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Cotton Saree Manufacturer in Mumbai: There are so many varieties that it is very difficult to tell you all at one go inside the cotton century, so here is the collection 199 Startups, what are you looking for a Kesaria Textile Company where you get what you want? Garhwal cotton is cotton century cotton if you want test silk sarees all in one quantity how do you get variety in Kesaria Textile Company then we must have seen many collections which we have also ordered but now again Anyone who wants to start their business with some new collection, join immediately with Kesaria Textile Company and sitting at home, you can order all these varieties through cash on delivery, how Kesaria Textile Company of Surat The biggest manufacturing company is 45 years of knowledge, which is an experience, you get to see it directly here, now you must be thinking that how can you get century scooty leggings, dupatta, palazzo suit material, lehengas with Also if you want blouse like bedsheet collection All you need is going to be available under one roof, that too you have to take Seth Vijay, because Kesaria Textile Company itself is a manufacturing company, as well as whole selling material, it is also an exporter, which means you will get all these through boiled by shipping.

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Collection or get it today’s collection is going to be specially our South’s varieties like Ji Han Garhwal cotton, which is more famous, in which you see the first collection which is called Pendant, there is a complete catalog and inside it you see the continuation Along with the linings, the linings have been made inside the checks, which is a very beautiful pattern, now we purchase a lot of cotton sarees, but what is the rate if their color does not get spoiled, then from here If you take any variety then the color is not going to come off at all because you will get all the varieties with quality here, so let’s move on to the next variety, but how do you like this design? Will tell you through respect, I have already given you the link. Then you can directly message us on Tsap then let’s move on to the next variety why see this next concept that is about to come is very unique inside which you can see very cute router type design is made here colors are also very good And as soon as its catalog name remains the same, it is even better, this is a complete catalog by the name of Kusum, catalog n we, that’s why I tell you so that whatever variety you like, it will be easy to cataloggram Just tell me what it is through PDF, you will know its price also, you can see the blouse, you can see the white color inside the running, you are going to get this complete concept of blouse, if you want cotton century accord readymade blouse, then that too here.

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You will get the quantity which is 79 Startups then move on to the next variety This is the complete catalog from us Color which will remain inside light pink color You are going to get the border You see very cute Weaving is made inside time If the whole concept of silver zari border is made here, then this flower Wedding Designing you will get what you have in Flower Designing also you will get this pattern very beautifully 630 you will get proper cut All India test is going to be available within century like you comment us then you tell that we Whether Faizabad is from Ayodhya or we are from Bhagalpur or we are from Bikaner from Rajasthan then you will get every concept here, there will be no such variety which you cannot find here then why grow the next variety But every time we see varieties through video, but I would suggest that you have made a plan to come to Surat immediately and come here and visit how in Kesaria Textile Company so that you can visit all these collections full time according to Even if you come, you will get only good collection here, so see this collection, which is the best size pallu is going to come, see the props, in the same way you get it inside the printing, because it is completely cotton. The material is cotton, see what it is, you will get the border here.

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You will get the weaving design according to some Banarasi concept, but the pattern which is not the most unique design of the heart is going to be found because how textile company is on manufacturing, whatever collections are made here, no design concept, all these If all are ours, then the next variety grows, why then the next pattern that is about to come is something like this inside the cotton, but it is a variety of Kota checks, so first of all, this is the one which will be named as Cotton Bella. It is going to stay and see this proper you will get small booties all over century inside pallu tasals you will get colorful designs according and varieties like this if you want to get shruti inside cotton then here you see something In this way you will get packing, you will get setup of four to six pieces, this is long folding, along with you also get catalogue, facility of catalog is given because we can take variety but we do not know about design. what will it look like after wearing it If we also see the oven look, then it becomes very easy for us to purchase, but the budget is the biggest thing, so keep the budget of 10000, but you will get the entire collection. Color options will be available according to the order of the set, you will get the colors in which you can see the accordion of different designs, if you get it, then the next variety will increase, why see the most special variety of today’s video, that means it is going to be the accordion of the concept of the party.

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It is also done professionally and in this you can see golden weaving work done with silk threads and in this you can see the whole jaal type pattern is made with small flower designing and here the pallu will remain. According to this lining concept, that too is going to be found with the look, so if you want to see more beautiful designs of this type, then what to do is a simple process, subscribe to our channel quickly, for more cotton sarees Want to see the designs of cotton sarees on YouTube If you search what is the lifestyle company now, then you will get the complete listing in one go so that you can get an idea that what is the Kesaria Textile Company, not only in hearing but in reality, here in the collection. If there is no shortage, then for that you can come and visit directly, pick up and drop facility is available, the address is given in the description, it is only 10 minutes away from the station, it is not available even inside the market, block first floor 3031 And in 3032, where you go directly to offline and online, you will not face any language problem here, because all India’s sales executive will be found here, who will be able to tell you about the test because business We are doing that also of clothes which you all know is a life long business, so there is talk of profit in it, so if you keep getting profit like this then I Himanshi will keep coming with new collection from news. But I will definitely wait for a comment that how do you like today’s video How was the variety and what kind of oil store, where do you want to see this stuff, till then thank you Tata bye bye.

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