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Latest Partywear Saree Wholesalers: Hello friends, once again I have come with a poem, you can see the bridal collection for all of you, these types of collections are in high demand, so let’s go to our collection today, which is going to be our video. Yes, you can see that in this way you get the collection, which in the fabric you get all the design in all the fabric, so let’s go, which is going to be our first collection, something like this is going to happen on hand work, you can see Hai tone tu tone aapko sequin ka work aapko ki saadhi hai u get so many works aapko saadhi kaise bhi hota hai piping touch up aapko hai as well as the touch of the pendant in this way aap jo hain nahi hai very beautiful sa It gives look in century so our next collection is going to be something like this you can see you will get work like this in it there is mesh pattern it looks very beautiful on the border of whole century No, you get fringe pendants like this, which is cotton fringe, it looks very cute, so this is our collection.


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It is not light in color but looks very beautiful, in this way you get a touch of piping in the side, as well as in this way you have a touch of golden beauty, it is found in the whole century and the look of the century. If we talk about it then the century is looking very beautiful and our next collection which is going to be heavy pay can be seen and the fabric is available in georgette, georgette is very soft. In this way you get the work of Kundan also, you get the work of stones, as well as you get the touch of piping in this way, the look of the century looks very cute and in this way you Its work is found in the mesh, so let’s move on to the next collection, which is going to be like this, full embroidery work on it, and at the same time, you get a touch of piping in it, like to-to-toon.


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If pink is the century, then you can see the touch up of pink color piping in this way, the look is looking very beautiful, so let’s move on to the next collection. You can take all the information on the number on the screen, you can get the opportunity of online purchasing through PDF, through video call, you can see full in it, I am the only Kesaria textile Company, and that too in the starting range, if we If we talk, then you can start this whole century from only 200, you get this whole century here. In Only Kesaria textile Company, our company deals in whole sale only, you will not get anything in single piece. Like the video in Kesaria textile Company. Don’t forget at all how you want more collections then you can also tell by commenting thank you in the next video.


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