found here and the rambo types of colors that have been done inside it, it enhances the beauty even more, so let’s move on to the next segment, that means to the next variety. Is this something you have on top of TT which we also call organza, so this whole concept is going to remain there, now as soon as I opened this century.


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I also thought in myself that who knows, this is a little bit of material, but not this. How much softness you are going to get inside it, see for yourself and if you want to do this full yourself, then how will you plan to come to Surat now? Will not do the purchasing till then it will not be fun the next which is going to be this collection is going to happen in the same way you get it on the digital print side so look at it tasls look has been given in it proper sequence has been reduced completely This is how you get the designs inside the flower print as it looks professional as well as party wear.


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According to this, such designs are also in high demand, so the next variety that I have brought for you is also inside some adjust friend but it is going to be available through digital print, digital print has been done inside it and it The material which is very silky material is going to be available to you, which we can also call a rape type pattern, but it has been properly digitally printed, similarly you can see here also, purchasing is done here through online video calling.


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It is also available with full facility because we do not just tell you, but you also get this facility here and there, wherever you are looking, there will be no shortage in the collection and now live purchasing too. It is going on, why it is going on, because the festival season is going on and how to stay with the Kesaria Textile Company, whenever a customer wants to join, we remain connected as a happy customer and we also want that if you want to join us If you are, then you can definitely join, start your business, if you have Even if there is a problem, you will get the complete guidelines from here, so till the time I Himanshi take it from all of you, goodbye, I will come with some new collections and some new varieties, if you want to see any special varieties in your state So you can also comment us, through that you can tell which varieties you want to see. Thank you for that.


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