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Fancy Blouse Manufacturers: Once you join with Bagh manufacturing company from where you will get complete collection means whatever varieties of womens wear sarees kurtis leggings dupatta palazzo suit materials as well as if you want collection like bedsheet or nightwear like Every collection is a variety, you are going to get one quantity, how rate in Kesaria Textile Company So quickly whatever collection you like, then you have been given a link of WhatsApp inside the description so that you can get the new collection Yes, you will be able to do online purchasing very quickly, with a minimum budget of 10000, so see today’s collection, which is going to be inside the blouse, which is starting at 79, inside the readymade blouse and you see the first collection very much. The first article is beautiful, this neck basis is given here, which is the concept of stand collar, here you can see that in the back side, in this way, you get the touch up of the hooks, see the props here.


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Very beautiful pattern has been made on it. In this you also get the lanyard and if you want to attach the sleeves, you will also get the touch up of the sleeves and the margin is also given to you so that it becomes easy for you to loose and tighten whatever you have. Here you see, when we take readymade blouse, then inside it we get one more facility, which you will also get the constipation of these cups, so that after wearing such a variety, it will be seen with a lot of finishing, so we have Saw the first article but whatever collection you purchase from here you have to buy the complete set vice because we deal only in fruit selling, if the order is not taken in single piece, then the next collection grows, why see the next collection It is very beautiful that you are going to get net basis, princess cutting is done inside it, touch up of stones is also given to you and sleeves, you see the whole floor type, you are going to get the pattern here, which is very lovely.


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You all know that the blouses that are made with C design, the girls who It happens that she likes some such concepts more, she also likes to wear them with saadi, some lehengas have become or else, according to crop top, such varieties are sold very much, so see the next collection. In this way you will get completely, you will get sequence work inside it, piping concept is fully made here, people who are here, you also get finishing, yes, see here, you will get proper interlock finishing in this. Also you get the touch of sleeves means that all these collections which I am showing you have western touch up inside the blouse but with these if you have requirement with sleeves you will get attached with the next one which is the concept The coming one is properly of velvet very beautiful touch up has been given and inside it you see the sequence has been reduced golden sequence that too according to the triangle and here you can see the design made na aaj un tassels According to the very cute look inside you If you get then the size will remain free size you will get fabric you will get different different like see this.


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Which is above variety organs a properly which is here you see very lovely stitching done on the side you are happy Complete touch up is also available and here you can see the pattern that has been made, isn’t it looking very beautiful, that means the varieties that crop top is going to last a lot, then the collections that are made very quickly. You order and start your business because if you start your business within such a time, then you get very good facilities, so let’s see the last variety of today’s video, see this, it is a very beautiful pattern, it is complete. Mirror work is going to be found inside and it is completely pestant when here you can see only one stitch has been done here which is very beautiful pattern you are going to get so today I showed you all these collections and Main Himanshi aati rahungi kuch news hi new concept mein till then thanks.

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