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Pure Banarasi Saree Wholesaler: Hello, I warmly welcome all of you to Himanshi and Kesaria Textile Company, which you all know that here you get the complete collection of women’s wear, yes, first of all I will also tell what- What can be found here, all scooters, leggings, dupatta, palazzo suit, materials, lehengas, that is, as far as your eyes are looking, there are so many collections available here, but how are they all set-wise, you have to purchase them from here. It means that here we deal only in fruit selling, orders are not taken in single pieces, so many such collections are available here, the minimum quantity starts from 175. Banarasi century’s life Here you can see that this segment which is going to be completely heavy century means that now the season is over for marriage, then marriage is the season of marriage and if there is no Banarasi saree in it, then there will be no fun of some craze. I would say that if you want to include Banarasi century in your business, then mini Mum keep a budget of 10000 and in this way many collections of sets can be ordered, which means that our traders who are in the textile business line are going to be very beneficial for them because in this you will get a lot of color options.


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So today’s sarees are of Banarasi century which you can see completely in this way I am going to show you the designs means if you want some jacket pattern accordion then you will also get that here and in this way the varieties Isn’t it, many more new designs have already arrived, that means if I talk about the year is yet to come, but the preparation for the year is already ready, I am showing you the new designs of 2023, so here you See some such sarees are also found inside Banarasi means it is full touch up of cotton, it is cotton Banarasi but the whole card of golden zari work is reduced weaving concept, you can see weaving you with complete finishing. It is going to be visible and in the same way you can see here in this way if you want a collection of Pat Sadi Yes, inside that you have 7 pieces of designs, all of which are in the same bunch, you are going to get different, now you have to join with Kesaria Textile Company, how will you join?


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The link is given ji han directly you will get whatsapp link so that you will be able to contact us directly so now let’s read directly we are on varieties side then you see the next variety according to the dark colors which means in our maharashtra size Its craze remains very high because it is more liked in yearning and wandering collection there, you see how beautiful water is, you are going to get it, you get it with less release, now Banarasi century is complete or how are you new If you recognize, then see if the blouse stitchup is given along with the pallu, then it is a complete Banarasi century, as you can see, in this also you will get the full touch of the blouse, so many such excellent seat designs, which is not a saffron.


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In Kesariya you will find more such collections Hey, you have a quick look, yes, once I introduce you to you, because there are many varieties, so you see, this is the first variety we saw, after that there are many more new collections, like if you see some You need butterfly pattern in this, you will also find butterfly pattern here, now you must be thinking that Kesaria Textile Company ‘s varieties are very good but we do not tell you the price, yes, we are not able to tell you the price because we are Those who deal in house selling, all the customers who want to join us, who are wholesalers, retailers, doing business from home, there are many such people, so if we will tell you the rate in advance.


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You will face a lot of difficulty in setting up the medicine, then we have seen this century, apart from that, if you want varieties like some box packing, then you also get it here, see that you are going to get completely different according to different looks. Until you visit here once visit Please try a lot of varieties and when you will find many new collection tops, which is going to get 100% profit, then similarly see this, you will get different and more varieties according to the light colors, light colors are also available here. Let’s go with the fringe look and inside these if you want Kanjeevaram Sadi Dharma Puram Sadi Nauvari Sadi its collection and if you want some fancy Sadi designs like this you will find each and every collection here and see the meaning is very unique The most special design that I am showing you in today’s video will remain the same, it has been given a completely different look, you can also find the touch of accordion stones of dark colors here, that too with the designing of tasllif, then such collections would have happened. Isn’t it, if you want to know about all these designs, immediately go to YouTube and search there, Banarasi Sadi Kesaria Textile Company, yes, by going there, you will get the entire collections of this same channel and you can also see different designs.


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Will get PDF if you want to order, you will also get PDF If you find it difficult to come with the same song, then what to do for that, now give us a video call immediately, through that you will be able to purchase all the collections from here. If you want to order a lot of varieties in this way inside the mix, you can also order the rest of the Kesaria Textile Company, so you all know that there is a new collection and manufacturing in itself, so every day different designs are available from here. It keeps getting included, so if you want more new patterns, if you want information about that, then you can subscribe to our channel immediately, yes, if you subscribe, then there are many such varieties.


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You will be able to purchase directly from here, as far as color options are concerned, you are going to get a lot of color options, such varieties, many patterns are going to come here because Banaras has a special taste, but it would have worked. We have ups in Bihar as well as in Maharashtra. Crazy Banarasi century and so on, look at this segment, which is going to be completely semi, which means lightweight century of semi work, which happens, such concepts will also be found inside Banarasi, which are in great demand according to take and give. Stay like this, Himanshi will keep coming with new to new collection, but I will wait for which one of your small comment, do give us a small comment, where do you belong, which varieties do you want to see as soon as I will bring some collections for you thank you!

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