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Bottomwear Manufacturer in Surat: Completely, here you get a lot of varieties even in 85 rupees, which you are going to get through different concepts, just how the Kesaria Textile Company deals, then in wholesale means you will have to take all the collections set wise single piece. I do not take orders from here, so now the collection is increasing, why see this, now this material is completely you are going to get likeras and fruit printing has been done inside it and you are going to get full length here also you can see yes completely you get the pattern of lullaby length you will get according to the free size colors you will get many inside it the next pattern is something like this you are going to get the accordion material of the leggings is going to be very beautiful and inside it you see The elastic that has been done to it is very proper, you will get the margin, you will also get the proper length from here, which is according to the uncle’s pants, because such varieties are made on top of T-shirts or Kurtis.


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The above is very much liked so by the way I have brought only a few things for you and the collection that you will get inside this is only available in black and the quantity is starting from 85, then the next variety increases, why see this, sports pant is also in high demand. If I have, then you are going to get this collection here, you can see that it is very cute, the one here has been designed, which has a very different look and inside it also you have the proper touch up of elastic. You get whatever length you want, you will get it here because there are such varieties, according to the fridge length, it remains in high demand, so it means that you belong from anywhere, if you do not belong from the township itself. But there is such a variety which is not going to remain in high demand, why is it going to remain because next day, these same varieties are very popular because earlier plazo patterns were liked a lot, but in that also there is a new news change. Similarly, you will find many different varieties inside the leggings. If you get the items, then the next collection increases, why you are going to get this something, professionally the look of the trousers has been given and here also you get the proper facility of pocket, here you will get the touch of stones too.


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And the colors that will remain inside it, you get the complete setup of 12 pieces, so in the same way you will get many more designs here, in this way you are going to get these plazos, which are now in high demand in regular routine because The women who work less while sitting at home, they like this variety more for comfort, then you can see in it, here also you have been given the proper look of the lanyard, so that you can lose and tighten it, and in this also you can See the length you are going to get free from here you get the setup which is proper because this material which is lycra basis and crust type pattern is made inside it see this you will get some border types which have been done in it Designs have been done inside it, which is the shining material you get and in this You also see the proper which is there, you get the touch of lanyard here, so that according to the fashion, such a variety looks very beautiful, you want a light color, you want a dark color or you want a variety with some bright color, then there is a lot here.


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You have to take all the designs set wise here because whenever you do online purchasing, many customers have a query that madam, do you deal in single piece, then not at all, we have only what is selling here. I deal only because Kesaria Textile Company is a manufacturing company, here we deal in hall selling and exporter, world wide shipping is also available, so let’s move towards next collection, see this prop Which is six jack type, here the pattern will be made, the material is very superb because it is lycra base and whatever is in it, you are going to be very comfortable, be it winter or summer, such variety is in high demand within each season. Here you see this design according to the cut work You get it because the patterns inside it keep on changing day by day and such varieties are available in Kesaria Textile Company with very reasonable price, but when you go to take the same collection according to the market, you will get it.


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It is a very costly post, that’s why I would like to tell you that whenever you are purchasing for your business, then quickly connect with a manufacturing company and if you want to connect with a Kesaria Textile Company, then screen But the numbers are given, so call me, you can connect with us sitting at home, she is also making video calls, so the next collection is increasing, why see this, flower printing has been done, the material is very soft, you can see this Can and such varieties are in very high demand because the T-shirts inside it or if you want to do it professionally, you can do it very comfortably. Let’s move to the next concept, look at the next concept that is about to come, this is your fancy trouse. R is going to be found in which you see proper, it is lycra base, it is stretchable also, the material is very soft, in this also you get cisej and here you see bell type, which is given touch, it increases its beauty even more.


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If there is such a colour, such a pattern, how can you directly pair with the Kesaria Textile Company, then only you will know because we judge through the videos that we find these varieties very beautiful, then we proceed to the next collection. So look inside the jeggings, that means its look looks like jeans, but this material is complete, you are going to get the basis of like, it has been printed completely, which you can see, and such varieties are not too many. It remains on demand because now the girls who do not want a new change in the varieties they have, but they like fashionable varieties more, so with this I Himanshi will keep coming with new concepts from the news, but if you like this collection Liked it, leave a small comment immediately from where do you belong Which collection do you want to see more, then I am going to be present for you with the same collection, till then thank you!

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