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Readymade Blouses Manufacturers: Hello friends, once again I have brought poetry for all of you, the collection of new news of blouse, which you get in all varieties, as you can see, there are many blouses, but I cannot show you all of them. Because it is not possible to show so much in one video, so I have brought some collections for you, today you can see these types of blouses, you get startups from 85 here and if you talk about sets, then you will get 10 pieces. Available in set as you can see 85 its price is showing here different color you get different pattern you get size also you get free size you can see some of this By the way, you also get fancy designer blouses here, if you talk about the starting price, in readymade blouses, you get the starting price from 85, as you can see, its look is very beautiful, in this way also you can get it here.


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Blouses are available in readymade, even if you take any century, matching blouse of it, if you immediately red If you want to take readymade then you get it here, that too set to set, you have to purchase because the Kesaria Textile Company which is not deal in single piece, you can see in this way you will get design too much in back and front neck. You get variety from very beautiful beautiful here you get variety in blouse as well as you get with touch up of dori as you can see and show you a garden garden I am very beautiful you can see this It looks very cute, the touch up of the lace has been given in such a way that it looks very cute and in this way you get the cut in the front, you also get the touch of the right, you have no one to wear. There is not going to be any problem, in this way unstitched blouses are also available here, you can see that you have unstitched blouse, you are going to get 1 meter, as well as you are going to get all the catalog items and you will also get the facility of barcode here.


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It goes and the fabric is same but the color is different and you will get it in 1 meter and if we talk about stretchable blouse So in this way this blouse is going to be available in stretchable as if you get the blouse stitched, then there is some issue of tight loose, so if you are of any size, then you can wear this type of blouse, you can see the size is also free in this. You get such a stretchable blouse here, you also get full sleeves, you can see here, this blouse is going to be very comfortable, if we talk about its price, then you will also get this starting from ₹ 85. You get this type of blouse from only 29 rupees, you can start this type of blouse, you can see that also only in Kesaria Textile Company, you can get it in the plane in such a way that you get it straight.


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You have to take vice only because you get a set of 20 pieces, you get a startup, 10 pieces are enough to start, but you can see the maximum of 20 pieces, the price is also mentioned in this, starting from 35, you get this type of fabric, very light It is weighted and very comfortable, you can see it in bare form also like this Pay collections are available which is in jack white cotton which you can see is very cute in this way you get blouse its length also you get full 80 cm you get this type of blouse but which They are made of cotton, don’t you get them in 1 meter and if you talk by keeping like, then you get packing in this way, as well as you get catalogs and talk about its piece, then you get 11 If setup of piece is found then you will get PDF of all these things that too for online price.


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You can also make video call just screen pe number hai na use number pe you can get all the information on whatsapp through video call also You can do online purchasing and if you want to visit here to purchase that too, then you also get the facility of pick and drop from our place. How do you like the collection that was there these days? Do tell by commenting and like the video. Like it, don’t say it at all, must subscribe the channel, must also press the bell icon, everything is available in the next video of the collection. Do comment what you want, thanks for the time.


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