Business Ideas For 2023 : एक बार 20 हजार रुपये लगाकर करें ये बिजनेस ₹4 लाख तक की कमाई Saree Business

Business Ideas For 2023: Just a few days ago, I had a customer from Maharashtra who came and set up a showroom from home, within 2 years, he brought his sister and said that I also want to set up the same business in Pune. So you friends, you see your faith and love gives us courage. Retired person he can do clothes business any middle class any category any categories if he comes and we have him then he can do 100% clothes business clothes business is 100% profit table business hello Friends, I warmly welcome you to Ritesh Modi Kesariya Textile Company, friends who want to do business, but they do not know how to do business of clothes, in starting, when they just come to meet me or come to visit our company. They used to feel that what should we do to start the business of clothes.


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We keep so many product range, we keep saadi also, we keep kurti also, we keep suit, we keep dupatta, we keep lehenga, we keep many varieties, then they get confused that we should do business of sadi. Do suit business or do kurti business, many customers had misconceptions that they wanted to do business but they didn’t know what to do business with. Are you from South, are you from Rajasthan, are you from Gujarat, are you from West Bengal, you are in your area, you see that in your area, the suit is worn more, the suit is worn more or the kurti is worn more. Within the area, you should do this type of business which you see the most ladies. First, I want to say that you should follow what happened in your area and not follow the trend.


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Cloth also has to be sold, you must take care of this thing, today with us more than 25000 customers The dead are connected with us, we gave them the right guidelines, their area wise, we gave them guidelines whenever they used to come to Surat to start a new business, they used to say sir, how can we do business, you and our entire team used to help them, how can the team help I will tell you in brief that if a customer is a new customer from Bihar’s Patna and wants to start a new business, then he meets our team, we discuss the whole area wise, his locality, area wise. Sir, in your area these ladies are the most, this type of people is more in your area, cotton century is sold the most, in your area, work stool is sold more, so let us guide them in the same way, so what happened.


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We were able to supply them the same material which was needed in their area and every customer who joins us does not go anywhere again, I can assure you that we have such customers. If you have done showroom from home to shop today, then friends, I want to say that you are a new business. Whenever you want to judge your area a little, coordinate with our team, we will give you exactly the same guidelines that can boost your business, we can claim that we can quadruple your business day and night. You can trust us, we want to serve you always by being your guide, thank you very much with this hope and I hope that you will join us and grow your clothing business, thank you very much.


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