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Ladies Designer Nighty Manufacturers: So through today’s video we are going to see the collection of Nights, ji han night way collection which is very much liked in our south side, then such collection which will remain till the end, the numbers given on the screen, right? You just have to give us a call so that you can take a look at all these collections, then move on to the varieties, but whatever variety you like, don’t forget to take a quick screenshot, so see the first collection, quantity 125. rupees starting becomes ji han 90z that too from 125 which you can see here you will get complete bar coding system and here you will get setup of piece in which you can see its design which is going to come now it is very It will be more beautiful, the whole cotton is going to be basic, you get full length and inside it stand collar is made, it is very beautiful pattern, with buttons, with look, there are collections like this, girls who are sitting, women who are sitting If there is a housewife, she does less, then such varieties are made for her comfort, then the next one grows.


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Look at the design, the next one that is going to be a concept, you will get this nighty inside full length, inside flower pattern, very soft material is available here, but inside it is a touch of patch work. Up is given inside neck back which you can see full threading work is done regular sleeves here you get attached means inside every size you get these varieties here then the next collection grows Why look at the next collection which is going to happen now, in such a way that we do not have any hesitation in taking such varieties, then in this whole collection, I am showing you the complete flower pattern made inside the rose pattern and here you Look at the very beautiful design of buntas, isn’t this new to new concept in our Kesaria Textile Company? You can get full length in this too, it has flower pattern but it has blue color.


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Neck Basis of a colour, which is made with piping concept, with the look of buttons, it enhances even more, then this type of collection, you also decide the starter in your business, and with the minimum budget of 10000, you can make these varieties. You can order any quantity you want, keep a budget of 10000, a small parcel, when it is made for you, then you can order it very easily through world wide shipping, so the next collection is increasing, why see this next The color that is going to be done now is a complete dark color chart and inside it you see very cute material, that means you get the variety of night wear that runs inside every season, then move on to the next one. As far as the price is concerned, the price is going to be from 300, because this material which will remain the most you get, so see the next variety, I am going to show you, starting from 179, I told you the price of all.


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The price will remain, there is no change in the price, so you will see very Beautifully made inside the left pattern and inside it you have also been given the look of buttons with fancy touch up here, something that you can see enhances its beauty even more and the day you want to do it, how can You join the Kesaria Textile Company from here, you can purchase through video call sitting at home, you can get sales executive in your language, who are available here, so how did you like today’s collection, how did you like the price range, how did you comment Do not forget to connect with us directly, you have also given the WhatsApp link in the description, so you do not need to work hard, but if you have not subscribed to our channel yet, then do it immediately by hitting the bell icon. Don’t forget to press and we will keep coming.

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