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Red Bridal Saree Wholesalers: There will be collection of rider century inside which full partly pallu concept if you want it is going to meet very beautifully with dupatta van side some butes have been made with threeding work of multiple colors its price is going to be 1059 something if you Want collection with setup of only two piece then see this then it is like this that is not only here late and designs but also particular you get segment wise designs from here nahi so jao main himanshi with new direction how red again Hearty welcome to all of you from the Kesaria Textile Company and how the textile company which is the biggest manufacturing company of surat and here we get the least collection of women’s wear, then the first collection we are going to see, you see it. You must have understood that there will be a collection of right hand century, inside which if you want the complete partly pallu concept, then you can get it in this way, here the length which will be 6:30, readymade blouse, if you want, then you can get the same collection.


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Goes as well if you want something like Very packing from CK which you are going to get very beautifully with dupatta Catalog is available as well but if you still want to order PDF facility call the number given on the screen immediately message Do it, you get all the information about one thing, then in this way you can see the first article, inside the red color, this concept is very cute, you are going to get it, you get it completely with the ongoing work. If you get proper length of 30 then it is not only in pallu but here you can see here also inside partly you are going to see this whole concept, so see some more articles you will get here. If it is still a matter of price then the quantity starts from 150 then startup is done here you can see the price 1000 30015 means 13 15 its price is going to remain and this whole catalog will be named Geetanshi inside which you can see some In this way you get trap box also take screenshot so that it is easy for you to know the price.


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If it goes then let’s move on to the next collection which is coming soon on shift on basis, in this you can see van side some beauty has been made with threeding work of multiple colors which you are going to get in very best way and here You can see 1059 its price is going to be the best gift of the whole, this whole catalog will be there, inside which you get the setup of five pieces, similarly here you can see Don Collections, you get some If you want a collection with setup of only two pieces, then look at this, you will get this collection with setup of only two pieces, along with which you will also get a catalogue, this will be a complete catalog by the name of Yukti, which quantity hai 1000 starts from 20039 then such that you are going to get with full network from the collection if you want some cm time according variety use starts from 955 this setup of 6 pieces is going to remain now some varieties of I would also like to show you the catalog, now here you can see the designs also. Through the roll look, whatever idea you have, you can easily convince the customer, if I talk about its catalog name, then you can see it.


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Look at the next variety, in a similar way, this is a concept running all over India, inside which zigzat patterns are made inside the sequence and here you can see the complete catalog name of the whole, you get the complete name of Singpur. There will be new varieties in the catalog means if you want a concept inside the cut work then you will also get the same pattern, this whole catalog will be called Ji Bhaiya, Ji Han, it will be called Jiya, and by the way, see this inside the georgette. Also wait designs you get inside the carry pattern which is not only with the touch up of stones but here you are going to get the piping concept properly and see this catalog named Royal Beauty which will be available from 1175 onwards. It is known that the length of 30 is also properly mentioned to you here and And sometimes you can also see that you get complete till the length of 50, that is because all the customers who meet us from different places, it is easy for them to purchase variety from here, similarly you will get the work done.


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If you also come to know about the test of All India means if you want the test of Chest Specially Rajasthan up Bihar MP South Side or you want the special banaras collection then it is like this that here is not only late and designs but also particular to you. Segment-wise designs are available from here, so now you have seen all the collections, just look at some of the selected varieties, I would like to show you a demo of this and how to get patterns, YouTube channel that you all know. It is there, you have to search Kesaria Textile Company so that you get to see many designs at once, then all these collections, if you want to see more, subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon. Do not forget to press at all because this gives you the note of new to new collection. If you get approval then I will keep coming Himanshi with new to new collection with new to new video till then you will be with us like this thank you!

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