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Designer Work Saree Suppliers: Look at the semi work collection of the century, now the diamonds of Cirrus have been made inside it, see the length of the century, as I told you 6:30 many designs are available, some collections are available in this way, and many more are available inside the sarees. Only go but do you want to order only two piece setup with variety in centuries as you can see here there are four colors which one of the four colors you have liked, you will definitely tell because specially all The choice is also different, so hello, I Himanshi, how are you not from the Kesaria Textile Company, I welcome you all once again with Nai Soch and Nai Disha, whoever has just joined us as a new customer, as soon as possible, our channel If you subscribe, then the varieties that are going to happen today will remain semi-work, so let’s do the first collection, why see here, the first variety that is going to happen, in this way you get this catalog here Akshita This is going to be a complete catalog by name, whose overall look is complete with lace border.


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Sarees are about to come, now let’s move towards its design, which we will have with the length of 6:30, you will get the border made inside it according to the contrast, which is inside the weaving pattern. It remains and the small butes that have been made in it, you get the whole ongoing concept, that too with the touch of stones, so such sarees are very popular all over India because their colors are the ones you like. Want or want dark color every collection you will get available here now if we talk about blouse then you see according to the contrast you are going to get this blouse lace border you get it along with century length like I have Told you 6:30 so let’s go to the next collection, this coming century is very beautiful pattern means red color tu aana color hota aur sab kateke hota, if I talk about the overall look, then look at this. This is going to be a complete catalog by the name of panel, inside which you will get setup of completely five pieces, now set If we talk about it, then see that in this way you will get this set, how you get the full branding of the Kesaria Textile Company, but here you will get all the varieties from the bar coding system, as if you are seeing the same price.


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Can start from 200 and the price which will be shown here is going to be according to the fixed rate and here you can see the concept of Banaras which is the border according to the Kanjeevaram test, similarly the whole weaving concept has been made here There is flower designing and inside it the whole figure pattern means the design of peacock has been made inside it, that too small but beautiful, here you can see the stones which are touched up here in golden color and so on. The sarees which are now going to be in high demand during the festival season, so keep a minimum budget of 10000 and you can order all the collections sitting at home through cash on delivery, yes, from anywhere in India. Where you live, through the pin code, you will get the facility of transport. That you can order all these collection sets vice because we deal only in surfing here, now here you will see some packing by asking in this way, you are also going to get this complete catalog by the name of Yashoda and four pieces inside it.


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Setup you are going to get the next whatever concept is going to come, this whole pattern is going to be named Rainbow, inside which you get the varieties of contrast, the diamond of Cirrus made inside it, for the color very best, you are going to get it, see this You see the design inside, with full embroidery work, you get this pattern and how all these collections are manufactured in Kesaria Textile Company, the next pattern that is going to come is printed in the same way, something unique has made this for you to see. Ko Milegi Ji Han Unique is going to stay that inside it you get the look of the whole satin strip, see the props, in the same way you will get this design inside the light color and some patterns made here gaya hai he is very beautiful saburi type we can speak and so Inside, you will also find the pattern of Cirrus diamond, that too, the lace border on top of the satin patti, which will remain up to 9 meters.


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You will get it inside the touch up of gota patti, and inside it, see the length you have 6: 30 is going to be done but the pattern you get till the end and see the blouse according to the contrast is perfectly set up but if you want the blouse readymade then they are also available here quantity ₹ 79 starting as well Which if you have retirement of petticoat, then we start from 69 here, that too if you want inside cotton, you will get every single design you want, but as you can see here, everything is straight. If vice is visible, then you have to take set vice only, we are seeing a lot of collections, but I had asked you a question, you all will remember it, I will definitely wait for its answer. It would be very nice to subscribe to our channel immediately and press the bell icon if you If you want to come directly, you also get the facility of pickup and job, so with this I Himanshi take goodbye from all of you.

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