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Banarasi Silk Saree Market : Think new direction with some new collection which you can see I have brought Banarasi peraities and there are going to be many dark color sarees inside it light color sarees are going to be most in demand in our Maharashtra and Bombay side So there will always be a test of the century. Starting from 175, then definitely keep it till the last so that if you like any design, then you will be able to know about the price very quickly, so now see the complete collection which is inside the organza. I have brought it but inside it you are taught to make a whole, now you can see the carry pattern made inside it, you can see the name of the catalog, it is going to be named Nai Naveli Silk and inside it is the whole jari patte ka kam You will see the pallu, you can see that in this way you can get the very best look of tassels. And inside it also you can see the whole thing, you are going to get weaving concept that Banarasi sarees are recognized only according to weaving and colors will be on design, you will get setup of four to five pieces. In this way, you will get the packing and you can see inside it, if you want similar color, then you will also get the catalogue, which you will get along with it, and here you can see the complete volume number.

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Yes, there are lehariya sarees, but what is here, you will find designs inside some of the lehariya patterns inside Banarasi, which Inside you can see very cute jar type pattern has been made in pallu Siroj’s diamond also gets a touch up because here you will see the whole design of Peacock inside it you can also see Jhalar concept and Such sarees which are used for weddings are also in great demand, especially red color, so you all know about red color, it is always done during happy times. This whole catalog is called Fashion Garden. It’s going to be you can see how the Kesaria Textile Company’s tagging is going to be seen on every century, on which you don’t get the catalog, the next variety is increasing, why see the next collection, in this way you will get cotton It is going to be found inside that means inside the cotton banarasi, now inside it you can see the whole golden color Puri weaving design made inside it and here also you can see the whole which is here you get the mesh type pattern Wala hai woh bhi small flower design with light and dark color combination in that too if we go through the catalogue.

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Talking about the name, you can see that it is going to be complete with the name Cotton Amazing, inside which you get the complete setup of five pieces, then Button Next Design, in today’s video, I am going to show it in many varieties, if If you are liking any collection, then take a quick screenshot so that you do not have any problem in ordering all these varieties, you can also see this collection, now you are going to get the complete Royal Collection. Means if you want to wear in a party or any wedding functions, then such variety will work very well, means if you want to do business from home or if you have a shop, then you must keep such designs because now there are many such collections. It will be in high demand, you can see that this whole catalog is going to be called Freshness Silk, in this also you can see the whole skirting concept, you can get it here, weaving designs have been made in this way and weaving too. You can see that with complete finishing, you are going to see the same Lessons are available, now you can order through cash on delivery sitting at home, how are you in the Kesaria Textile Company, you get the facility of cash on delivery as well, you bill from anywhere, according to the test of your area, here If you see the collection, then you can see the next collection, in the same way, you will see it inside the heavy century also, see how this Kesaria Textile Company.

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Which is the largest manufacturing company in Surat, here Thousands of patterns are going to be found here within the same concept, in which you can see that the diamond of this century is full of Cirrus, touch up has been given inside it, it is not going to spoil at all even after washing and you can see in that too. Maybe here some bell type design is made and here also you get the look of tasls properly, the color is very good but inside it you will get it because all of them you get dark color and here You can see that in this way the carry type pattern has been made and here small and big You get this whole concept with Yut, if we talk about its catalog now, then you can see that the whole catalog is going to be named Meena New, I am telling you the name of the catalog so that you will know what is inside the variety. Don’t get confused, just the collection that you are liking, you have to show the same collection from here immediately, so see the next variety, in a similar way, you can see all the collections that we have now, something new here.

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The design is C because according to the festival season, some new varieties have been included here, inside which you can see the whole inside, this design is made from the diamond of Cirrus, this is the pick-of-type pattern, which you can see here. You can see that it has been made through weaving, here you will also see the entire border of the whole in the same way, that is, tone to tone, which is the design concept, and the same collection will be available here, that is, if you have Want a variety of contrast with similar colors or if you want to match your particular taste If you want an according design of Rs.1000 then you will find every single concept here because the quantity starting from Rs.175 last, if you want a design up to Rs.4000, then you will find that concept here too, so let’s move on to the next collection, see this. The next collection is in the same way that you are going to get variety of cotton silk, inside which you can see the whole which is gray color, weaving concept has been made inside it, inside which you have post which is pink color.

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The border is going to be visible and in this you can see that this whole catalog is going to be named Ramaiya Silk, that too with five piece setup, in this you can see the zigzag type pattern inside the pallu, which is something new. There is a concept and inside it also you can see the layer time which design has been made, you are going to get it through belt type pattern, according to the belt type pattern, you will see this design and you can also see the border. There are some very cute and very soft material in this way, here you will get It is going to be taken, which is very much in demand in the South Side, then what kind of collection did you like today, how did you like the designs, then you will definitely tell us by commenting and if I would like to tell you this, if you want to purchase diet If you want to come to Surat, then you can go directly to Surat, you can get the facility of pick-up and drop, and if we talk about the address, then only 10 minutes away from the station.

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We are also inside Millennium Market, Block First Floor 3031 End Within 3032, where there are many more collections of this method, you can purchase direct team, if you come direct, then there will be no boundation inside purchasing and if you want to do online purchasing, then minimum 10000 It is necessary to keep a budget and everything can be ordered from you for advice, you also get cash on delivery, you can purchase through video call, you get sales executive offline and online both in your language. How do you like the complete collection of ladies way like this? Kesaria Textile Company also get catalog vice, want non catalogue, if you want variety, every single design is going to be available to you, then I will keep bringing more new varieties with Kesaria Textile Company, till then you are with us. Stay connected like this, subscribe to our channel so that you will get notifications of many more new videos like this and do not forget to press the bell icon, thank you!

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