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Party Wear Saree Supplier: Today’s variety, which you can see, is going to live inside the heavy century in such a way, inside which you will also find unique unique designs, those colors are going to be very lovely, you have been given the link of WhatsApp inside the description. If you have gone then you will be able to connect with us directly with the call then I Himanshi is a Kesaria Textile Company, I heartily welcome all of you, then let’s start the first variety, see the first collection that is going to come, it is very wonderful, because it is the whole You are going to get organs, you are going to get a lot of softness from the cream, and within this you will get tom tu don full work, now its catalog name is going to be the same.


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You will get this complete catalog including it un naam and see the particular which is the work of stones here small small booty its accordion here you can see the border made very minutely collect it quickly Its screenshot and its price if you want to know PDF If you want to order, then you can join us directly. Yes, now if you want a regimental blouse, then you will also get full facility for that. See here is the next collection which is in the same way small functions like party wear concept what accordion if you want variety this collection is amazing and you can see this prop by name dakshita this catalog is going to be pallu Here you get these tasals in this way Puri Sadi which is diamond with touch up you get full work done here which is very beautiful in Sadi you can see the shining that very lovely shining You are going to get it now how much will be the line of this century 6:30 You are going to get it so all the sarees are seriously getting amazing as we go ahead you can see the full pattern of back side front side It goes to mean that the collection is such that we do not even need jewelery directly.


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Lee jo hai sarees jo hoti hai na party mein concept mein ready karna hona hota hai and you get it from here with very reasonable gusto then move on to the next collection look at the next collection that is going to be this question light Wet collection is ji han inside it which is proper, lightweight work has been done and Surat is known to all of you that textile is the biggest hub of the university because the fabric is made here, the factories are also the same, but the style of making the collection is the same. It is different, so here you can see how this whole design has been made in a Kesaria Textile Company, whether or not by name, this whole catalog is going to be there and see that even small booties have been done very well.


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And you get its border with full Cirrus diamond, so see the next pattern, in the same way, you are going to get net basis which is of heavy century and this foreign printing is done inside it, then it increases. Looking forward to the next variety, the next one which is about to be conceptualized, here you can see the whole thing called Garima. The catalog will be there and inside it will be the century props which is with unique design see this design inside it is not something like this bull pattern but completely different concept here you will get something with Cirrus diamond In this you get the border and here also you are going to see the inside of the pallu, then such a thing happens every century, isn’t it very wonderful, every woman in front is able to hate very easily, so keep the collection so that Customers always associated with you happily and keep demanding from the front.


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Which varieties to include now, then I will keep coming Himanshi, with new collections from new to new varieties, I have not told you the price. You have to connect with the direct online team for the price, rest if you have any query, then also you have to connect with the online team, if you have any problem of transportation, then you are given the proper number of the transport, so I hope you Those who are with us will remain connected like this, subscribe to our channel Don’t forget to press the icon and I will keep coming like this I will see you till then thank you.

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