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Georgette Saree Manufacturers: Like this Kesaria Textile Company when I Himanshi has come once again with some more new collections but you keep bringing the collection every time but mere ko jo hai wait hota hai aapke comment ka kya ki comment mein jo hai aapke test What are you going to tell about or which variety are you looking for, I hope this time also I am going to get similar comments, I have brought semi class sarees through glass video, semi work sarees which are Everywhere means trending all over India, why does it because it is in high demand according to Leen Dene or you can see this completely which is called Jackpot. It is going to stay inside the proper gray color but the design made inside it is not exactly chandelier type, you will get the pattern with Siroj’s diamond and see the border according to don’t and don’t touch up, it is found here and Such variety of colors are going to be available to you at all rates, that is, from the setup of 2 pieces at our place.

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Tarting is the last one, here you get the setup of pan piece also, then the next variety increases, why see this, the next concept that is going to come, it is going to come inside some butterfly pattern, this catalog is going to be named as colorful butterfly. Colorful butterfly for Han weak, what is its name, what is the same concept, you also get it because here you can see that butterfly is made in some very beautiful way, that means who can do such umdakari by a manufacturing company. You can order all these varieties with the Kesaria Textile Company, because here you will get to see the experience of 45 years, because here you will never get similar varieties.

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Next pattern, you will get some net. By the way and inside this you can see that this whole catalog will be named as double zero, then inside it you can see in the design, in this way the accordion of double rounded has been made, then zero is made here separately and if you want diamond Comes with very nice design and inside it And you can also see the double colors, it has been done very cutely because here you can see that inside the segment, you get the thousand plus concept, so see the next variety that you will get in the same way.

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Here is a very beautiful border on the van side, it has been done inside the whole peacock pattern, which is such a cute concept, here you can see the shiny material, but very soft design here. Hai toh to brother, through today’s video, I am finding this concept very good, why is it now because it is not a weaving design, but the props inside it have been released here, which you can see. What a beautiful pattern, even it has been made according to the pallu pattern and this century has been fully seen, you will get it in this way, you can see the border till the length of 6:30, you will get it with gota patti, which is for the temple.

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Accords have been made, so all such collections are available, which you can purchase by associating with the right or Kesaria Textile Company. And in this you will get new creativity means you will get that complete pattern of blouse according to the weaving design, you will get the complete pattern of back side front side sleeves also means with proper concept, if there is a requirement then aster ki to aster us kahan se Will be available how style completely ji han from now on you will get aster here as well as blouse if you want petticoats of the century they will also be available here you will get Paul’s retirement hole also means a hobby when Let’s start na Sadi, if we are keeping, then what is the retirement in it, everything is available here, you will get it immediately, subscribe our channel, press the bell icon and with that, visit the direct Ji Han is available for you to visit, seven days means that Monday and Sunday are going to be open for you, so I will keep coming Himanshi, new to new variety, along with this, I am going to wait for the small comment that will remain till then. Thank you!

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